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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. Hey there, I'm gonna be vending at the con! My table is in the main vendors hall and my shop's called "Sycamore Studios," come say hi!
  4. A hello from Canada :)

  5. That'd be great! I may run a promotion to give away OC badges through my shop here, we'll see.
  6. I live 45 minutes away and will be attending this year. Not to sound pretentious, but I hope someone out there will say hi to me!! I'll be cosplaying as my OC.
  7. It just makes answering emails that much more gemtastic.
  8. I love your OC OWO

    1. Trees


      Thanks so much! I'm fond of her as well.

  9. I must admit, your OC's design is downright magnificent. The profile pic is a amazing as well.

  10. I love your art and those pony casts, those are so cool :D If I could ask do you make them from clay?

    1. Trees


      Thanks! I use a liquid plastic that is poured into a silicone mold I made myself. Everything added to the base is made of polymer clay.

    2. Chip Circuit

      Chip Circuit

      that's cool, I've never dealt with liquid plastic. The only thing I've really worked with is resin/fiberglass and bondo :P

  11. Hello Trees. Hope you have a wonderful day. :)

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    2. Mesme Rize

      Mesme Rize

      Why? Just because my name and my avatar looks a bit suspicious? :P

    3. Trees
    4. Mesme Rize

      Mesme Rize

      Well, actually no. I sometimes act very meta about my hypnotist persona, but i really wanted to genuinly wish you a good day. :)

  12. Here are the 2 most recent pages of the comic. Are you enjoying my comic? Please help me out with any donation you can afford! I put out this comic in my free time, and although I love doing it, it seriously cuts into commission, work and school time. Every tiny bit really does help. If you appreciate this little story, please drop me a dollar, and I will heart you all over the place. DONATE HERE!
  13. "It looked like we were in for a long night."
  14. A lot of people have probably said this before, but your OC is amazing. Kudos :3

    1. Trees


      Thanks so much, I'm glad to see I designed her well.