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    I also like other shows like Doctor Who and Misfits (Very English)

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  1. Happy birthday, Sugar! :)

  2. Happy birthday! :) Hope you have a great time~ ^^

    1. Sugar & Sins

      Sugar & Sins

      Thank you so much! ^^

  3. Playing Monster Hunter with friends and still am. ^^
  4. Food: Marmite a.k.a Satan's Jam Drink: Tricky one but i'd say either Gin or Dilute pops since all Dilute triggers my migraines. (I only drink water nowadays anyway.)
  5. I posted a ton when I first got on the site but slowly stopped doing it and eventually just began to watch the forums for anything interesting to read.
  6. "To all the world, to all my friends, I love you, I have to leave." Awesome parting song if you ask me.
  7. Steam: derpydashpie 3DS: 5043-5028-3735 I only really play Monster Hunter 4 on the DS (since its the only game I have) but I play plenty of stuff on steam so feel free to add me. ^^
  8. I don't think I have a reputation at all, I mean I used to offer up advice on the Life Advice section and got some positive results from that but other than that meh...
  9. Italian BMT, cheese and toasted with lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, olives, onions and sweet onion or Chipotle Southwest sauce.
  10. Once, my grandad slapped the shit outta me with a belt, needless to say I never did it again.
  11. Always say what you feel, if you don't your friend grows up to be the biggest cockhole in town and you end up hating him enough to warn his girlfriend (who is also a good friend) that he WILL cheat on her and you know he will because you've know him for years and seen what he has become, so then she starts hating you and 2 years down the line lo and behold he cheats on her and she comes crawling back telling you how you were right. Basically, if you don't speak your mind (in the right situations of course) bad things can happen e.g. friends getting hurt and you could of prevented it or at least tried to.
  12. Lady from Devil May Cry, the best kind of bazooka toting female badass.
  13. Yep, because best friends are the best kind of assholes and they just love to ruin your best moments.