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  1. "Why can't we spend our winters in the French Riviera like every other civilized rich snob?" - Queen Griddle (Blazing Dragons)
  2. We're switching to a 100% live-action lineup Michaels
  3. The person above you will list the name of a company, and you must write a policy that would totally ruin that company if they were to put it in place. I will give you an example and you guys can continue from there. Person 1: Chuck E. Cheese Person 2: No kids allowed Starbucks
  4. It seems to me like evil earth ponies are a rare sight. We see a lot of non-ponies, alicorns, unicorns, and pegasi act as jerks and villains but this is EXTREMELY rare with earth ponies. In fact, earth ponies are the only aforementioned demographic to not have any major villains. Are earth ponies some kind of morally "pure" race or is there some racism on the writers' part? Your thoughts on this?
  5. It allows people like me who can't draw to create refs of their OC for free. They have enough options, including the ability to add a custom cutie mark. However, my main complaint is that it doesn't allow you to add clothes like Fabulous PonyMaker does.
  6. My gaming club was moved to a temporary location last week since our main one was in use. I wanted to do a dating sim play-through but the projector wouldn't show my laptop screen. Since I will be stuck there again this week, I thought I'd try to do a D&D one-shot campaign. I need some ideas as to what kind of campaign I should run. Feel free to make your suggestions as pony as you like.
  7. I recently downloaded Virtualbox and tried setting up a PonyOS virtual machine. However, when I get past the operating system's loading screen, the screen turns black. Does anyone know how I can fix this?
  8. I'm trying to figure out what time period the show Max and Ruby takes place in. The clues I've found thus far are: 1. Max and Ruby have a large radio and no television. Max's favorite radio show is Super Bunny. 2. A dragon tee costs $5 3. A penny carnival (a carnival where food and activities cost a penny) makes any financial sense as a Bunny Scout fundraiser. 4. Bus fare is 25 cents per person. 5. The camera looks like this Comment what time period you think Max and Ruby takes place in and any clues that may help figure it out. I'm guessing 50s
  9. I know that some of you may not follow politics, but this is something that has a major impact on you especially if you live in the European Union (EU). The EU Parliament plans to pass a law that would make copyrighted content on the internet illegal in the EU. This would be disastrous to European bronies, as many aspects of online brony culture such as posting fan art and fan fiction would be illegal if this passes. If you live in the European Union, I urge you to visit this website Tell your friends, family, and followers and do everything you can to fight Article 13. I may not be a European citizen, but I am a brony, and I wish to do everything I can to help my brothers and sisters in Europe.
  10. I recently found out about a My Little Pony themed operating system called PonyOS. However, I don't know much else about it. If anyone here has used PonyOS, please give me your thoughts. If you haven't but are interested, here's the website. https://ponyos.org/
  11. I never went to prom when I was in high school, but I really don't think I missed out on anything. I'd imagine it would have been like the middle school dances I've been to, only more formal and not having any basketballs and the caricature artist. In short, it sounded like it would be horrible for me. If you do go, I hear it's better to go without a date since you'd be more free to mingle and there would be less pressure on you. If you already have an outfit you think would be suitable, wear that. If you don't have an outfit and you want to go cheap, I'd say ask a parent, sibling, etc if you could borrow an outfit for the night. You may also be able to find an outfit at a thrift store. I don't know how much your school is charging for prom tickets but I hear they usually cost $70 to $100. They may have dinner included with the ticket, but I don't know what your school does. If it isn't, just go to a cheaper place before you go to prom. DON'T GET A LIMO! I assume most schools usually have a professional DJ.
  12. How was your high school graduation party? Did you enjoy it? Did your parents take it over or did you get full say in what happened? When I was forced to write a creative nonfiction essay for my creative writing class in college, I wrote about how awful my graduation party was. https://docs.google.com/document/d/10Pq6BO-gUjlff0hH97P7WDaiD00dHV-FVWPVoEWzgyw/edit?usp=sharing