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  1. So, just a random question (if no one has already asked it): How is MLPF coded? (ie. PHP (on a LAMP server), django / flask (+ gunicorn & nginx), etc.) I'm more in how it's coded than the actual server architecture. Probably not the standard question, but I've been wondering for a bit (and this is not leading to a 'hiring? ' question xD)
  2. SeraphStar

    RPG Maker (MV) Resources

    Well from my limited reading, there isn't a specific tool for it; there was one, however it was taken offline for reasons. There was another site which the now defunct site basically wrapped, but that solution still requires some manual editing. And there's like a 50/50 split on whether just to resize in PhotoShop/GIMP (I fall somewhere in the 'nay' category, as most people's attempts end up warped or bleeding into each other). I don't believe that there'd be any issue with functionality going from VX/VX Ace to MV, since they're just image files (unless I'm just woefully ignorant).
  3. [potentially related to: ] So, pretty sure I'm in the right place: I am on the lookout for an RPG Maker sprite set of the Mane 6, various background ponies (and/or a generator for use in RPG Maker). This may be a bit of an out-of-the-ordinary request, but I haven't been able to find a decent sprite set for ponies (that is being offered by the actual creator, at any rate). If you have info on an artist who does game visuals / pixel art, I'd be interested in their site / contact info, or if you know of a generator which is already primed for RPG Maker. Thanks in advance for reading
  4. SeraphStar

    Musical tastes

    I'm partial to hip-hop / rap, most notably west coast beats (90's Dr. Dre, yessss) and trap music. There needs to be an infectious beat (preferably with a heavy baseline; Chief Keef and Drill music is a pretty good example. Although I do prefer good lyrics to accompany the instrumental I'm just a suckered for an artist that can evoke a feeling of (psuedo) invincibility) or a story-teller lyricist (a la 'Bad Guy' by Eminem for example, and most all his other album transcending songs). If not a great story-teller, I can also get down with someone who can weave their lyrics expertly and who have a nice flow to go with it. I really enjoy the Nerdcore subgenre (KtP! o.o) Aside from the above mentioned, I do enjoy most genres of music (although I draw the line on many a country song (unless it's Johnny Cash or a song like "Fire On The Mountain")... except Garth Brooks, 'cause I'm basic like that (and my mom listened to his stuff while I was a young'un (along with Kenny Chesney and Toby Keith). I may or may not croon "Friends In Low Places" at work... purely sarcastically, of course...)). Wait, what was I typing?
  5. I'm kinda bored, so here's a thread for computer programming, and all that it entails. Maybe to be used for (people) networking if people/ponies are into that. So I guess to start off, maybe discuss about yourself as a programmer: My level (for lack of a better word): currently a hobbyist, although I am seeking out employment opportunities for software development My languages: Python (3.5+) and C (still learning all the ins and outs) and I dabble with Go and Java Current Projects: a 2D pygame platformer that I plan to put on my RetroPie; various system tools for win32 (so it can suck less); messing around with Django, machine learning and nltk
  6. SeraphStar

    How do you think of HUGS?

    I am very weird* with physical contact beyond the standard "bro-type" actions (hand clasp + bro hug, for example), however if I am close with someone (on a friendship basis) I will be more physical with them (one handed hug shrouded with a comical statement so as to not come off as the over-emotional/sentimental spaz that I am o.o). Being hugged by others is still in the weird* area for me, though.
  7. SeraphStar

    New to This Forum/Place

    Ooh, another Fo:E fan! Awesome! xD Welcome and I hope you enjoy your time on the forums! (I would've agreed with you about Li'lpip about a month ago (in the Fo:E universe), but then I started reading Project Horizons, and now I'm biased to Security -- but its cool, 'cause she thinks the Stable Dweller is awesome! XD )
  8. SeraphStar

    BABScon 2016

    Hello everypony, long time no post! So, this year -- I got to attend BABScon! (like, in the title ^^' heh, heh ... I'm tired (up late last night) -- bear with me o.o ). I've gotten to see a whole bunch of awesome stuff (art, plushies (except for the Luna one I wanted ), and all the other cool trinkets ). So, I figured that I would relate my experiences -- starting with: === Getting to BABS=== So, being that I live one state away from Cali, and being that I didn't want to go through a hassle or spend too much on transportation ('cuz that's muh Vender Hall moneys ), I decided to go with Greyhound ... I'll let you think of that how you will ( xD ). Surprisingly, I didn't have any issue on GH -- the REAL FUN began when I got to experience the San Francisco BART system... Oh. My. Celestia. O.O First of all, I got to cart my luggage down the (at-the-time mildly warm) SF streets (towards the Embarcadero). Then I went down in a (rather musty ) elevator to the underground terminal, where the temperature increased slightly. Now, where I'm living, "we ain't got no fancy trains like that", so -- fun stuff. I got a bit lost in the system, got on the wrong train, wandered the SFO a bit and not really feeling it (although, when I got to the hotel, it was such a relief xD ). ===The Hotel=== I must say, the Hyatt is quite lovely (even though I spent a little more money than I would have liked to ... what can you do?) The hotel staff was very friendly, and informative (unlike those people who work at the airport -- I think those people are dead inside ). Even though this was my first year, I couldn't help but notice the crowds of bronies -- quite a lot of people. The con staffers were quite awesome as well -- very friendly, very on point. ===PONY UP!=== I attended: - the opening ceremony (pretty funny, I must admit) - the Costuming On A Budget event - the Poniverse panel - the vendor hall - My Little LGBTQ (Jenn Blake is awesome o.o ) - the vendor hall - autgraphs - the vendor hall - the Cosplay contest - the vendor hall (I think there's a pattern going on right here) - the Guest of Honor Meet and Greet (got to talk with Denny Lu -- very humble, very kind (it was his first convention too xD )) - the FurCon room on the second floor (sorry again for drawsing that cringe-inducing thing on the thing, I don't do well on windows xD ) - a bit of NEIGHhem - Cards Against Humanity ('til 2 AM xD ) - Konichiwa! Voice-sama! (now currently in my room writing this stuff ) ===Overall=== My opinion on the experience has got to be a resounding ... AWESOME!! XD
  9. SeraphStar


    Java coder? I approve this Welcome to MLPF, I hope you have a wonder time on the forums
  10. SeraphStar


    Hello, , and a belated welcome to the forums. Hope you're enjoying your time with us Also, out of curiosity — do you plan on sharing your stories with us here?
  11. SeraphStar

    Programming Ponysona

    So this is more or a less an excuse to use my new art supplies (the half of 'em that have arrived, anyway ). Mostly my new Pigma Sakura pens for inking. Behold my noobery and tremble! :3 Anyway, simple pencil sketch (with inked outline) of my ponysona, named Seraph Star surprisingly enough, messing around on the computer. (#PythonNoob #buckyeah!) I do not have a setup like this (wish I did, it looks like a nice starting point — I could put my pony figurines on the top shelf! ); I just find a comfy spot on the ground to lie down on and draw or type stuffs. How sad is that? Hopefully when the rest of my art supplies get here I can kick it up a notch. BAM! Or I'll just start doing digital art finally
  12. SeraphStar

    Vinyl Sketch

    Thanks oo
  13. SeraphStar

    Vinyl Sketch

    "Vinyl Sketch"? Like Vinyl Scratch? Yeah, dumb joke — I know. A simple pencil sketch of DJ Pon-3... ♪YEAH!♪ (Also, enjoy the new blog (other sketches) — I'll be uploading all my drawings onto here now )
  14. SeraphStar


    So, for the past ... carry the three, minus the square root... two (2) months, I have been holed up in my room (like the past 4 years) fleshing out some of my projects (that's new, at least ), namely my three current projects. And yes, I am referring to vid'ya games. They're nothing too grand, but I'll be happy when I get the prototypes up and running Coding: I'm coding these games in Python, using Pygame, so they're going to be 2D games. One platformer, one adventure game and one 'hybrid-awesome love letter to my previous FC' game... I'll explain below Titles: Paper Warrior (2D Platformer) — RAMBLE so this game came about around September — December (sometime in there) while I was working in Dock Sort at RNO1 (I have a post written about this (currently a draft)) cutting open boxes and sending them down the line to the Receivers — these boxes had long pieces of cardboard liners in them and in order to save time I was stacking them into a pile then proceeding to toss them all at once into a gaylord (a big, open box used to hold cardboard scraps and boxes) and threw them so violently into the gaylord that they pierced the sides. I thought, "Dang — that'd be an interesting videogame weapon." And that's how Equestria was made. END OF RAMBLE Anyway, its a 2D platformer - the main character will have origami weapons that shoot projectiles (which consume 'ammunition' (herein — paper sheets)), as well as special paper armor and maybe a few talismans for special attacks. The background, I have decided, is going to be kind of abstract. Yes, in the title screen there is the Japanese kanji for 'paper', and the paper based origami weapons and armor give this game an Asian bent to it, I have decided to go that way with the art too (i. e. instead of drawing trees, there'll be and entire "forest" of 'tree', 'grove' and 'forest' kanji in the background, same with the sun... WAIT! I do have a pic, just see for yourself ). Yes, for a first time project, I'll go the "lazy route" (if you want to call it that) with the background — I blame my lack of skill in digital / pixel art... but also the fact that I like the idea of having a background stylized as such I'm going to try and avoid modelling this around other platformer games (for the most part), and try to be as original as possible. Wish me le luck Status: on hold while I try and work out the physics... from scratch... this could take a while (but Bucky (from thenewboston — love this channel) is helping quite a bit ################ Tile Fighter (Overhead View 2D Adventure) — I swear I'm not making a rip off of Zelda... at least I hope I'm not. I'm still working out the story for this game. It originally started as a super-crappy text based "reach the flag" type game. Now it's a not-so-crappy 2D adventure game. The map scrolling is going to be like the original Zelda (I swear, its just easier that way ) — other than that, I'll be taking it to different places. I do plan on making it open-ended, but not like LoZ (i.e. if you know where to go, you can beat the game in > 1 hour). As I said, there will be a more linear story line. The main character is equipped from the start, and can upgrade as they go. Acquiring 'Sacred Tiles' can increase your fighter's skills, give them more abilities, etc. Aside from all the enemies, however, are other Tile Fighters (warriors gifted with the ability to use the tiles... yeah, sorry, you're not too special ). Some of them you can befriend and become allies with... others want to kick your teeth in for various reasons (don't worry, the artwork is not good enough to actually show this ) Status: on hold because I started the next game #################### Amazon Fever (aka "Amazonian Fever" (so maybe I won't get sued ); 2D Overhead weird Awesomeness) — I wanted to try and capture the awesomeness of the now closed Amazon Fulfillment Center RNO1, my old FC. What I plan on including in this game is nothing "classified" or whatever... except if depicting the tools used at our facilities is confidential... eh, I'm not too thrilled with my job anymore, so meh. What I plan on stuffing into this game is the culture of RNO1 as I remember it, along with some of the mythos, a lot of inside jokes (like Captain 50%), how fun it was, and yes, a lot of questionable things (both by management and higher-ups, plus your typical kiss-butts and snitches — there be drama afoot). This game is going to be as zany as the IRL experience was: the gameplay itself will be a "race against the clock, puzzle solving, item locating, Pokémon battle having, coach avoiding, item browsing, mythos discovering mishmash of randomness" that'll have you asking, "Why am I doing this?!" — complete with three difficulty settings: Easy (ICQA), Normal (Stow) and Hard (Pick), with branching paths in the job 'pathoses' selected (i.e. you can start in Stow and become a Problem Solver in ISS (Sherlock)). And yes, these are actual names of real functions at Amazon FC's. I honestly don't know what I'm trying to do with this one — if nothing else, it'll give you a good picture of the actual happenings after you click 'Place Order' on Nothing sensitive (like stock info or paycheck info or what not), just trying to capture the fun of what was RNO1. I'm just sentimental Status: in progress. ################## So, yeah. I'm excited. After these projects are done... ponies. That is the logical next step. :okiedokielokie: I may start a different blog dedicated to these projects (to link on Twitter to my ones of followers ) Anyway, pics :3
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    Sometimes I can't ... stop myself from thinking these things. I tried to stay strong but, I slipped and fell. And it was my own fault, for being irrational. For looking for something that wasn't there... ------------- A bit cryptic I just fell into a bout of depression (its been a while, actually)... I tried to keep busy with doing a bit of programming practice, but it hit me and then I created this little GUI app. Just to spite myself, I guess. To maybe get them out on (virtual) paper? I don't know, but I can't help but admonish myself for it — my irrationality... or maybe over-rationality. Anyway, this thing just kind of parrots what that dark corner of my mind seems to love telling me (there are more responses... like 20 total)... Don't look down if you don't want to be bummed out . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .