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  1. Chrysalis14

    Request Shop I Need Ponies to Draw

    Are you able to do Chocolate Swirl for me?
  2. Chrysalis14

    Request Shop ☆Lucky's Request Shop☆ (Closed for catch up!)

    Are you able to do Chocolate Swirl for me?
  3. Chrysalis14

    How tall are you?

    So you're only 5 inches shorter than me, you're not that short.
  4. Is Starlight really becoming a pernament main character of the show? That sounds great, I thought the show needed some sort of change to the cast after 7 years.

    1. Indubitably Fries

      Indubitably Fries

      I thought she was already. :o 

  5. Happy birthday Sunset!

  6. Chrysalis14

    NASCAR/Auto Racing Discussion

    The fact he did quite well in an uncompetitive car shows he would've made it in the right team and car.
  7. Chrysalis14

    NASCAR/Auto Racing Discussion

    I was hoping an American driver would make it to F1, guess that's gotta wait for now.
  8. Chrysalis14

    NASCAR/Auto Racing Discussion

    Well that was a big day for me today having to watch 3 races on one day, NASCAR in the morning, Supercars in the afternoon and F1 at night, my very own version of the Triple Crown, lol. I would watch Indycar and IMSA tomorrow but you know, I got to sleep.
  9. Chrysalis14

    NASCAR/Auto Racing Discussion

    I know I don't follow the Xfinity series (my love for the sport only just came back last week) but that was probably one of the best finishes I've seen even though I only saw the final 10 laps because I had prior commitments. Hopefully the Cup race will be just as good, sucks that a cup guy won a race though.
  10. Chrysalis14

    Hope for Toys R Us mascot?

    Hopefully he gets the gig, puts a former mascot of a company that no longer exists into good use.
  11. Anyone got a copy of the 4th of July banner? I wish I saved that one.

    1. Zayfen


      That one?

      post-23431-0-78384800-1440204787.png.2606a98b97bae1f2c5b4abaa4049eb7f (1).png

    2. Chrysalis14


      Yeah, that's it, thank you so much!

    3. Zayfen


      No problem :mlp_smug:

  12. Chrysalis14

    Ask Swirly

    How are you spending 4th of July today or how did you spent it?
  13. Chrysalis14

    Ask Swirly

    What do you think of this song? Because you know, you and Lightwing.
  14. Chrysalis14

    General What do you usually do on the forums?

    Heh, crazy American girls.
  15. I sort of dislike procrastinating, I ended up sleeping later than what I wanted to. :scoots:

    1. SparklingSwirls


      Just tell yourself, "I'll procrastinate tomorrow!" :P