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  1. 4 more days before a winner is picked! Hopefully I'll get a few more entries
  2. Agreed, that would be very convenient
  3. Yeah, It's kinda sad, I was hoping for more interest lol
  4. bumpimg this post so more people can see it
  5. Contest is closed! And the winning number is 916, making pnylvr the winner with their guess of 900. Thank you all for participating, if I could give you each a prize I would. Free to a good home! I am giving away these three mlp plushies They are in excellent condition other than the paper "ty" tag being cut off all of them. Please read the rules before entering the contest. Rules 1. US only, I don't want to pay international shipping, sorry 2. I would rather these go to someone that doesn't already have a large collection of pony stuff, so please if you've got a lot of mlp merchandise I ask that you give others that don't a better chance of winning. 3. To enter, post a reply with a number between 1 and 1000. In a week I will use a random number generator and the closest match to my number wins. I'll PM the winner and they will need to provide me an address in the US to send the plushies to. If the winner doesn't respond within a week, I'll move on to the 2nd closest number pick. A note to the moderators: I have received specific permission from Fhaolan to do this.
  6. Sure, why not. Physical appearance is an extremely low priority for me for dating compatability.
  7. I'd try to avoid it. Move to Canada, make myself underweight or something. Assuming that didn't work and I was still drafted since I'm a nurse hopefully they would take advantage of that and use me as a nurse in a field hospital or something. If I was thrown into the infantry, shooting myself in the foot to get out of combat would not be out of the question.
  8. General

    Changing an electrical outlet.
  9. Not really a car pony, but I love my 2009 dark green Mini Cooper. Standard transmission is fun Got it for a great price from the in laws.
  10. General

    My house burning down Things happening to people's eyes. Stabbed in the eye, eyes popping out, that kind of thing Contracting scabies (little bugs that crawl under your skin and reproduce and leave a happy little trail of scabies poop under your skin) Some other things that are private
  11. What other things/activities that are generally considered for children/something children like to do that you still enjoy? I'm 28, and I love stuffed animals, playing with legos, coloring (I like those "adult coloring books" like secret garden, but I still think that counts) watching cartoons like mlp obviously and I just finished the star trek animated series. I really like a lot of kids movies too, I often don't like more adult humor, Zootopia was awesome! I also enjoy being read to, and I have been known to swing on a swingset when no one else is around.
  12. General

    Yes I do, and I have many to choose from. I just got a blue octopus squishable. (If you don't know what that its, google it, they're awesome) It's name is Wiggles and he's huge! He's a bit big to sleep with and will just roll off the bed. I have a small fish plushie named Sam that my Mom made me last year that often inhabits my bed.
  13. Two ladies having some alone time by the sinks. You'd think they would have preferred a more comfortable and less public area.
  14. General

    I buy pretty much everything with my credit card, and pay it off in full every month. I like the rewards, and generally it's safer to use a credit card online than debit. My credit score is awesome.