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  1. Why am I evil changeling. I demand justice. I am fluffy and innocent D: 

  2. There is no question in that industry went fully Icarus way. Normally I would even laugh about it, because this is level of stupid that can be rarely seen in business world. And it is correct, industry is begging quite hard to get wrecked even more. It is mind blowing that everyone lashes out on it and all it says is "oh, we disagree with all the excessive research, because we disagree". It gets on my nerves a lot, because at this point they just point a Fat Man from Fallout franchise towards their heads and pull the trigger til they run out of mini nukes. But industry is merely a
  3. The difference is government is not doing anything outside loot boxes yet (btw for clarification I speak about UK one, Polish of course doesn't care xD). They don't try to negotiate. They get things done with loot boxes and that's it. Problem is people by praising involvement to this excessive level do tempt them to try to dig the issue even deeper. So where You manipulate price to get better deal after negotiations the gaming community tries to lower it even more, acting against its own interest.
  4. Difference between gun abuse and what gaming industry does is that the latter has a little bit smaller victim count. You keep missing one thing - I don't speak against involvement. I speak against too much of it. I will be more than happy to see forcing gaming industry to aknowledge that gambling law applies to loot boxes in any form as well. I speak against tempting government to go further than that and currently some gaming channels as well as gamers themselves do praise any kind of attack towards loot boxes VERY blindly. We should not applaud. We should thank for solving this.specifi
  5. I am a simple man. I see Insomnium and I approve like crazy. 

  6. Gambling regulations will likely be applied. And that I support. I just don't support banning loot boxes. It is gaming industry, they'll just keep looking for another way to milk players. I never said anything agaisnt such regulations. (tbh I feel like soon there will be a new way to milk us via monthly subscriptions. I don't even want to think about every way to scam us on these) It is correct, gaming industry messed up big time and now they'll face consequences. The problem is I may suffer them too. If governments gets too involved then they may also attempt censorship, dictate wha
  7. I remember times, when I saw people being 27 years old here and thought "omg, so old!".

    Now I am that guy. And feel as young as ever. How ridiculous I was xD 

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    2. Floppy Pug-Bunny Star Wars Man

      Floppy Pug-Bunny Star Wars Man

      I guess it is this weird "adults" mindset rolling. I always thoguht that once You get older You change significantly, some things You did before die out and You are different person than You once were.

      And then as You grow You realize that actually not much has changed. I still do the same things and if anything is different than it was before I just became more assertive and know how to slam some people with "no" answer. Other than that... I want new Disney animation and I don't care how childish it may be :V 

    3. Floppy Pug-Bunny Star Wars Man

      Floppy Pug-Bunny Star Wars Man

      @Bas It probably is just my sickness and the fact I had t wake up at 5 AM, 2 hours ago, but I am a confused one here xD

    4. Floppy Pug-Bunny Star Wars Man

      Floppy Pug-Bunny Star Wars Man

      @Bas Being bald is no biggie, for me at least. Easier to cosplay One Punch Man XD 

  8. Trust me, as soon as all the games like FIFA will be hit with +18 and simulated gambling warning labels the idea of loot boxes will not be so tempting anymore. Currently industry thrives on the fact that it can put simulated gambling in games and still sell these as products suitable for children. Take away that power and not only less people will buy loot boxes. Less people will buy the game itself. I am all for government forcing proper labels on games, but I would be careful with giving it power to ban. Right now loot boxes are so popular, because they are not regulated. Force gamblin
  9. The DLCs were pretty bad already. While they did not promote gambling in any way average DLC offered half or less of content of typical "old school" expansion pack for the same or even higher price. Also DLCs were made of content that was already finished before game's release while before them expansion packs were *really* expansions that were developed after release of the game. To make it short - DLCs were just a way to milk players of their money. You want a complete game? Pay up. (and mind You by "complete game" here I mean game with all the content that was availible on the release day).
  10. It's mindblowing to me that they actually released this trailer and expected people not to get angry. It's like all these triple A publishers are so detached from reality today that they fail to understand the most basic problems of modern gaming. They just assume they will slap some happy faces in trailer and casino and then thumbs up will come raining from the sky. And doing so right in the middle of investigation regarding gambling in video games? There are no words, normally I keep looking for a deeply hidden reason behind such... unusual actions. Here... there is no way around it. Someone
  11. So many, once friends gone from forum, it is kind of sad. So many memories have come to past D: 

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    2. Snow


      Post stuff and get more involved in the community that remains I guess, it is pretty sad, but it’s not gone yet, we’re still here.

    3. Floppy Pug-Bunny Star Wars Man

      Floppy Pug-Bunny Star Wars Man

      I think I will. If You want to chat You can also shoot me a PM :v 

    4. SparklingSwirls


      I’m still here :kirin:

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