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  1. There's no real age, being a "loser" is different to everyone, One person might think someone is a loser because they are unpleasant, Another person might think someone is a loser because they don't support the same sports team. When People ask questions like this I like to mention my idol, Nick Drake, Part of his success was due to him being lonely, shy and a "hopeless romantic" type, Yet he's still one of the most talented and respected folk musicians of all time. You just have to tell yourself "yes, I've never kissed someone, but that doesn't mean I can't be awesome", Don't let something so small define you, be yourself!
  2. I know it sounds extremely suspicious because songs like "White Rabbit" make references and try to hide them behind childhood lyrics but there are no hidden messages in "Puff the Magic Dragon".
  3. I hate to be "that guy" but the song doesn't actually reference drugs at all, It's just an urban legend. When the song was released in 1963 to get drug references on the radio you had to be extremely subtle, However the band denied any drug references. When asked again in the late 1970's the band still denied any drug references and in the 1970's you no longer had to be subtle about it (remember, this was the decade "cocaine" by Eric Clapton was played endlessly on air).
  4. Thanks for the advice, I was sent to hospital and they found out there, I haven't purged for a while apart from the other night when I ate a bag of peanuts, but I should be fine from no on hopefully.
  5. Hello everypony. :)

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      Satsuki Kiryuin

      I'm alright, yourself?~

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      I'm good, Hope you have a good evening. :)

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      Satsuki Kiryuin

      Thanks, you too.^^

  6. Can someone explain to a guy who lives in English countryside where the only shop sells bread and milk, What is Build a bear?
  7. I have never taken illegal drugs and I've never took anything I was prescribed for fun, but this is an issue very close to my heart and if I can convince one person out there not to get mixed in with this kind of stuff, I would feel a great sense of achievement. At a young age I was prescribed Lorazepam, An anxiety medication and because I was so young I thought I was being a "good boy" by taking it twice a day. First thing was not being able to talk, I'd crash into things a lot and fall over when I walked my dog, People would try and help me up but I'd start slurring and scare them off. Next it was the hallucinations and because they seem so real it's also very scary, I'd see horses and pots and pans with wings, However it never really hit me how scary it was until I started hallucinating on bus and thought we kept crashing, I scared a lot of people and I still hallucinate to this day after not taking them for a long time, Sometimes it's scary white faces that hang around my bed, Sometimes I don't even know where I am or the room i'm sitting in. Now if you take them long enough you'll get withdrawals, No, It's not as simple as feeling itchy when you stop taking it, I'm talking about spending time in hospital being hooked up to a machine that monitors your heart rhythm, You wont get much sleep either, they have to check on you every hour or so, Make you drink water, Check your pulse, that kinda thing. So i'm asking you, Not because i'm an anti-drug lunatic but because I have experienced this first hand, Do not play around with Benzodiazepines, Even if you don't become psychically addicted, There's a chance you'll become mentally addicted because of the kind of escape they bring, Which leads to a psychical addiction, They are not a "fun" thing to have to take.
  8. Are you in England? I've got extra copies of records I don't mind sharing, Including an original Axis: Bold as love and various Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd LPs.
  9. There's a few record stores here, At one point in time I was making money working at various record events around the county, Which led to me being offered jobs at some of the stores but I can't drive so I missed out on a dream, Working in a record store. Dx
  10. Not me, Too ill and I missed it, Did you get anything? I went to the record store today and got the first Magna Carta album
  11. I don't consider myself emo, I have long black hair but i'm nearly always happy and listen to 60's music and folk music, However the emo type seem to enjoy talking to me on Facebook, Which isn't a problem, I'm accepting of everyone, Some of those people like My Little Pony too, So they exist.
  12. I have so many, I have Aspergers syndrome so I have weird rituals for all kinds of food, some weirder than others. I'm very picky, So picky in fact that I once starved myself for 10 days. I have another one but it's kind of gross so I wont go into detail but for those who are curious, When I eat too much, I do what someone with bulimia would do, I haven't been to the doctors about it yet though, I'm actually really ashamed of it and scared of telling others. :/
  13. I've felt like this in the past and that I look back on it I think how silly it was. I know it can be scary because you feel like you're being judged with every movement you do but there are a few things I usually keep in my mind. First of all your father knows, He might not be very open about it but he still knows, If he saw it as a huge problem he wouldn't be quiet about it, Maybe he's being quiet because he doesn't think it's that big of a deal? I felt the same at first, I used to think my family laughed behind my back but they're actually supportive of it. I was just over thinking everything. Next you have to remember what you're actually buying...a toy, You're not buying anything questionable or dangerous, There's a reason you will need to bring I.D. if you wanted to buy something harmful. Has anyone ever asked for I.D. when buying a toy? Nope. The people are just there to do their job, Go home, Watch TV and think of the paycheck at the end of their week, Not obsess over someone buying a pony toy. (I know this isn't what you asked but I just thought it might help other people who read it, Plus I have to remind myself the same thing all the time. ) But I guess what i'm trying to say is no one would really pay any attention if you brought a toy rather than something like a weapon, So act as you would when buying something else non-harmful like cereal or a pair of socks, Don't act like you're trying to buy a weapon or something. Sorry I rambled on a bit. Take care buddy I hope all goes well.
  14. H-Hello? 0.0

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      I found your "about me" page interesting. :)

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  15. I am a bit sad so I did something I haven't done for a while, Sing! I recorded this on an 6 year old iPod so low quality.