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  1. Balareth

    Randimaxis Answers Questions

    i see, well i have a question for ya, do you know what is the effect Pigmalion and how it would be related to the brony fandom?
  2. Balareth

    Randimaxis Answers Questions

    That is ... pretty interesting actually so let me ask you, do you have some regrets in your life? Like something from the past that could help you now?
  3. Balareth

    Randimaxis Answers Questions

    Randimaxis, time no see... it's true that i said that i would leave this page after all they did to me, but i can't just leave, i have my friends here... anyways gotta question for you How you been these past days?
  4. Balareth

    Hug a user!

    *sniffs* i would hug @CinnamonPop thank you for remember me... ;(
  5. Balareth

    ask sherri

    Good day Miss Cherri, i'm a jornalist from Canterlot times Newspaper and magazines, i would like an interview with you Hmmm where do i begin??? Alright i have something for ya: What is the meaning of your Cutie Makr and how did you get it?
  6. Balareth

    Ask Screwball

    Chatterbox: Good day miss Screwball! I'm a journalist from Canterlot Times Newspaper and Magazines. I would like an interview with you if you don't mind. Alright Miss Screw ball i have a question for you, since you mention you were the dauther of Discord i wonder, have you been trying to retrieve the statue that was Discord or did you just waited until someone broke the spell? *Laughs at Random person popping out from nowhere* alright bipedal thing, i will go to your thread and ask you a thing or too
  7. Balareth

    Ask My Ocs Ocean Whiplash, Riftwood and SpectrumBlast

    Why you choosed to have that nickname
  8. Balareth

    Ask Phosphor

    what has been your favorite episode so far and why?
  9. Balareth

    ask sherri

    How were your very first days as a brony?
  10. Balareth

    Ask Screwball

    when did you became a brony and why did you choose such destiny having lots of good things in life?
  11. Balareth

    Ask my OCs!

    whoa... that's really sad.... why would you wanted to take over Equestrie?
  12. Balareth

    Ask my OCs!

    This is Chatterbox reporting from Canterlot News, today we are going to talk with the ponies from Pripyat, one of the cities affected for the Chernobyl disaster in the 80s. First of all it is a pleasure that you can agree to give us an interview, i thank you for your presence here *goes to Avarice* First of all tell me how is a normal day to you?
  13. Balareth

    Ask Chatterbox!

    Not doing hurtful things to your waifu