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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Merry Birthiversary!




  3. So, just a random question (if no one has already asked it): How is MLPF coded? (ie. PHP (on a LAMP server), django / flask (+ gunicorn & nginx), etc.) I'm more in how it's coded than the actual server architecture. Probably not the standard question, but I've been wondering for a bit (and this is not leading to a 'hiring? ' question xD)
  4. Merry Birthiversary! 

  5. Hello, all! Long time no log in -- cuz I suck at this xD

    However, I come with a request / opportunity, if anypony is interested: a small game dev team [ at ] is in need of collaborators; we are looking (mostly) for writers and coders (python/pygame), however we will also be looking for artists and musicians eventually (for commissions). (I'll probably drop a blog post too, eventually... for cuz :P )

    If you'd be so kind as to take a look, I'd be most humbled! ^_^ Thnx in advance :)

  6. Well from my limited reading, there isn't a specific tool for it; there was one, however it was taken offline for reasons. There was another site which the now defunct site basically wrapped, but that solution still requires some manual editing. And there's like a 50/50 split on whether just to resize in PhotoShop/GIMP (I fall somewhere in the 'nay' category, as most people's attempts end up warped or bleeding into each other). I don't believe that there'd be any issue with functionality going from VX/VX Ace to MV, since they're just image files (unless I'm just woefully ignorant).
  7. Yay, ordered a Macbook Pro... a heavily, heavily [...] discounted Macbook Pro. Dang, Apple is expensive (which is why Linux is best, but I'm rambling now <_<).

  8. [potentially related to: ] So, pretty sure I'm in the right place: I am on the lookout for an RPG Maker sprite set of the Mane 6, various background ponies (and/or a generator for use in RPG Maker). This may be a bit of an out-of-the-ordinary request, but I haven't been able to find a decent sprite set for ponies (that is being offered by the actual creator, at any rate). If you have info on an artist who does game visuals / pixel art, I'd be interested in their site / contact info, or if you know of a generator which is already primed for RPG Maker. Thanks in advance for reading
  9. Happy Prime Day's Eve, from your friendly forums Amazonian  (unverified :P ).



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    2. SeraphStar


      It has ^^; I've been alright, how about you? :)

      Heh xD

    3. Widdershins


      I finally gotta job is what! Now I'll soon be able to afford things and be tired alot! And I'm also growing out my hair too!

    4. SeraphStar


      That's awesome! :D Soon you'll reply to office comedy with the enthusiasm of a wet noodle. :) And ooh, cool~!

  10. * is maaaaaaaaagic...



    Do not believe the words I am speaking of. ....

    1. Vulcan


      *Attempts to make wish* O_O

  11. It's awesome peeking out from under my rock every now and then and making random discoveries, like the fact that Pirate Metal is a thing.

    So obviously I need to check that stuff out (I've found Alestorm to start out with and I'm really enjoying it o.o).

  12. I'm partial to hip-hop / rap, most notably west coast beats (90's Dr. Dre, yessss) and trap music. There needs to be an infectious beat (preferably with a heavy baseline; Chief Keef and Drill music is a pretty good example. Although I do prefer good lyrics to accompany the instrumental I'm just a suckered for an artist that can evoke a feeling of (psuedo) invincibility) or a story-teller lyricist (a la 'Bad Guy' by Eminem for example, and most all his other album transcending songs). If not a great story-teller, I can also get down with someone who can weave their lyrics expertly and who have a nice flow to go with it. I really enjoy the Nerdcore subgenre (KtP! o.o) Aside from the above mentioned, I do enjoy most genres of music (although I draw the line on many a country song (unless it's Johnny Cash or a song like "Fire On The Mountain")... except Garth Brooks, 'cause I'm basic like that (and my mom listened to his stuff while I was a young'un (along with Kenny Chesney and Toby Keith). I may or may not croon "Friends In Low Places" at work... purely sarcastically, of course...)). Wait, what was I typing?
  13. I'm kinda bored, so here's a thread for computer programming, and all that it entails. Maybe to be used for (people) networking if people/ponies are into that. So I guess to start off, maybe discuss about yourself as a programmer: My level (for lack of a better word): currently a hobbyist, although I am seeking out employment opportunities for software development My languages: Python (3.5+) and C (still learning all the ins and outs) and I dabble with Go and Java Current Projects: a 2D pygame platformer that I plan to put on my RetroPie; various system tools for win32 (so it can suck less); messing around with Django, machine learning and nltk
  14. XD that motto tho ^_^


    Hiya! Random internet greeting && welcome! :)

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    2. SeraphStar


      Three languages? That's pretty awesome o.o (I can only manage English and Spanglish ^~^' )

    3. Pasha Florence

      Pasha Florence

      //The admin can only do English, and some random Spanish cursewords.//

      "Yes, and I am learning Korean. Well, trying. Dyslexia makes everything all too difficult."

    4. SeraphStar


      Ha, un lugar para empezar (a place to start) :D

      Ah, cool! :) (And not cool for dyslexia o.o). Japanese is the language is have long put off studying (with various instances throughout the years of trying to learn it).