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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Silver-Ember

    What DAW do you guy use

    I've been in the middle of a lot throughout life myself as of recently and haven't really gotten to use much more than two DAWs thus far, particularly my favored FL Studio 12, and then there is another free one out there called Stagelight that I've used to make some demo songs back in the day. I've only gotten to use a small trial version of Ableton Live 9. Of the three above-mentioned, I love FL Studio the bestest.
  3. Silver-Ember

    Rate the "about me" page of the user above you.

    So let's see... I'm rating Mentis Soliloquy's About Me page then? Definitely 9/10. + Mentions personal OC information and relative backstory around them all. + A "Top 10 Best Pony" list, definitely a plus. + Giant initially-shown image of Mentis' main OC. + Friendliness section, paired with a highly relevant and interesting fact. - Could use some more public-facing "fanfare", or "summary" perhaps, for lack of a better term. Overall, pretty epic. Would visit again.
  4. Silver-Ember

    Roleplay World Pasting from a text editor

    You could have "post as plain formatting by default" on in your options panel in the text editor here for posts on the forum, that's my guess... It's the little red wrench with the gear in the background in the text editor. As for actual text editor usage, I tend to just use the quick reply box here on the forum, I don't often find need for additional formatting, when I do, the option to do so is right there for me anyway, and there's an automatic auto-save feature for the web-based editor that saves over a draft every like 1 - 5 minutes or so (I don't use this site much at the moment as I've not much time to do so usually given life circumstances at the moment, don't quote me on the save interval, I mean, unless you want to.)
  5. Silver-Ember

    The recent purchases thread

    Technically the literal "last item" I purchased was my dad's packs of cigarettes for the week... *sigh*...... I wish he'd just stop smoking already... For the 7th time. But so, in terms of the last actual thing I purchased that was a buy regarding something I actually was in the market for, it'd be one of these: Maybe now I can finally start getting some music productions off the ground, at least... Progressively anyway... It's been hard to give much time to anything other than work and family stuff by this point, but I make time for my passions still as I can. But I got this MIDI controller for half-off during Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales and stuff, along with some additional guitar picks.
  6. Silver-Ember

    General The myers briggs test. Have any of you taken it?

    Just about every single time I've ever taken any Myers-Briggs personality test by this point, I've usually ended up with a type of INFJ majority of the time, which apparently according to many of the result pages about such a type I've seen make up a very small portion of the population. Not actually sure the validity and / or accuracy of such a claim, but one thing's for sure, I'm definitely closest to that type I'd say... There have been like one or two times I also had received a type of INTJ, of which anytime I get INFJ it's usually quite close a percentage rating between the F and the T, so somewhere in between there, I guess. As for learning and understanding one's own personality type though and their particular strengths and weaknesses and the like, it's certainly an interesting concept and a very useful one at that as well. Kind of helps almost to see a written out general idea-pool or resource for better understanding one's own personal strengths and weaknesses, where their essential personal tendencies for certain things may lie, what they may need to improve as an individual, things of the like...
  7. Silver-Ember

    Who Here is Gay?

    Technically speaking, it would be accurate to claim that I have my rightful place in the LGBT community.
  8. Having open, available internet access in today's culture is most definitely bordering on being at that point of being considered a "necessity". Were it not for the internet, I'd have no means of doing my job, of which given my current life scenario, I am currently in a bit of a spot where I absolutely need to work from home, being I've got healing from terminal illnesses parents of whom I must ascertain safety and security of. Being that I'm basically an SEO Analyst working an independent schedule, if it weren't for having access at all to the internet, I'd be pretty much out of a job, or a means of gaining additional income via building websites for clients, making a means of which to establish my own business' social presence, and all sorts of other aspects, all this considered, doing what I do would be impossible without this amazing means of interpersonal connection and information databasing we've come to appreciate today as the Much as well, as it seems to have been mentioned above numerous times, there wouldn't be able to be open a means of websites such as MLPForums here, especially in that these forums and the connections I've made via them, as well as just other general resource findings and interactions I've made via internet usage... All of these things have developed me to where I am by this point in life, and so I can certainly say that without access to the internet, I'd be a much different pony than I am currently, likely for the worse given where I was prior to finding this fandom in the first place... (Yikes, let's not go there... ) But much as well in that, I've noticed an interesting personal life pattern in that, just about every location my parents and I've moved to in life now, it would seem we've been the prime catalysts in establishing that a higher speed internet connection service be implemented in the community, in which, such an event is about to happen again, in which I'll be able to much better effectively perform my job, surf the web, talk with friends and all other sorts of general things I do that wouldn't otherwise be of utility to me without the internet, so all-in-all, the internet is probably one of the most important things I would consider we have in our modern 21st Century culture today.
  9. Silver-Ember

    What do you work with?

    When it comes to jobs, currently I'm in the middle of two of them... One being a Package Handler position at FedEx, most primarily in which I sort and stack packages onto pallets in which to be shipped out the next day, as well as organize them out in accordance to ascending order by pallet letter and number in the organizational system used there, which then allows anyone else working on that line to more easily and quickly at least do the pallet stacking as well. Though it's only part time, and occasionally there are mandatory full-time days, in which case, I actually get a lunch break in which I finally get chances to draw and do other fun stuff like consume items of which will supply carbohydrates and nutrients to my body, organs and brain. :-o That being considered, now I also have a budding, what is currently less than officially even "part-time" position as an independent contractor for the LeapForce At Home team, in which case I do currently an hour of search query result evaluation / optimization. This I'd love to receive eventual, hopefully expedient extensions for the hours in which I'm authorized to work for this one, because if that is the case, I could simply do this full-time, and at the same time, I'd never have to leave my house unless to make a weekly food-store trip, attend any particular events or social gathers should I need and / or want to, and being that I can stay home, I can still be here "during work" to assist my two sick, somewhat incapacitated parents while they heal, and we can plan for the future for our plans in which to further benefit us and our neighbors so that we may more and more attract a lifestyle of love, wealth and abundance.
  10. Silver-Ember

    Introvert or extrovert?

    Basically, this sums me up pretty well. ​I'm basically a mix of Fluttershy, Twilight and Vinyl Scratch when it comes to personality, a.k.a. from what I can tell, three of pretty much the most introverted ponies in the show for the most part.
  11. Silver-Ember

    Health Have You Ever Been Admitted To The Hospital?

    Just about 3 weeks ago I ended up in a car crash subject only to comparison to something that you'd typically see out of like an action movie, I managed to swerve out of control, off the road, into the side ditch, pop-flying off that slamming into a telephone pole, busting through that and causing it to split into 5 pieces, clearing a fence and landing 125 feet away into these ladies' horse field after rolling the car over 2.5 times and, by evidence of the .5 part of that, ended up landing upside-down...... I was quickly ambulance-d to the hospital in which I luckily still survived such an event, but once more, managed to be released from the hospital just a short 3 hours later in which it was determined that I hardly even had a couple cuts and bruises along my arm, and a sprained hip, a mild concussion, and that was pretty much it, other than that, completely fine... That was my first actual hospitalization since I was the size of a 9-pound watermelon.
  12. Silver-Ember

    S06:E06 - No Second Prances

    As far as the episode itself goes, I absolutely loved it! I mean, how could I not? Trixie finally gets more screen-time and, perhaps the slightest bit more character-development and filling since like season 3, and of course not to mention Starlight and her little interchanges I found to be a nice touch, being how she's still learning how to make friends, and, while Twilight's mistrust of Trixie was a tad OTT in places, but she did of course act in such a way only to try to shield Starlight from making such a rough first-friend choice... Granted though, I think had she made any other friend, there wouldn't really be too much to go on... Plus of course Starlight got to learn a huge lesson in how to handle somepony who, at first just seems to want to claim to "love" or befriend you or anything under the guise for using that pony for their own fulfillment and personal gain, rather than for the actual friendship and meaningfulness of being friends with somepony. Anyway, I do however think that, while I quite enjoyed the little last filler bit with Cranky and Princess Celestia (who by the way, her relative silence through the scenarios during her screen time was just PERFECT! ), I do think the episode could've ended on a better note, and perhaps it may have in Equestria perhaps "behind the scenes", though I still would have loved to actually see the event unfold... Perhaps after the fact of when Starlight assisted Trixie at the end of her show, both them and Twilight could all return to the castle and attend the dinner with Celestia, in there which Twilight may then be able to display that she had essentially not only been able to touch the hearts of these ponies' for the terms of "making friends" and all, she could in essence have a chance to really allow Starlight and Trixie to both display how Twilight's actions and judgement had led to not only Starlight Glimmer making a "first friend", but the friend in whom she chose also having such a discovery. And no, I'm not saying this would be a better ending simply because it would look good on Twilight's part, but also simply for the fact that the characters would then also get to share about their feelings and experience now with making friends and whatnot... I think really if not for anything to see how Celestia treats the overall interchange with the two unicorns... Anyway, just a little after-thought I guess.
  13. Silver-Ember

    Movies/TV Powerpuff Reboot Is Actually Pretty Great

    I've always loved the Power Puff Girls myself, back during the first show and all... Though from what I've seen thus far of this reboot now, it seemed kinda cringe-worthy, almost more so than Teen Titans Go, though, I have only seen like a few minute-long clips, so I'm not going to say that this is my final opinion on it.
  14. Silver-Ember

    Iceestarz doodle dump!

    OMIGAWSH!!! ^3^ ^^THIS, I just can't get over how awesome and well-made it is. Great job.
  15. Silver-Ember


    Beautimous! ^3^ I love it, you drew her really well.