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  1. Unpopular opinion here, but just the word "brony" leaves a sour taste in my mouth. It's fine to identify with the term, but what society needs to do is not treat bronies like they're all one big hivemind with the same mindset and same way of presenting themselves. There are a lot of worse things to like than ponies, so to me, it's pathetic and socially regressive that there isn't a term I can call myself to be loosely tied to an interest without being bashed for it. Now, I'll be honest, we're not entirely the victims. People who hate "bronies" in general are only really judging an entire fandom based on people who are a bit too passionate about it (ones who fit a negative stereotype). In the case of the majority of the fandom, it's hard to tell what they like without asking them, so they're not the issue at hand. I guess it's understandable people get sick of seeing it everywhere shoved in their faces, but that's a given with something to this scale. The unrealistic goal: Keep what we like to ourselves to some degree and give a good reflection of the fandom's actual common mindset (or lack of), and then it's up to society to stop being ignorant and get over themselves. It's just a show. But no, I don't see that ever happening.
  2. >Be underaged /mlp/ lurker >Doing some pony-related voice acting >Accidentally get underaged guy who's leading the VA project into the board >Days later get added to random skype group >The group was the result of some giveaway thread on /mlp/ >75% of the people there are also underaged >Remainder adults freaking out about how they didn't know their own userbase >They start throwing age cards like Twisted Fate >tfw not older ;_; It isn't a mature community because most of the people there haven't reached peak physical maturity.
  3. Hopefully a clever joke that didn't go over my head. Steam is parrotflies. Feel free to add me hhhhhh I got left for dead 2 and could install cs go.
  4. O-on your back? So you jumped off of the trampoline, aiming for the pool, and then missed point a bit by flipping the pool over? How'd you not land on your face?
  5. Hah, well, I was in a photography class after school when I was in the third grade. We went outside and I though it would be fun to take a picture of a squirrel. For whatever reason, I had the bright idea to pretend to have gotten bit/scratched by it. I was telling my mom the whole story while also digging my nail into my back really hard as we were driving home. When I got home, I showed my mom, and we went to the hospital. The doctor there asked me if it felt more like a bite (his pen) or a scratch (his nail). I said bite, because that's what my pointed nails felt more like dug into my back. I almost got a rabies shot, but since those kind of have side effects, the doctor said he'd look into it a bit. Apparently, squirrel rabies are rare in Maryland (where I live), so that single fact is what prevented me from getting a rabies shot I didn't need while also giving my parents a hospital bill they didn't need.
  6. Theory guy here. - The amount that a fashion designer makes is dependent on their level of industry, cost of living, and location. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the average wage of fashion designers at all levels is $72,620. - Since Rarity lives in a small town, the cost of living is very low when compared to a city like Manehatten (and its namesake), so this is probably why she is able to indulge herself in many of the luxuries she enjoys. Basically, Rarity can appear richer than she actually is. However, this factor also reduces her statistical income since every other pony in Ponyville's cost of living is lower, too. - Thankfully, with the episode Suited for Success, we get to see Rarity getting attention from Hoity Toity, who seems to be very popular. It is safe to assume that Rarity is a cut and sew apparel manufacturer who statistically make a higher than the average wage, at $73,030. Because she is exporting her dresses to Hoity, her location doesn't mean much. This is a conservative amount, since it doesn't take into consideration money Rarity makes from ponies buying her clothing in Ponyville. It's a moot point because Hoity may not be buying from her year round, and she may very well be more successful than most fashion designers in rural areas. - Following version two of this bits to USD conversion theory (one bit is about $3.50), $73,030 (the most probable average) equates to 20,866 bits when rounded up. Tl;dr Rarity makes 20,866 bits annually.
  7. these hoes ain't loyal -_-
  8. record store day post-record store day day
  9. Sometimes people ask me why things are so sugarcoated.. IT'S SO PEOPLE DON'T GET SALTY I'M SICK OF HOLDING BACK THIS IS REAL NOW HERE WE GIVE IT RAW NO MORE BEING NICE Now, come up to me. How am I doin-NO! YoU DON'T GET ANYTHING!!! That's all people are gonna get. People who have stuff; people who don't. It doesn't really matter. IT'S OUT THE WINDOW NOW GET IT ALL OUT GIVE IT TO ME GOING FROM BAE TO BRUH REAL QUICK LIKE
  10. ufc prelims came on at six tonight like i just woke up ugh

  11. Hai. I like taking to strangers!

  12. Distraction. This is in a very positive connotation because it's a very special kind of distraction. It's a place to take a break from reality where people constantly and harshly critique one another. Equestria is an egalitarian society to some extent, right? They know who's the boss, but everyone (including the minority gender) are treated about equal. On the other side of things, that's my kind of mindset going into a fandom environment to a lesser extent. I don't need to like everyone, but I can at least tolerate everyone and respect the common interest that's brought us together, to whatever degree that it influences our lives. Finally, it's all of the fan art, literature, animation; they're just distractions. Something to take my mind off of problems and insecurities. Well, it has more meaning than that, but I'm being brusque here. I'm not avoiding reality, it's just nice to get a little vacation from it.
  13. now how come a pack of squids aren't called a squad?? scientists need to get with it smh

    1. GenderIsAnIllusion


      Squids don't form packs....

    2. oceandeath


      but how cool would that be??

    3. SCS
  14. So uh, I followed you on tumblr. It isn't exactly my thing, but I think I'll enjoy the art that you post. Is this just a side blog for art or..? Either way, welcome to the forums. There's a tumblr thread on here I think would enjoy your company.
  15. Well hello random pony! Might I ask what lead you to befriend me? And wow my favorite ep's Putting Your Hoof Down too!! Not only does it teach a great lesson but it features all three of my favorite ponies interacting wonderfully, written well, it's got cartooniness, humor, drama, the whole gamut... plus Iron Will, one of the coolest secondary characters :3

    1. oceandeath


      We have the same three favorite ponies, too? Boy, I don't have to even say much about why I added you, then. You made an interesting introduction for yourself, and that alone would have been enough to befriend you.