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  1. I would have to say chaotic good.I hate any rules or governments that try and water down human rights.
  2. There are a few things I would consider natural enemies. 1:Birds,They are possibly the most annoying creature every.Its like they know when I'm trying to sleep,and they start f*cking tweeting to wake me up! 2:The cold,I swear I may be half snake.(oddly enough winter is my favorite time of the year XD) 3:The last and worst of all,a philosophist.
  3. I don't see anything wrong with them.To me they are just a bunch of people who enjoy anthropomorphic stuff.They're fandom doesn't hurt anything or anyone.
  4. Oh here we go XD 1.I'm fairly big into philosophy and psychology. 2.I have a very existential/somewhat nihilistic view on the world. 3.I have OCD(sadly) 4.I love reading books that are non- fiction 5.I use logic rather than emotions(even though I will still slip up and like them run somewhat wild) I thinks that about it.
  5. The most important thing in life for me,is doing my best to further my brain power. Friends and family are also important,but I feel like I must do anything in my power to make my self more intelligent.The more problems I over come,the happier I am.
  6. It is OCD. When I was a kid I had the same habits of doing things over and over.My Mom was scared that I had autism,but when she went to get me checked they said it wasn't.They told her it was the early signs of someone with OCD. And as far as the habit goes I also seems to repeat words in my head over and over.
  7. I have a learning disability called dysgraphia,which makes my hand writing poor and makes me spell words backwards.I also have ocd. Every night before I sleep I must tap 3 things in my room,nine time,three times in a row.its sounds crazy,but I can't sleep if I don't do it.
  8. Lonepony744


    I like most scars,To me they show things in life that haven't killed me yet XD. As Nietzsche said"what doesn't kill you makes you stronger."Scars to me are proof of that.
  9. I say it ever now and again to people who mean alot to me.But on a generally basis I don't feel the need to say it.To me the phrase I love you is throw around way too much.It makes me think that people have no idea of what love is anymore.
  10. As if right now,I'm playing Skullgirls. Its an awesome fighter (and a little heavy on the fan service.)
  11. I really dislike Wednesday,its severs as a reminder that you still have two more days in till the weekend. Also the hump jokes I have to hear from my friends get old pretty fast XD.
  12. I don't much care for looks,but I will admit it's impossible to say that you go for some one based souly on brains. When you talk to someone that you are wanting to date it is because of the sexually lust to a degree.But once you talk to that person and nothing about their personally click with your's.It's time to look else where for a quote on quote soulmate. Brains wins out,but looks do play there part.
  13. I know your pain when it comes to being short :/,I'm a guy and I am only 5.6.
  14. My sister has always poked fun at me for being introverted,Saying that I need to talk to more people.Also she makes fun of me for being a virgin at age 18.She says I will end up being the 40 virgin(its funny coming for the chick who has had two kids,and is only 21 :I)Also my friends poke fun at my learning disability(dysgraphia) making fun of my problems with spelling XD.
  15. I'v kinda got into two games at the moment.One being war thunder,which is a game about flying and battling planes set in the world war 2 era.And lego marvel superheros(which is freaking awesome).
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