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  1. Sports NFL Divisional Round

    Now that my team is out, I will be now cheering on the Vikings for the rest of the season because of Flyer and I really hope the Pats win since I now know how classless those Jaguars are.
  2. Spacey's Vector Shop (OPEN)

    She looks great, thanks! She looks like she's changing the audible on defense!
  3. Is there room for me being a Vikings fan for 3 weeks?

    1. Northern Light Flyer
    2. Chrysalis14


      Thanks, what about that finish? Was pretty excited after seeing that. :pinkie:

    3. Northern Light Flyer

      Northern Light Flyer

      Oh, I could be watching that on the highlight reel all week.

      I was a pretty happy little baby during that last play.

  4. Sports NFL Divisional Round

    You just made Aurora a Vikings fan for the next month.
  5. If only I had this avatar for Christmas... :c


  6. Queen Chrysalis Fan Club

    I would like to play with my Queen.
  7. Spoiler Tempest Shadow Fan Club

    It's time to play some D E F E N S E for Tempest.
  8. Spacey's Vector Shop (OPEN)

    Can't wait to see the final result of chocolate pony
  9. What are your thoughts on Canada?

    Probably one of favourite places on Earth, probably because that's where the show is based and also because of Sibsy who used to work on the show and that I am a big fan of her OC, Wild Fire.
  10. I always wondered who that is on your avatar since I'm assuming that you like anime.

    1. Frostgage


      This is Mikoto Misaka from the Toaru/Raildex universe. Yeah I've cycled through several different avatars featuring her xD

    2. Chrysalis14


      Cool, thanks!

    3. Frostgage


      of course!

  11. Ask Swirly

    Yeah, pretty much
  12. Ask Swirly

    Because Dutch is one of Belgium's official languages.
  13. Ask Swirly

    What do you think of Dutch Applejack?
  14. Ponies, because who doesn't like animals? Neigh
  15. Comment and I will...

    Because you pet horse's hair when you see them? Guess you'll make a great roommate for me. Also, I think Derpy is best Japanese MLP character after hearing this.