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  1. iSmartMan

    Looking for playtesters

    XP, actually. I found that the newer ones have too many bells and whistles, and I didn't like the aesthetic of their graphical resources.
  2. iSmartMan

    Looking for playtesters

    MLPForums is still not letting me send messages, so I've just sent you a Skype request.
  3. iSmartMan

    Looking for playtesters

    Yeah, pretty much that style since it's RPG Maker, though I'm not afraid to get under the covers and change the code. I've already overhauled the audio system to allow for better looping and done some messing around with the menus and combat formulas.
  4. iSmartMan

    Looking for playtesters

    The more annoying and nitpicky, the better! Huh...for some reason, the site says I'm only allowed to send 0 messages per day, but I just sent you a friend request on Discord, so hopefully that will work for now.
  5. I've been working on a MLP RPG Maker fangame called Harmony Eclipsed for several years now, and I'm trying to find some reliable playtesters. I've tried using friends and other members of my dev team for playtesting, but they're usually too busy to give me the kind of feedback I need. I don't think the game is ready to be publicly posted yet, but I've got a playable alpha build of the first half of the game (about 3-5 hours, depending on playing speed) and I'd really like some feedback from people who actually have time to playtest it. If anyone is interested in helping us out, leave a reply here and I'll send you a PM so we can discuss this further.
  6. I'm the project lead in a group making a pony RPG we've dubbed Harmony Eclipsed. We've been making slow progress on it over the last year because our artists keep having personal issues come up and have to leave us. So, I'm putting a call out to any artists interested in working on a quality pony game who are willing to commit their time to helping us. I wish we could offer to pay you, but we're a bit paranoid about copyright and would prefer to not have anyone make a profit off of the project. We are making the game in RPG Maker XP (I'm giving the program's engine a complete overhaul, and I rejected VX and VX Ace as having too many bells and whistles), and the majority of our resources are being custom-made for the project. To apply, simply make a post below with some examples of your art and the role(s) you're applying for. There are several artist roles we're looking for: Spritesheet Artist Spritesheets are the pictures that make up character movement (example). Of course, we're going to need to make a lot of these in pony versions. I've seen some pony spritesheets on Deviantart that are designed to work with RPG Maker, but I just feel they're a lot more chibi than I'd prefer. Tileset Artist Tilesets are what are used to build the levels in the game (example). We need someone who can either tweak preexisting tilesets to match our needs AND create new ones in the same aesthetic so they don't clash, OR we need someone willing to put in a lot of work to make every tileset we use from scratch to ensure a consistent style. Battler Artists RPG Maker has extremely limited animation capacity, so the characters in combat will be still images. This is a role that can go one of two ways. First, we can get multiple artists able to approximate the show's style closely enough to not clash with the many resources available on the internet (raster and vector artists are both okay). Second, we can get a single artist with an appealing style willing to put in an obscene amount of effort to make every resource from scratch. So, technically this is open to all pony artists, but be aware that if you'd like to try for option 2, you've got a long road ahead of you. Character Portrait Artist This is a role that can allow for, and almost demands, a deviation from the show's style. These images will never be used side-by-side with Battler images, so it's perfectly alright for them to be more expressive and stylistic. They should still absolutely resemble the characters in the game, but they don't need to be show-accurate.