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Status Updates posted by Bronychan1214

  1. Gaming with a friend till 12 last night latest I have stayed up in these past few days :D

  2. Goodbye :P Off to places for a while

  3. Goodbye everyone I will return after today in a couple of months, it has been real fun and I have really enjoyed talking and posting everything so far. Bye :P

    1. hariyaMakusu2


      Huh? Why are you leaving? :(

    2. Bronychan1214


      Well except the day I posted that I messed up my school schedule XD, And today was the first day so not to much stuff to worry about, but I have my drivers test in a week and the fact that school is more important so I cant really be on here anymore for a while :/ BYE :P

  4. Google why do you have to be such an ass I just want to make a youtube account ;-;

    1. Cyan Blue

      Cyan Blue

      Tell me about it.

  5. Great way to wake up, annoying little brothers screaming in your ear/

    1. Khaoios


      Been there, heard that, lol

  6. Half day at high school, no homework, body is relaxed ready for a nap :)

  7. Happy Halloween everypony :P

  8. Has anypony enjoyed attack on titans? I have

    1. Oblivion


      Yea bro, that anime is amazing! :)

    2. Bronychan1214


      I wanna watch more but I have not seen any new episodes lately (where can I watch them?)

  9. Haven't had one of these in a while how is everyone doing?

  10. Helped my friend and his brother do the ice tub challenge :D

    1. Sterling Crimson

      Sterling Crimson

      You mean the ASL challenge?! We should have the forums participate! xD

  11. Hi everypony how you doing?

  12. Hm strange 4 of the same size and length cuts on my arms and legs, I am sure the ghosts had nothing to do with it :D

  13. Huge storm on the way (my biggest fear:()

    1. Buttonbro424


      stay strong dude :) you can handle it

    2. Bronychan1214


      Ug I can hear the thunder right now (like right when I post this)

  14. I am close to 100 posts and 100 bro hoofs YAY

  15. I am getting a new waste my life mmo XD

  16. I am gonna sleep :P night everyone

  17. I am moving to Ottawa yay/ the house already has offers and the signs were put up yesterday

  18. I am pretty good, except the medicine I am taking to feel good I am pretty sure I am allergic to XD

  19. I am so good at ultimate ninja storm

  20. I am writing a creepy pasta :D Might start a new blog on them and my own progress with them or maybe a review blog on them...(I like creepy pastas :3)

  21. I begin finals wish me luck!

    1. Fluttershyfan94


      Good luck with your finals.

    2. Buttonbro424


      You can do it!

    3. Bronychan1214


      Gonna be mad for the first one it is athletic p.e. when I am hot I get mad...I hate being mad

  22. I found a new way to trick my brain into thinking my body doesnt need sleep, and it is no food, or drinks or anything :D

  23. I had something awesome planned to put here but I forgot what I was gonna say XD

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