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  1. RED20

    Wonderbolts-are they millitary

    The Blue Angels are military, like the Navy's version of the Thunderbirds. And yeah, obviously. They look like they do actual fighting, that was even how they got founded.
  2. RED20

    If You Were A Pony?

    I would be Rainbow Dash, there's not enough room for 2 of us.
  3. RED20

    S04:E25+26 - Twilight's Kingdom

    This was the greatest thing my eyes have ever seen.
  4. RED20

    McDonald's or Burger King?

    Mickey D's any day. It's atleast... 32% more edible than BK.
  5. RED20

    Mama Biceps

    HA! That's gold. Like mother like son, I guess.
  6. RED20

    Ponyville Basketball Team Name?

    Those drawings are awesome, and also I got nothin'
  7. Does anyone else have issues signing up for their site? I get the confirmation link, but it takes me to an error page.
  8. RED20

    Has someone hated you for NO reason?

    Too many to count. There is this one snobby chick who's always hated me, it was like immediate. I'll get too mad if I go into details.
  9. RED20

    Movies/TV Princess Unikitty Fanclub

    That movie was awesome. Unikitty reminds me of Pinkie Pie.
  10. Like two thirds of humanized Rainbow Dash involve her being really girly, and I know you can basically do whatever you want (because the character isn't human), but it's still out of character for her to wear a miniskirt and makeup.
  11. RED20

    Rainbow Dash Fan Club

    All this art is sissy. I'll fix it.
  12. RED20

    Favorite MLP Shipping and Why?

    Here's some fanart of one of my favorite ships. Really, and pirate ship is alright by me.
  13. IDK, I always thought Twi would be mixed. I also think AJ would be black.
  14. RED20

    Random News That Infuriated You

    That thing about the orcas in seaworld. I dunno... it just makes me so uncomprehendingly mad for some reason. They got a petition that might pass a law in California that makes it illegal, though. I pray that it passes.
  15. RED20

    S04:E22 - Trade Ya

    We need more people like you haha.