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  1. -skystorm-

    Technology Google Doc chat?

    You could use a VPN to get around blocked sites
  2. -skystorm-

    General Kik exchange Thread!

    I have kik! My ID is nate6014 Im always on so I should reply pretty quick. Anyone can add me
  3. Hey, look, we have two SkyStorm's now xD

    1. -skystorm-


      I guess so haha

  4. -skystorm-

    Technology LINE and kakao apps

    Does anyone have the line app or kakao and want to add me on them? I'm in a few group chats on the line app that I could invite you to or you could invite me to some. I'm not in any chats on kakao that I can invite people to right now. LINE ID: zenith6014 Kakao ID:1001465
  5. Even though caffeine doesn't effect me I really like coffee and decaf coffee tastes funny to me. I'd smuggle caffeine in from Mexico if it was banned in the US XD
  6. -skystorm-

    hello everypony!

    Thanks! And I don't like witting passwords down but I won't forget it it this time
  7. -skystorm-

    hello everypony!

    Of course! *hugs back* I love meeting new people
  8. -skystorm-

    hello everypony!

    Thanks! Welcome to the forums and sure we can be friends!
  9. -skystorm-

    hello everypony!

    That sucks. I've messed up my my email on things before
  10. -skystorm-

    hello everypony!

    No I didn't. I don't remember my username, password or email so there's not much you can do
  11. -skystorm-

    hello everypony!

    I don't remember what email I used or if I still have the email account
  12. I may not show my face until I know you a bit more but I'd be up for snapchatting. My ID is nate6014
  13. Hey! Welcome to the forums! Hope you'll enjoy it here and have a good time
  14. -skystorm-

    Hey guys! :D

    Hey! Welcome to the forums! Hope you'll enjoy it here. I'm kinda new here myself haha
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