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  1. Overated - Assassin's creed has not been good since 2 but like call of duty we will keep on buying the new one that comes out.......... Overhated - I don't really see enough games that get hated on excessively.
  2. Playing league and waiting for a admin to reply to me about him banning my room mates account thinking it was mine :/
  3. I got a music note sweet just what i would of wanted
  4. I usually end up thinking of ponies at least once a day but as of late idk if its because i've been watching more anime or just because its pre season 5 but i've kind of forgotten about everything to do with mlp and only coming on the forums very rarely idk if this is just a break or i'm just growing apart from the community but hopefully season 5 should get me back into it.
  5. Being the pussy that i am i have a hard time playing horror games in the first place haha
  6. Support is so fun too play idk why people avoid it so much imo adc is far worse and some of the people who play it make me want to end my life but some how its my best role lol
  7. You know you're right by Nirvana One of their best and underrated songs watch me pwease
  8. That fun moment when you get into a ranked lobby and last pick does not know how to support but don't worry guys hes a diamond 1 smurf if we let him mid he will carry..... fml
  9. Metal is my opinion is the best heavy anything is the best one of faves to listen to
  10. The Deep Net Have you been there, if so what was your experience, good or bad? I have not been brave enough to venture into the abyss but i'm curious to know what its like.
  11. Slipknot is not death metal but yeah i like it all the same. Dude i love all those bands
  12. I'm not sure about rivals but i know that Bronies never did get along well with them damn homestuck kids from across the street.
  13. If this has not been posted yet then celestia help this thread
  14. If is Disney bought hasbro hmmmm well there would be better toys for a start lets be honest..........