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  1. What is Luna's favorite game system? The royal wii! Har Har Har

  2. WHAT. THE. HAY. This is such bull, we ALL know that Jan followed all the copyright rules, giving Hasbro credit and whatnot, BUT REALLY this makes me so angry, why didnt they do this to the people at Silly Filly Studios, or the PONIES Anthology team? Why not episode reactions? WHY NOT EVERY FLIPPIN THING ON THE INTERNET. Its bull, and I believe that something honestly needs to be done. I want Jan back.
  3. Cheese Sandwich is taken but Pinkie Pie is now open
  4. I think people say that because, sometimes it does kinda seem like celestia doesnt really do much when problems arise, but those arent my words, just other people
  5. Now this, this was an episode that met my expectations... Reasons to like: - Sweetie Belle + Luna, Sweetie Belle is my favorite cmc and Luna's my fav princess - The dream, my favorite part of the episode - When Sweetie Belle said she dressed up real pretty on her birthday and there was lipstick ALL over her mouth - The Sapphire Shores appearance, and Applebloom and Scoot's song references - Not exactly part of the episode but some of the episodes have this play on words for real life referencess for example, this one refers to, I think, "For Whom the Bell Toils" I like stuff like that Reasons not to like: - The butt-hole ponies in the beginning that didn't even pay attention to the play, I mean, they could've at least acknowledged the content in the play, even saying something bad about the play would've been better than not even noticing it.... but then again, the dresses were obviously better than the play even if Sweetie Belle did do a fantastic job on it. So im not even going to count that. And with that, I declare this episode ONE of my favorite episodes so far, along with Maud Pie, Rainbow Falls, Pinkie Apple Pie, Pinkie Pride, and Filli Vanilli (not in that order)
  6. That... that episode... it was... it was AWESOME I dunno what exactly they're doing with season 4 but... I think I like it haha I like it because: - Maud... OMG you have no idea how much I laughed at nearly everything she said and did.... "I have a pet rock... his name is boulder" and when she throws the rock and there's an explosion XD she's now one of my favorite background characters -Applejack (of course, biased as always) - Rarity's hat -Pinkie's enthusiasm there's probably more but i cant think straight today lol the only thing I didnt like is how the other 5 reacted around Maud
  7. Depending on what you mean.... Mane 6: Applejack CMC: Sweetie Belle Background Earth: Apple Fritter Background Pegasus: Flitter Background Unicorn: Lyra Princess: Luna Antagonist: Trixie
  8. Oh good god.... I... ew. First of all, im never visiting 4chan ever again after seeing /b/ and seeing wrong things... besides, granted 4chan was home of the brony fandom, let us all not forget the great 4chan war against bronies and anti-bronies where even saying the word 'pony' could get you banned, and even still, you HAVE to put your pony stuff in /mlp/
  9. I loved this episode! Reasons to like: - Applejack (lol I know, I'm so biased) -Big Mac really looked like he was about to knock Applejack out (I'm glad he didn't, but the look on his face tho) - Applejack being awesome at the end (as if she isn't all the time ) - The 'home-alone' thing goin on in the beginning - Over-obsessive Applejack and Applebloom's reaction to it - AJ giving Applebloom the double helmet XD - AJ: "SCOOTALOO?!" Scootaloo: "Uh, no?" - "NO, there's no time for a song! Go!" Lovely poke at the show XD Only one problem for me... I thought it was misleading, I honestly thought I was going to be watching a full-length episode on Applebloom being home alone and something ends up happening or whatever, but I loved the episode anyway. ^-^
  10. Good Morning everypony! Watchin the new episode now ^-^

  11. Hey man, don't bail on the whole thing! I know it's a lot, only because I'm doing similar... I would help you if I didn't have a lot on my hooves, sorry dude, just don't ditch it man.
  12. hey man! Again, welcome to the forums and remember what I told ya ight? Have fun bro *brohoof* p.s. maybe you should get 'round to settin up your profile a bit
  13. Hello everypony! How are y'all today?

    1. hariyaMakusu2


      I'm wonderful, thank you!

  14. Hm well... What I liked: -The bringing back of breezies -The fact that Twilight turned them into breezies -When I found out that one breezy was a guy -AJ breezy What I didnt like: -JB reference - And what felt like the lack of story behingd the breezies themselves