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  1. Wonderful. Comeback after 3 months and everyone's fighting over Twilight. JUST ANOTHER DAY IN THE SHAMBLES WE KNOW AS THE BRONY COMMUNITY

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    2. Kyoshi


      What Key Gear said. Also, the debates are really starting to do die down for the most part. I think people are starting to either warm up to the idea or are just not against it anymore. Thank you Tara Strong!

    3. Nohbdy


      They have no choice but to accept my greatness.

    4. Key Gear

      Key Gear

      Get out of this status update, you adorable monster!

  2. The community is extremmly limited and ever since it became limited its been absolute shit. I noticed this trend beginning in about April-May and since then our community has lost all of its touch. There's this mainstream flow you have to be with or else no one else cares. Music is probably the best example your either wooden toaster, livingtombstone or some other mainstream fucktard using looped beats and extremly edited voice in small portions. Or you make remixes. That's the only way your every going to catch the community's attention and probably how it will remain. Now to call are selves a community is an over statement. When I joined the community,on most forums I lurked there's was sense that everyone knew eachother well.then as times went on some forums became more popular ( this one) and others died. There's a few that went under that actually directed there users to come to this forum. The numbers of users got so staggering and there was always new users coming in you couldn't find that sense of community anymore, and it seemed that it was just a bunch of people you didn't know fighting over stuff you couldn't give less of a fuck about. Now the community is completely doom gloom and mainstream flow. No, there's actually a few micro community's that still remain. There hard to find but if you do find one the user community tends to be small and it becomes easy to get know eachother, also tumbler bronies seem to have stuck together well and still have a community feel, even if the generally travel in smaller groups. Also, NSFW has an amazing sense of community, probably the most connected pony community around. If you can draw 'da pornz' then you quickly become known and often times get at a point where you talk and share with the top artists, something that is nearly impossible to find in the other art community's. There. That's my rant.
  3. Nothing lasts forever guys, even if the fandom dies out long after we die, it will still die eventually. To be honest in my opinion sooner then later. The collectors that have been here since G1 will probably stay, but the brainwashed mainstream group so called "bronys" will probably die out soon. I give them 5 years.
  4. Becuase trolling is fun. It's cool to watch numerous people turn into little balls of rage just becuase of your comment. The brony community is especially fun to troll becuase they there so protective of there community (you cant say that haven't tried to kill a troll).
  5. To be honest I think that bronies hate furrys more then furrys hate bronys. I base this on the fact that most bronys hate R34, and the furry community is most known for its porn. I have seen many furrys receive hate from bronys at various places, funnyjunk, TF2, ROTMG etc. It only makes scence that all furrys would hate bronys back.
  6. School? Canadian school dosent start for another half a month however I start a little early becuase made it into the schools premiere leadership program but I'm nervous how this is going go.
  7. Where I live the worst thing that happens is forest fires and severe wind storms, the worst they cuase is power outages (up to week long). There was a small earthquake earlier this year that was one of the first I felt. Where I lived(hive or take 150k from the epicenter) there wasn't much more then aiming shacking and a couple cups fell to the floor and broke. Another time we where fishing at the edge of open water when a svere lightning storm started up only 5 km offshore. As we watched the storm a number of boats where on the VHF radio talking about how the where right in the middle of trying to get back to the safety of inshore waters. Supposedly 1 boat was struck yet I have no idea what ended up happening to it, all though I think it caught fire and burnt up. The previous night we considered going offshore fishing. Had we gone along with it, we to would have been in the middle of the storm
  8. Other then the ones I made from twigs when I was younger, I've never owned or shot a bow. Im more into shooting. However with deer populations in urban areas, and numerous perks for hunting with a bow, I may take up archery.
  9. Im to cautious to seriously injure myself (you can't accuse me of staying inside all the time). The worst injury I've gotten was I tripped down the stairs and ripped my toenail clean off it hurt a lot when it happen and I had to limp around for the rest of the week but there wasn't really a lot of aftermath.
  10. Almost all my dreams have to do with what I was thinking about before I fell asleep ( possibly why I don't read before bead anymore). Becuase of this most of my dreams make scence, but not enough for my brain to peice them together (I think about wierd stuff). On dream. I remember had something to do with zombies.
  11. Another reason as to why a ages 10+ only restriction should be added to the forums. I Harte little kids In areas where the shouldnt be ( *team fortress 2 cough cough* ) and this only makes me hate them more. The kid is at fault for wandering into a bad place and the father should have been supervising her. I dont know much about American law system, but in Canada I'm preety sure without actual interaction you can't get In trouble.
  12. Honestly this fandom will always be seen as 'creepy' by regular Internet users. So far the larger the fandom has become the larger the anti fandom grows. Eventually I think the whole fandom is going to implode on itself or atleast split into hundreds of microfandoms, probably sooner then later. And yes I'm talking about the R34 war. It toke me 4 months to except R34 and before I excepted I wanted it dead and in no way to be connected to our fandom. With a huge increase in members joining the damson, most with the same veiws as my earlier ones, it's only a matter of time before some thing happens.
  13. The minute you visit /mlp/ then it's unhealthy. That stuff isn't just hazardous to your health, but your sanity to.
  14. Labels are very important things, they keep us organized and simple. Without them you would actually have to ask if they like my little pony. Imagine how terrible that would be! So yes labels are important and they are important. Your reaction appalls me.
  15. Somewhere between 500,000 and 1,000,000. It's hard to say considering not everyone watches the episodes on YouTube, and not everyone watches the same version or upload of the episodes on YouTube. It also dosent account for those who watched it twice. I know I've watched most episodes2 times.