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  1. It varies, but right now I’m really into f(x)’s new song ‘’4walls’’, the music video is especially interesting! But the bands that I like the best are Humming Urban Stereo, EXO, Super Junior and SHINee. For solo artists it would definitely be Eddy Kim and Zion T. Neon Bunny is pretty awesome too.
  2. If you’re open to other genres of animation, try anime! I can personally recommend Psycho Pass, that is set in a futuristic version of Tokyo, where people are judged by machines. It contains some character development, but it surely goes into darker and deeper themes. And definitely give movies such as ‘’Princess Mononoke’’, ‘’Ghost in the Shell’’ and ‘’Spirited Away’’ a chance (anything by Studio Ghibli can be recommended). If you want to, try perhaps Tim Burtons stop-animation movies. However Tim Burton is more famous for his art and style than stories, but he’s awesome neither less!
  3. Films: Akira, Cowboy Bebop Series: Stein’s Gate, Cowboy Bebop(?)
  4. ‘’Nothing’’ by Janne Teller and ‘’The Book Thief’’ by Markus Zusak. I’ve made it into the first 40-50 pages of ‘’1984’’ by George Orwell, and the way he writes and the ideas are absolutely great, but because I have a quite long booklist for now, I just haven’t found time to continue from there.
  5. When you realize, that you’ve found your people:
  6. I remember it as if it years ago. The clouds were dark, and I didn't know yet that there would come this new and strange human-being in to my class of 20. At first I saw this as an opportunity to gain a new ally against my worst enemy, but look, years laters and that strange thing is my best friend.
  7. Think I need to start practicing running more, since I’m considering participating in an color run. Also hobbies such as painting with watercolors, drawing more realistically and learning more Korean. Also then there’s the list of skills I have to improve in school.. T_T
  8. ​Again these are the personality traits within people I find I have the most conflicting relationships with, I’m by no means any better. Causing so much drama that even People magazine couldn’t manage it Selfish, only wants to hang because you can offer something
  9. NOT a lot, only with people I genuinely like and feel comfortable around. Also there’s this one friend I have who always hugs me and in the start I could never have imagined liking her and now she’s one of the closest and nicest people I have at school.
  10. The ironic thing is I like imagining setting certain combinations together and wish I could wear skirts more often, but usually skinny jeans and a 'loose' shirt is the go to ^^
  11. Walking home while the sun was setting but I remember once when I lost my phone and I was generally having a really bad day, until I met a guy I knew and we ended up talking and it was so nice after that day.
  12. Me: If we continue, you do all the notes for me while I’ll do CAS. You have no rights to decide for yourself and don’t start by saying how ironic it is, considering we took global politics
  13. Depending on who and what it is about, but usually I’ll just sit back and observe. If I have something to add, I’ll just say it but if it’s about something I find interesting I’ll probably listen just to know what people think and if it’s valid or interesting.
  14. I've come to that point in my life I have no idea and since your brain tricks into thinking your girl/boyfriend is handsome, because you're so in love with them anyway.. So yeah, again I think Macbooks are pretty attractive but Lenovos are stable, so yeah..