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    Games any types of games really please add me on steam and we can play games together

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  1. LOL only a few thousand notifications I have been gone a long time

    1. ghostfacekiller39


      I thought notifications stopped at 500, though :P

  2. Happy birthday! Although you're not actually around to see this right now :P

  3. Darn i haven't seen the latest episode can anyone help me out with a link or something

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Best Username Ever
    3. Shift


      I knowwww D:

    4. Book Horse

      Book Horse

      IK!!! I was so disappointed last Saturday when there wasn't a new episode! Well I can't wait for this Saturday for the new episode. :D :D

  4. Who wants to know why i haven't been on for the last month. League of Legends has devoured my soul

  5. I am still alive just really busy lately gonna watch the new episode tonight

    1. Oblivion


      It's a pretty good episode!

  6. Goodnight everyone i'm really tired hopefully over the next school break i can start frequenting the forums more

  7. Got to go to school actually not exhausted for once :)

    1. Super Sand Legend

      Super Sand Legend

      okay, talk to you tomorrow then.

  8. Put my head to the guns barrel and tell him to pull the f**king trigger if he does i die painless death if he doesn't he losses all power over me and i leave with the person who he wanted dead.
  9. Gotta go to school and i didn't even sleep last night

    1. Super Sand Legend

      Super Sand Legend

      its night time here

    2. AppleGearRising


      'Tis indeed :3

      Good luck!

  10. I have spent a lot of time gaming lately i think yesterday or the day before i sat at my computer for 12 or 13 hours i have a serious problem
  11. Bought some itty bitty pony figurines today like a boss the cashier couldn't handle my awesome level whilst my brother who was with me blushed and freaked out LOL

    1. Book Horse

      Book Horse

      I have to brohoof you man /) I would never have the courage to do that!