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  1. @Hari SeldonThe second issue sounds like an old save The current build should have Celestia's Mass Light skill cost 30 MP, but if you have an old enough save, it'll be 1 MP. As for Celestia's Raise skill, I haven't gotten around to balancing that one yet, so it's always been really expensive and unusable. The first issue sounds a bit stranger. I'd messed up the balance at Pinkie's Rock Farm by lowering the encounter rate in the last build, so players weren't strong enough for Baltimare Rarity. Since I'm overhauling the entire game's balance for the next build, I decided to be lazy here and add a script that would increase the level of everyone in the party to 16 after fighting Nightmare Pinkie. HP shouldn't have any effect on who levels up, and anyone who levels up should have their stats reflect the level increase. Could you be more specific about the stat discrepancies? Are stats actually going down, are they lower than they should be, or are they not changing at all?
  2. Fixed a bug that let the player walk through walls after going into the shop in the Town Near Rock Farm. Updated build in the top post, grab it if you haven't gotten that far yet, otherwise message me on Discord for a version that can fix saves experiencing this bug.
  3. Fixed the bug, new build link in the top post, make sure to grab it!
  4. At last, a new build has been posted (see top of thread)! In addition to advancing the story, this new build includes a new Tent item that will allow you to fully heal your party at save crystals. Also, you can how hold Z to run, which should make some of my testers very happy. Lastly, I've decided to open up a Discord server (see top of thread, below the link to the current build) for discussing the game and collecting feedback and suggestions, so I would really appreciate if everyone would join and let me know their thoughts. I'm planning on going back over all the encounters in the game and rebalancing them, so the next public build will probably take a few months. If anyone is interested in helping me out by testing my in-progress beta builds, feel free to ask on the Discord server.
  5. @Borg I apologize, that's a bug with the current public build, but that's where it ends anyway. I forgot to put in the message saying it was the end of the build. As @Bas said, I've currently sent the next build out to my testers, and it should be ready for public release in a couple of weeks at most. I'm also considering posting my Discord server publicly at that point, and potentially offering beta builds there for anyone who wants to test them. Be patient, and the next build will come. As for the Celestia skills thing, that was an oversight on my part, and it will be resolved in the next build.
  6. I'd really appreciate that. Experience is one thing I sorely lack, and I'd love more suggestions from someone who has made all these mistakes before and can help me avoid them.
  7. Thank you for the feedback. I'm already working on a few ideas to enhance the boss battles, but it is my first attempt at making and balancing a game and I have tended to be conservative and not go too far outside what I know works. Specific suggestions would be very welcome, though they should come with the understanding that I am free to pick and choose suggestions as I wish and not every suggestion will make it into the game. The emptiness and lack of wandering ponies is mostly due to me being terrible at writing flavor and fluff dialog. Based on what you and my testers have been telling me in this most recent build, the next iteration will probably add more wandering NPCs to areas, but they will only have placeholder dialog until either I or one of my other occasional helpers gets around to writing for them. Also, my intended approach for showcasing the corrupting influence of dark magic was for the Mane 6 to each become the dark side of their elements rather than the opposite. Rainbow Dash is Blind Loyalty, Applejack is Half-Truths and White Lies, etc. Oh, and don't worry about the changelings. They make a return at the end of the current build, which is only the beginning of the game's third act. It will probably be another 3 builds before the game has the full story I have planned out.
  8. A new build has just been uploaded, new link in OP! I know the series is about to end, but rest assured, I will keep working, so keep an eye out for more updates!
  9. I'm almost done with the next build, just need to get it playtested and then I'll post it here. Unfortunately, most of my previous playtesters have been busy, so if anyone would like to step up and volunteer to test out what I've currently got, let me know.
  10. Twilight and her friends have disappeared, and chaos is spreading across Equestria! Follow Princess Luna as she searches for the Mane 6 and locates the source of the calamities. (Takes place during Season 3) This is a fan project I've been working on for the past several years with several artists, musicians, and playtesters. I've got the first 2/3rds of the game in a rough playable state, though it still needs a lot of polishing and bugfixing. I intend to continue working on it, but I've lost momentum on it for a couple of months now. Since the last season's hiatus is over, I wanted to post my most recent build publicly before the series ends. Hopefully, it will help give me the motivation I need to get back on track. A few things to know -The game should be playable in its current build, but there are some missing graphics and other kinds of placeholders. I've done my best to clearly mark when something is a placeholder, so if you see something missing that doesn't explicitly say it's a placeholder or it isn't specifically mentioned in the Known Bugs textfile or in a post on this thread, then assume it's something I need to know about. -There's still a fair amount of balance and progression tweaking to be done, and all feedback in that regard is valuable -The game will explicitly tell you when you get to the end of the build, so if you get stuck before that, that's something I need to address -Be sure to stagger your save files (have multiple saves instead of saving in the same slot every time) in case you encounter a game-breaking bug. -Before launching the game for the first time, make sure to run the included RPGXP_E.exe file. It's a pack of default resources that come with RPG Maker XP, and the game uses a lot of the tilesets from it. Controls are Space to confirm/interact, X to cancel/open menu, arrow keys to move, and hold Z to run. If you want to customize those controls or use a gamepad, launch the game and press F1 to open the controls/options menu. Game download (updated 3/21/20) Also, we have a Discord now, so please let me know what you think of the game there!
  11. Sorry about that, this is a request for the same game as this thread. I mentioned to him that I'm not entirely comfortable flogging my own project or necro-ing threads asking for help, and he took it on himself to do it for me.
  12. XP, actually. I found that the newer ones have too many bells and whistles, and I didn't like the aesthetic of their graphical resources.
  13. MLPForums is still not letting me send messages, so I've just sent you a Skype request.