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  1. Tis i would have to say my favorite day of the year. would be Friday in winter cause the nights last longer.
  2. I loved the show my favorite characters was Goliath and macbeth.
  3. Greetings my loyal Ponies. Tis I am here to answer your questions same with nightmare moon or luna 831. Ask away to your princesse of the night.
  4. It was a amazing cartoon show. It had awesome characters to . does anyone remember it and what we're your favorite characters.
  5. I would say that luna would be on the dark side of the force. As opposed to being on the jedi.
  6. I say that I need to buy more my little pony shirts.
  7. Banned cause I ate blue berry muffins.
  8. I think the writers need to do her justice and have more epsiodes with her.
  9. I am more full of energy at night also . And it is very quieter and I can focus on getting alot done.
  10. I feel great . Got to see a epsiode with more luna and she did a amazing song. Give this writer a bonus.
  11. I don't think discord will go back to evil he is very good know.