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  1. lightning-spark

    How often do you use profanities?

    it has got to the point where i swear all of the time. i cant help it cuz i just dont see a problem with it but i can blame COD for this lol
  2. lightning-spark

    Anyone else not like alcohol?

    ok so this is me as a student, i love the alcohol, especially whiskey (thank you blackjack). but here is what i dont do. even though i love the flavor so much and the feeling (i never get hung over or sick) i will only drink with friends because i dont see the point of drinking on your own unless you are really upset, in which case pass me a case lol.
  3. lightning-spark

    I am back!

    thanks, i should do cuz i used to last time i was here
  4. lightning-spark

    I am back!

    howdy y'all, it has been months since the last time i came on this site but i am back and this time to stay (hopefully).
  5. lightning-spark

    Gaming coolest thing you've ever done in a video game

    in battlefield 3 i jumped from a jet at high altitude and fell, sniped a pilot of an enemy helicopter and then jumped in his seat. i have never been able to do that since.
  6. lightning-spark

    Deep Web?

    i am actually currently in the deep web. it is filled with bad stuff and it is like navigating a mine field. there are some good things such as wikileaks but there isnt much.
  7. lightning-spark

    Deep Web?

    ok this place is scary. i will keep you updated whilst i am on my exploration, but i will not include how i got there or any urls i am on.
  8. lightning-spark

    Deep Web?

    ok, so i have decided that after this thread that i am going to visit the deep web and let you all know what it is really like as everyone here is saying that they have never been there. i will be back later to inform you all. ok so i am currently in the deep web, i would like to say that unless you know what you are doing, do NOT try it as you come across the bad stuff almost instantly. anyways i am going off to explore.
  9. lightning-spark

    Some of my Pony Merch! <3

    nice collection and if that is your real hair in your PP all i can say is soo awesome /)'3'(\
  10. lightning-spark

    Mega Thread Count to a million

  11. lightning-spark

    Gaming Your favourite video game(s)?

    mine in order: 1 - portal 1/2 - fallout series - destiny - cod series 2 - DJ hero (well i am a DJ lol) 3 - practically any game i buy lol
  12. lightning-spark

    The brony fandom died. What do you do?

    i am sure the fabulous people of this glorious fandom would make there own episodes and if not there is still the fan fics so i would stay
  13. lightning-spark

    Skype Bro

    there already is a skype thread here is the link :
  14. lightning-spark

    Web Post Your Youtube Channel Here

    i do random remixes/mashups and i post recordings of my DJ sets both brony and not
  15. lightning-spark

    Apply to be a moderator!

    i am about to change my display name, will that effect my profile URL?