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    Ponies (duh), Offroading, riding ATVs, drawing, coloring, reading, and cheese.
  1. SUP Bro? Glad you finally made it onto the forums! MLP Tales, his dA is: http://ptor987.deviantart.com/ and his Tumblr is: http://askgoldenring.tumblr.com/
  2. (YOU FORUM BY DRAWING PICS OF WORDS I THINK....) That sounds like a nice idea.
  3. I'm definitely going to Everfree, so definitely.
  4. Does living in Kodiak for 3 1/2 Years count? I am currently stationed in Oregon, but I want to go back to AK when I'm up for transfer. I'm hoping for Juneau or Anchorage.
  5. HAI DERE!!! Nice to meet you!!
  6. Nice to meet ya! I hope you have fun this year!
  7. HAHA. I like your title. Nice to meet ya.
  8. Well, they both live in Vancouver, B.C. Might be somewhat related.
  9. Nice to meet you! I hope you have fun this year! Making hard cider? sounds fun!
  10. Awesome! Hope to see ya there! Will you be doing art commissions while you are there as well?
  11. Well, I'll be wearing a shirt that has my OC on it and a mane and tail to match. But I hope to find you so I can get a pic with you in your fur suit.
  12. I really can't see why the staff would have a problem with you cosplaying as a pony... And I'm not sure if you saw 206_Ginge's correction but the proper email to send the question to would be info@everfreenw.com.
  13. Right, that's what I meant. XD Thanks bud!