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  1. Eliash147

    Can insults hurt you? If so why?

    That's still insulting to said kids of said ages intelligence
  2. Eliash147

    What kind of intelligence do you have?

    The not smart kind that's for sure My IQ is probably only like 40 or something
  3. Eliash147

    Best dating sites?

    Dont you think he already tried that considering hes resorting to this
  4. Eliash147

    Can insults hurt you? If so why?

    I've only just turned 13 so I would still consider myself a kidEven then that's insulting to all people who aren't kids that get offended by insults and to all kids
  5. Eliash147

    Can insults hurt you? If so why?

    Thanks for making me feel bad for being offended by insults and for being a kid
  6. Eliash147

    Students of MLPForums, how do you study/revise?

    Not flash cards thats for sure I Dont really study and thats bad cause last year my average was a D Dunno how i passed
  7. Eliash147

    Can insults hurt you? If so why?

    Yes, Insults can easily hurt you, although it really depends on who and what the person is saying For me i try to ignore the stupid ones like " Your gay" and "you look like a girl" (which is a compliment in my book) But if it takes me back to a point I dont want to remember, then yeah it will hurt and i might hurt you Whoever says "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" has never experienced true emotional pain
  8. Eliash147

    Biggest Fashion Crimes?

    I Am a fashion crime one time i was only wearing one sock Not to mention but i couldnt give 2 fucks about fashion
  9. Eliash147

    Would you go out to eat with your favorite pony?

    Hell yeah I would!E anypony is a good pony to go out with
  10. Eliash147

    Diamond Tiara is Hanging Over a Cliff...

    I Would push the red button with my left hand She's just a kid she has plenty time to learn better and she shouldnt have to die for being a bitch
  11. Eliash147

    Confession Time!

    Now that wasnt so bad was it
  12. Eliash147

    I don't like derpy but THIS is too far

    This is really sad, really sad Even if a character like DT was here, as much as i hate her i feel that would be taking it to far
  13. Eliash147

    Younger Bronies

    Well I Commented on a video that I was 13 and a hater called me a low life on his Laptop all day That is true tho but i dont care
  14. Eliash147

    Pinkie Pie's Underwater Ballet

    Nice Real nice Nice nice