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  1. Your artwork is amazing! I personally find it very hard drawing with a tablet because my co ordination is absolutely terrible, so most of my artwork is with either biro pens or pencils! I also find it easy to draw in Sharpie Fine Points and regular sharpies. Anyway! Congrats, your sketches are awesome

  3. It is literally the best song ever, I showed it to my best friend so now whenever she see's me around she she makes me stop in front of everyone and says 'Beth, what does the fox say?' And then dance and sing 'DINGDINGIDNIGDINGIDINGADING' in the middle of school. :')
  4. Oh my god, that is the nicest thing anybody has ever said to me. Even my mum doesn't say inspiring things to me, all I ever get is 'clean your godamn room' 'do your homework' 'get out of bed' Be my friend
  5. This song is a perfect explanation to what happened to me in the last 5 years, except for my dad said he was going to buy some razors from Tesco and then never came back because he ran away with my best-friend's mum and now they all hate me... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WERMSmltyAQ
  6. So I finally got my Wacom Bamboo tablet *party party* And I was just wondering what art tools you guys would recommend to do my art with? E.g Paint.NET, MS Paint etc... (Mainly fan art and stuff) Thank you :3
  7. I am terrible at art, My avatar took me 3 days to draw 3 DAYS I am terrible at Maths aswell Oh and I'm socially-retarded I can't talk to new people, And I'm scared of going on the bus because I'm so shy.
  8. Wow, The Making are hot *o*

  9. Hey! So, I was wondering, what tools do you use for your art?
  10. So, I want to make my own signature using Paint.NET, but I haven't got a bloody clue on how to do it. So will some pony out there explain to me how to make one? Thank you!
  11. Woo! T-Fest tomorrow!