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  1. Nurse Redheart

    Derpy Loves Music!

  2. Nurse Redheart

    Snide Comment Pic

  3. Nurse Redheart

    Snide Comment Pic

    you know the rules... "vhy flutturshy, i'm not stalking you! now, we go to make even more magics!" snapshot_002.bmp
  4. Nurse Redheart

    Snide Comment Pic

    now here's a chance to make a great and awesome title snapshot_001.bmp
  5. Nurse Redheart

    Snide Comment Pic

    find her... and make a comment of course snapshot.bmp
  6. Nurse Redheart

    Rainbow Dash

    Rainbow Dash
  7. Nurse Redheart

    Snide Comment Pic

    hey, all comments are welcome... so long as they are age appropriate
  8. Nurse Redheart

    Snide Comment Pic

    apple bloom rape berry punch 2.bmp Go ahead and make your clever title for this. Hopefully I can make this a on-going thread and keep posting pics for you guys to make titles for
  9. Nurse Redheart

    New brony in town

    hello and welcome to the herd its time for your shots
  10. Nurse Redheart

    Come one, come all!

    hello and welcome to the herd, have you had your shots recently?
  11. Nurse Redheart


    ^^^^^^^^^^ *gives you your shots* dont cry and be a wimp about it, be a real PONY
  12. Nurse Redheart

    Insert something witty here

    welcome to the herd, there is now no going back. please stay still while i give you your mandatory shots
  13. Nurse Redheart

    Movies/TV The Walking Dead - Official Thread

    hmmm.. haven't gotten around to seeing any of season 2 yet. i'm waiting for it to come out on netflix that way i can watch all of it at once. but so far the whole cdc center thing is still wrapped around my head
  14. Nurse Redheart

    Gaming PS3 Black ops Zombies | MP

    i got every single map pack cept ascension unless its on my friends ps3. i've gotten to round 83 solo and 122 co-op
  15. Nurse Redheart

    Hey there everypony...

    hello emerald, are you ready for you shots?