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  1. Aww, looks like you're gone :(
    Love you <3

  2. Background pone. You thought You're free from my dominion of stating ultimate truth about Your pitiful existance? Ha-ha-ha! You are forever condemned to face the reality!

    *cough cough*

    You're a background pone.


  3. Floppy Pug-Bunny Star Wars Man

    General Advice for customers your occupation has taught you

    1. Never trust cheap building materials - had plenty of people who hoped to use cheap glue for tiles and in the end had to renovate everything from scratch. Same goes for for example styrofoam or... pretty much anything. When there's a specific technology adviced to use for construction work it is advised to follow it unless You know stuff good enough to be 100% sure You know what You're doing. Even the most insignificant mistake can lead to serious consequences. 2. Before You do serious renovations make sure Your building can handle them. We had a case, where someone decided to destroy entire wall inside the building without consulting it with anyone and it resulted in entire construction being damaged. It survived, but costs were extreme. 3. Avoid "big" building material stores - while cheaper they will just sell You *anything* You ask for even if You don't really need it. From my experience small businesses are more fair and tend to give better advices. That at least applies to my area, of course there are scammers too. But there we go to point 4 4. Always get someone, who knows stuff to do renovations etc - that way You'll be much less likely scammed and while I gave praise before - I still am aware that not everyone should be trusted. And now guitars: 1. Before You buy a guitar with whammy bar keep in mind they are tough to be tuned. 2. It is better to buy used guitar than brand new one in most cases as You will obtain better model for smaller price. If possible - arrange a meeting, where You can test the instrument. 3. While active pickups can sound tempting due to common opinion that they have "great heavy tone" keep in mind the tone is less dynamic and on clean channel is far from great. 4. For recording purposes it is great to get software like guitar rig. More convinient than amp. 5. If You're one of "djentelmans" or fan of extended range guitars who wants to buy his first one - test guitar before doing it. 7/8 string guitar is very different from 6 string variant. 6. Don't go for electric acoustic guitars, the electric tone from them is poor unless You buy a really expensive one. 7. As Your first guitar don't buy the cheapest one. The most important thing about first instrument is You have to be able to tune it properly. It's crucial to be able to develop musical hearing.
  4. Floppy Pug-Bunny Star Wars Man

    "Hello" that should be called "Witam" but it is not polish sites, so it is in english

    I know polski very well, I've been taught by the best in dolnoslaskie ;D If You want to hit me up, it is good to see another Pole on this site ;D
  5. Floppy Pug-Bunny Star Wars Man

    Favorite Forum Ships

    I'd be careful about shipping Lightwing, aka attracting his attention if I were You xD
  6. Floppy Pug-Bunny Star Wars Man

    H Bands

    When I saw "bands" I thought it is that spambot again xD And boy, thanks for nostalgia boost with "what is love?"
  7. Floppy Pug-Bunny Star Wars Man

    Is anybody else here getting fat?

    I've been overweight for a very long time, but managed to lose 20 kilograms during 2 years long diet and today I weight 73 kg while being 180 cm tall. I could use some exercises though.
  8. Floppy Pug-Bunny Star Wars Man

    I want the debate pit to be removed

    I saw plenty of the worst debate pit has to offer. I saw some of thread names that have clickbait level of cheap internet websites built to enforce certain political agendas. I saw people fighting others so blindly I ask myself if they have anything to offer other than their political opinions. Battles of Trump and Hillary fans will be legendary one day. That section can be so toxic one thread could polute entire Poland. But I don't want that place removed. There are still nice people around there, who will simply talk, I don't see a reason to punish them because of few individuals that always feel the need to trash everything that is different from what they believe in. And moderation knows when to kick in and clean things up. The section is more toxic than the rest, but it resolves around difficult topics. Of course some people get emotional when discussing those. Better to have all that happening in one section made specifically for it than on entire forum. Because when we remove debate pit... then what? New addition to forum rules "Discussions about politics, ideologies, religions, ethics and morals are not allowed here"? It will make us look incredibly dumb to say the least. So no, debate pit should not be removed. It's not going to fix anything.
  9. Floppy Pug-Bunny Star Wars Man

    General Your Past, Regretful Actions

    Some of my old posts here are ultimate cringefest and if anyone deletes them from here and my memory then I'd build that person a statue and worship the person as a god. xD But now to serious ones: -changing high school - I was angry due to fact plenty of classes were cancelled in my first high school so I decided to change it. It was a mistake. 2nd high school had amazing biology, math, physics teachers, but those weren't studies I wanted to continue. I wanted to further study english, polish, history and music. 2nd high school had pretty bad teachers for all of those. Especially polish one. I took pride in my polish writing style, I could write entire essays with ease. Teacher in first school supported it, tried to involve me in all the competitions related to it and overall was a HUGE support. In 2nd one I almost failed class, because I was in hospital (literally) and, because my essays were never checked xD Don't ask, the way she handled classes was cancerous. Eventually my skills got worse, because there was nobody to help me in developing them more. -first university choice - fortunately I cancelled my course fast, but I was foolish to choose uni based on how close it is to my hometown. Eventually I graduated elsewhere. Those are the only things I really, really regret. Of course there are some minors mistakes here and there, but dwelling on them would be pointless.
  10. Floppy Pug-Bunny Star Wars Man

    General Worst troll you've ever met???

    To be honest any troll that aims for mentally ruining other person can be considered "the worst". Triggering assholes online can be fun, I enjoy being a pain to polish neonazis myself, but baiting mentally ill or otherwise sensitive people is what I despise myself. There's also other kind of "the worst" - people who are just too dumb to trigger someone. Faced those too. My favourite example was the guy who tried to trigger me on facebook Star Wars group and ended up triggered himself, because I was ignoring him :v The tantrum he threw was glorious. The ban he got was even better. You're a jawa, I doubt You'd do that for free.
  11. Floppy Pug-Bunny Star Wars Man

    Gaming Your game(s) of the year 2017

    NieR: Automata. Even in its clumsy, super glitchy state (that is patched by unofficial patch) it is far superior to any other game I played this year that was released this year. On higher difficulty it was hard, music was very varied, well written and overall great to listen to, atmosphere was amazing (amusement park <3 ) and story had so many inpredictable twists for someone as unfamiliar with japanese gaming as I am. The game played with my emotions hard, at some times it wrecked me and broke my heart, at other times it was so heartwarming. And I love the idea with The game was a glitchfest definitely. But despite that I had a real fun when playing it and finishing the game gave me the feel of fullfilment, that's pretty rare now.
  12. Floppy Pug-Bunny Star Wars Man

    How do you guys all do it?

    I had my break. But answer to Your question is easy - I have friends here, who I want to be in touch, but can't be outside forums yet. Then people who stay for so long are rare most actually do get burned out or bored with this place, including plenty of people I once knew.
  13. Floppy Pug-Bunny Star Wars Man

    General Appreciate a fellow pony!

    My turn. @Lightwing for being such a silly pone that I can always bother :3 But seriouly, You're a good friend and I am glad to have You around. @VengefulStrudel, because I love sharing stupid slav stuff with You and listening to what absolute madman in HoI You are xD @QuirkyUsername, one of my very first friends here, not really active here anymore, but deserves a shoutout most definitely :3 @Sugar Cube Yet another one of my very first friends here, who still is missed D: @PathfinderCS, because what would this forum be without good staff running it? Also he's a good friend and helped me a lot, when I was stressed about my flight to USA (yes, it is a big deal for me, deal with it :v ) @SparklingSwirls, yet another good friend from here, who deserves a shoutout ^^ @Summer Breeze for being such a positive person and a good friend. This forum really needs people like You. @Mesme Rize, because snek @Sunset Rose We don't talk much, but I enjoy Your activity here and stalking Your profile for new music to enjoy We should talk more sometimes ^^ @The Leafeon Pinkeh Another old friend from here, not active anymore, but this forum definitely could use her presence D: @Valencia One of my newer friends and a really nice guy ^^ I may have missed someone from my friends, but I appreciate every single one of You, so if You miss out here don't worry - You do matter ^^ And every one of You, because each of us matters for this community. Years ago, when I made account here I would not expect this place to survive this long. And I am glad it survived, because people I met here are among the best I've met in my life. Stay amazing, everyone *hugs* Also... @Lucky Bolt ADDING RANDOM PERSON TOO, BECAUSE I CAN, HAI, I APPRECIATE YOU TOO :3
  14. Floppy Pug-Bunny Star Wars Man

    General Media Donald Duck's popularity in Europe.

    His "golden age" in Poland is long gone, but he still is pretty popular around here. Definitely not as popular as during my childhood, when people were pretty much crazy about him, but still pretty recognizable and You can buy comic books with him and the rest of "Disney crew" in stores. Now that I think about it, it makes me feel pretty nostalgic. I collected every comic with Donald Duck when I was little kid, even had that comic book about how Scrooge McDuck became so rich