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  1. Deleting this account and moving off the forums. If you wanted to stay in contact with me you would've made an effort to.

    1. Malinter


      Ok. Have fun where ever you move on to.

  2. Well, guess this means I'm back? I dunno yet.

  3. Equality has come! Everyone is a blank flank!

  4. MozillaToast

    Gaming World of Warcraft

    I like both tbh, right now I'm leveling a Gnome warrior based off my friend's RP character. I like each fraction more for different reasons. Horde: PvP, community, in an amazing guild with amazing people, Leveling experiance and I like the races more. Alliance: Lore, RP, PvE, Max level questing, most my friends are Alliance, Alli mounts>Horde mounts
  5. Yeah.... I'm gonna ask if you can remove me from the list as I'm just not interested enough to post and I'm not involving myself enough :/ Sorry for the lack of anything. (Tempest Shift, in case you all forgot... again.)
  6. MozillaToast

    Gaming World of Warcraft

    Yeah, new router going in tomorrow and WoW will be fully downloaded
  7. MozillaToast

    Gaming World of Warcraft

    One might assume that my internet sucks... One would be correct;
  8. Im still here and a reboot would be perfect for me to jump back in
  9. Dear wargaming.net, I hope one day you hire someone with some experiance at making a vehicle based game to aid you as clearly after releasing three different ones younstill can't get anything besides the movement animations done.

  10. Hi new guy, dont steal my copypasta but also hi and I hope you get in. Your OC is very intresting
  11. Ok, so apparently I need to clear this up, I am Tempest Shift. Ok? I changed my name and pic because I was incredibly bored of my old one. Sorry for any mixups and STOP MESSAGING ME ABOUT IT.

    1. Mars Orbit
    2. MozillaToast


      Explain where I put any humor.

    3. Mars Orbit

      Mars Orbit

      I just thought it was funny.

  12. Right, so clarification needed. I am Tempest Shift. Not some random. Check the messages before, also my characters are listed under Tempest Shift on the list on the first page. Sorry for inconvenience caused.
  13. After spending a few days hiding in the city of Bangcolt to get the heat of the Appleoosa crowd off him, he emerged from the place he'd been calling home for a short while. He paid the owner and set off towards the tournament that there were many flyers represting around the combat tournament currently going on. He stepped onto the grounds and breathed in, even though he didn't need to it was a nice habit to have. He looked around and drank in the sights. This is where they'd remember Moonbane. "Alright, times up. Lets do this." He muttered to himself as he headed towards the arena itself.
  14. For a limited time only, the rarest of all Pepes!

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