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  1. Alicorn Fluttershy

    Open Ouran High School Host Club

    the twins made it back inside. they sat down on a couch. they leaned against eachother for comfort. "Haruhi? where are you? we've beed traumatised Haruhiiiiiiii please come comfort us!" the twins were exhaused. Honey finished his piece of cake and decided to ask Mori if ti was safe "Takashi? can i get up now?"
  2. Alicorn Fluttershy

    Spacey's Vector Shop (OPEN)

    thanks so much! its great!
  3. Alicorn Fluttershy

    Open A new friend? Rp Topic

    "We all should try not to use magic or wings if we arn't used to them in our original bodys." Chrystal said. "We all have the control of foals and fillys so with the magical and flying abilitys of adults, who knows what could happen! Also did anyone hear me earlier when I mentioned we should find somone to fix this?" Chrystal wanted back in her own body. And she wanted to get back ASAP. The other ponies just sat there blabbing. Chrystal didn't want to seem impolite but she was frustrated. She flew into the roof again.
  4. Alicorn Fluttershy

    Open A new friend? Rp Topic

    "It's fine Pat. Seeing as I am not me anymore. In a manner of speaking," Chrystal said, "now once everyone gets ahold of themselves and learns how to move about without damaging their "host" bodys, sorry about that Riley, we can go find a way back to normal. We should try to stay together. Who knows what effects getting to far away from our original bodys could have on us. Also anyone who is a Pegasus or a unicorn who wasn't originally should be careful. We have the control of foals here. Nitro, you know the city. Could you find somewhere for us to sort this out?" Chrystal asked.
  5. Alicorn Fluttershy

    Open A new friend? Rp Topic

    "So if I'm Riley, Blubell is Anala, And Riley is Rain, who is in the rest of our bodys?" Chrystal said from within Riley's body. She involuntarily started flying and flew into the ceiling before landing on the CD player causeing the breezie music to stop playing. She took the cd out of the player and walked over to her body and stuffed it in her hair. "Now the question is, what's going on and how do we get ourselves back to normal? Not that your body isn't nice Riley but I prefer my own safe one. Also you are gonna have a few bruises when you get back in yours. Ouch." Bluebell walked over to her breezie body. "So who's in there?"
  6. Alicorn Fluttershy

    Open Ouran High School Host Club

    " it wasn't our fault." The twins said quietly. They were In need of some major comfort. Hikaru stood up and helped Kaoru up. "Let's go back inside." Honey continued eating cake, waiting for Mori to let him find the other host club members. " Usa-chan would you like some more cake?"
  7. Alicorn Fluttershy

    Open A new friend? Rp Topic

    (ooc: i'm just gonna assume discord is going to switch us now if not ignore me) Bluebell was so excited for her birthday and the possibility of a giant glass of nectar she was jumping for joy. so she didn't knotice her change of perspective on the room until she heard Chrystal say. "uh guys?" Bluebell opened her eyes and said, "hey! how did i get over there? and how did i change back into a breezie?" she looked towards where Chrystal's voice came from. "Riley? how did you learn to speak like chrystal? what is going on here?!?" "I don't know," Chrystal said "but i'm a pegasus. so glad you are only an earth pony though."
  8. Alicorn Fluttershy

    Open A new friend? Rp Topic

    @@Pat.Rio.T., "oh i'm fine! my ears are much more tolerant of loud music as a pony." Bluebell said cheerfully. Chrystal Heart nodded agreement. bluebell spoke up "my date of birth is....tomorow!" she beamed "five years ago i was born as a tiny little baby breezie. i was so cute then."
  9. Alicorn Fluttershy

    Private The Amazingly Complicated Survival Year RP

    Hoofwing breathed hevily."get ahold of yourself Hoofwing" she said in her head "i doubt he is 'that' Minotaur. just to be safe however she kept her distance from him and stayed close to the kinder looking ponies. "so" she said out loud "where are we?" she observed her surrondings
  10. Alicorn Fluttershy

    Planning A new friend?

    nope no idea what happened to thunder.. just think we should use the character long enough for the rest of us to get out of there and then let bluebell be a breezie again. bored of her not being able to fly.
  11. Alicorn Fluttershy

    Open A new friend? Rp Topic

    "ooh! ooh! i know! get my breezie music out Chrystal!" Bluebell blared. Chrystal created the music disk out of thin air. "its really quiet!" Chrystal put the disk in the player and music started playing breezies started singing, and a breezie rapper started rapping all in breezie language of course! it was a cute little song though.Bluebell started singing along and danceing
  12. Alicorn Fluttershy

    Open Star Trek crossover RP

    I, Lieutenant Strucker aka Trekkie and worf trotted into the "camp" "Captain we have located Lieutenant Strucker." "Evalyn! Where have you been? And what are you wearing?" Picard Demanded. "It's a long story but to shorten it a bit a fashion crazed pony kidnapped me and well as I said she was fashion crazed. Not a fan of the uniform apparently." "Well all that matters is that you are here now. If you would search the forest for any threats Lieutenant." "Yes sir I'm on it." I started towards the forest, she noticed another Starfleet uniform clad pony entering the forest "Hey! Hold up!" I shouted. I ran after the other pony, desperate, for once, to have someone whom I could face danger with. "Ensign... Ensign Hail! Ensign Hail! Hey!" I ran to catch up. When I did finally I was out of breath. "Hey." I said huffing and puffing, or the pony equivalent. Suddenly Q aka Discord appeared. "I see you've encountered Rarity. Charming pony although a little bit, how shall I say this? Fashion obsessive." "Q! Get us out of here! Now!" "As you wish." I and the other pony appeared in a well lit sort of barn with tiny critters running everywhere. "Where are we?" (Just to note, it's Fluttershy's cottage.)
  13. Alicorn Fluttershy

    Open Ouran High School Host Club

    Hikaru and Kaoru sit watching the paramedics take Wendy away, they still can hardly speak. in fact they should probably be treated for shock, but the paramedics didn't seem to see them. so they sat there in the middle of the sidewalk. nothing on their minds but thesceen they had just witnessed and flashes of how angry Kyoya will be.
  14. well we were waiting for you to reply so if you do you could probably bring it back
  15. so this has practically died already...