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  1. 1. America but just because my fiance lives there and I'm not gonna drag him to Poland... that'd be like terrible death sentence to him. 2. Denmark seems like ideal place for me! I'd gladly try living there. ^^ 3. Australia maybe. It's hot and everything is trying to kill you. ....perfect.
  2. @@Sweets, oh sorry!!! I'm new here and I didn't know you can mention people like this. ^^" Now I know. Didn't mean to talk behind your back, I was just generally comparing two long-distance relationship to show that some will work out, some won't- depends. It's just that I often hear people saying that NONE of them will ever work out. Ever, No matter what. :c
  3. Why are people creating separate topics for each one of their artworks instead of just creating ONE topic for all of their artsy stuff?! x.x

  4. Ohhh, this is veeeery interesting. Please, continue. :3 <puppy eyes>
  5. I came to this forum after like... a year, just to ship this and further friendry-troll Hugoholic on Valentine's day. XD
  6. Man I love and want to be with proposed to me. Best year ever!
  7. I'm seriously planning to merry one. He's "casual brony", not some huge crazy fan with horses allover his room, so that's ok. It's really nice that we can watch new episodes together and then talk about them, have pony memes to use together and stuff. ^^ And unlike Sweets (above) I'm perfectly fine with my transatlantic relationship. ^^
  8. I don't wonder much about it but others sure think so. ;D But only in real life tho, on forums I alwats sound way too serious.
  9. RD is laziest -it's true- but I have no problem with that since she can also train hard and do whatever should be done on time, so that's ok.
  10. Watching a debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham made me wonder what shall one do/ claim in America to finaly be put into psychiatric hospital. x.x

  11. Isn't it what most people think? (sorry not American here and the only people from there I know don't watch this nonsense)
  12. This thread makes me feel really sad for modern art right now. REALLY, REALLY SAD and now excuse me while I'm gonna go facepalm in the corner of my room for eternity and beyond. It's so retarted I can't take it and it doesn't even make any goddamn sense. Synthetic sounds = real instruments. Just wat. Exfuckinguse me? HOW DID YOU PEOPLE EVEN GET TO THIS BRILLIANT CONCLUSION? No, I must leave before my mind blows. Goodbye, everyone.
  13. Well if you think that all instruments are real then we'll have to agree to disagree and end this discussion here cause it's gonna lead to nowhere.
  14. I played violin, piano, cymbals, recorder and guitar, finished elementary music school and lately I watched shitload of tutorials on making electronic music - I got basics immediately cause I know theory already, however it takes a lot of practice and another 10000 tutorials to get this stuff right, yet it's all just about clicking goddamn mouse and using options and effects properly etc etc. Mastering sound at the end seems like most difficult part to me. It takes some skills, at least few months of learning and you sure can make cool stuff out of it but seriously- from technical point of view it's primmitive as fuck in how it's made as well as in how electronic instruments sound. Of course purely electronic sounds are superior in electronic music cause instruments can't create them but if you're trying to put instrument in your song without making it sound like your microwave is singing, you simply need real life samples from real instruments. Nothing can compare to how violins can cry and how saxophone can just "flirt" with audience- it's beautiful example of real art, something only professionals could feed people's souls with.