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  1. Pony Munchies

    Music favorite Vocaloid song?

    It really is a shame that only a hand full of people truly appreciate Vocaloid.
  2. Pony Munchies

    S05:E12 - Amending Fences

    This has been the first episode to make me cry . I've never so much as cringed during a heart fill moment. I'd say this episode has been the first outstanding episode I seen in a long time. The feels were powerful and my heart stings were carefully strum by the ingenuity of M.A. Larson. I've never really liked his episodes, and I was shocked when I reread the opening credits. I enjoyed every moment. It was the slightest bit predictable, but that just makes me feel over joyed by the fact that my prayers have been answered. I do hope that more episodes like this are just down the road.
  3. Pony Munchies

    S05:E09 - Slice of Life

    I can already see people ranting about the change in Lyra and Bonbon's voices.
  4. Pony Munchies

    S05:E09 - Slice of Life

    I couldn't have said it any better. I was looking froward to her part in EG. Then she was mute and I was fine with that. It worked, really well! I thought her being mute was perfect. I was waiting for another appearance until I could say that with out people giving me guff.
  5. Pony Munchies

    S05:E09 - Slice of Life

    I liked this episode enough not to go on a ragging strike out side of DHX. I enjoyed the parts with Derpy and "time turner", A.K.A , Doc. The writers left me satisfied on Octavia and Vinyl. It's offical that Vinyl is mute. The whole thing going on with Bonbon and Lyra was a little weird. Well actually I thought the the under cover Bonbon= James bond was fine, but it was really just Lyra. I didn't like her voice and the way she was portrait. I understand why they couldn't go all out with fan portraits of the characters. I got what I wanted out of the others, but Lyra just wasn't doing it for me. I'm not even a big fan of her. Oh and Celestia and Luna, I almost forgot. They forgot the wedding gift. That was a good laugh. Over all I liked this episode. I give it a 7 out of a possible 10 bear-bees, bee-bears, buzz bear, yellow-bear jacket? What ever...
  6. Pony Munchies

    Five years in, and missed episode opportunities?

    The show would be off set. It would be the end of the world, or at least the fandom. I feel that if more background and side characters got episodes then that might become more of the focus of the show. If the writers were running out of ideas that fit for the main 6 then I could see them looking into DT and SS for a new episode. Like another bulling episode- the Babs episode already had a good approach- were the CMC are minding their own business and DT(just her)starts harassing them. Then maybe Sweetie Bell says something to make DT go away. From their we may see what it's that makes her tick. I can't think of any good solution that is similar to the Babs resolution. I really would like to see more of DT+SS and Trixie, but I can't see an episode that would work for them. That's why I don't direct the show. What I don't want to see is another episode like slice of life. I would talk about that but it's not fitting to put it here.
  7. Pony Munchies

    Your worst memories from your time as a noob

    Ha, ok! Insert DeviantArt. When I fist joined I posted a bunch of crap art. I can say I improved. (I'm still not very popular :.\) As of recently I took a look around and their are people way worse than me. By the looks of it, DeviantArt is going down hill fast. I'm this close |---| from just deleting my account.
  8. Pony Munchies

    So...what is MLP to you?

    I feel the same way. When I find something new I just have to look in to it. That moment of discovery is magical. When I first found the show I was imminently curious. This show is what made me draw and get good at it. To me it's a symbol of new creativity. I was so obsessed with the show, but now its just so-so. -_- I sill love it, but it has lost it's magic. Not saying I hate the new season. I love it! It just doesn't satisfy me.
  9. Check that, It's june 11th. :okiedokielokie:
  10. I'm done with school june 6th, I think. You're so lucky.
  11. Ok since I to haven't reaplyed for a long time too, I'm going to join the I have to much homework club. I think I can almost see summer! and around the bend is High school... -_-
  12. Pony Munchies

    Open Make Any Wish You Want and Become a Magical girl

    (( Sorry Luna. I'll ask next time.)) The witch vanished in to thin air. Clover saw a small object about the size of a ping pong ball sitting on the point of a needle. Exhausted, Clover staggered over and fell upon her knees for a better look. It as dropped by the witch. Still very new to being a magical girl she wasn't sure what it was. She picked it up in her hoof. She kept it and walked home. She returned to her normal self and put the item in a small box for safe keep9ing. She toppled over and fell on her bed. It had been a crazy night for her. Clover drifted to sleep. Clover woke up to a sunny day. It was already 12:00. thank god it was the weekend! Clover was thinking about the thing the witch dropped the night before. She wanted to ask kyubey what it was, but it had been a week or so since she last saw it. She served herself cereal for breakfast. Then none other than Kyubey had appeared.
  13. Oh I'm sorry. I didn't remember seeing that rule. It has been forever since anyone has really posted... :okiedokielokie:
  14. Pony Munchies

    Theory for season five

    That's right the CMCs don't have cutie marks. What if they got their cutie marks only to have them taken away by starelight Glimmer. (Insert Troll face here.) And what is up with all the names like Starlight glimmer? First Sunset Shimmer, and that was already suspicious simular to Twilight Sparkel.