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  1. Becuase almost everyone LOVES Wow, and probably someone will start arguing with me because of the graphics and stuff.
  2. I was thinking on playing WOW, but it still doesn't convince me. The things that I like of WoW are the flying mounts, the battle system, the community and the art style. Things I don't like: When you are on battle there isn't any soundtrack in the background and graphics aren't so amazing (Compared with TERA) (please don't hate me )
  3. For example: Almost everyone loves to drive a car. Well, I hate driving. Why? Because I MUST pay atention to everything that is arround me and if I ignore it, I could hurt someone. There is always this a****ole crossing the street whenever he wants, there is always a driver that drives so baddly and if it is not a person is an animal crossing the street. Is way to stressful for me....
  4. I don't like to touch this subject... but maybe since is a "show for little girls", most of girls likes to fell protected by a strong man...
  5. Not most of the time. I don't get fat but I conscious that I must balance the junk food with healthy. For example: If I ate a hamburger at McDonals, then I should eat healthy for the rest of the day. (Maybe a cookie or two during the day )
  6. Everytime I get a shower, so that means everyday
  7. I consider myself that BEST friends comes in real life. It is posible to earn a BEST friend on the internet but I haven't had that expirence. I don't have so many internet friends since everytime I have an internet friend they disapear in a month. I really wish I could have a pal on the internet, to play games, to share status on twitter/facebook/intalgram/vine/ etc. , to chat....
  8. Desing, I'm in collage and I'm not the best one but I wanna be the very best.
  9. I think the same thing as you. They are adorable and smart! Is my second favorite animal. First one are the birds, because I love love love love the think about flying!!!!
  10. Being a famous youtuber or be in a office (a office like Google) surrounded by people you wants to be the best and they are friendly
  11. English is not my first language but I have been studing english since I was 5 years old (just a baby). I speak spanish but most of the time I forget words in spainsh and the only way I remeber is in english. I believe that english is easier than spanish. I wish I was born in a place were they speak english (like irland, scotland, england, eeuu, etc.) My grammar is terrible but I can speak english in my sleep. (is too easy for me to learn a new language).
  12. Autumn. Since is the balance between warm and cold, but is tending to cold. Cold is better (for me)
  13. I hate hot weather! No matter what you do you cant scape the hot weather! Unless you stay in your house with the air conditioner, but what's the fun of staying in the house all day? (maybe play videogames! :idea: .... but you can't stay all summer in the house, some time you have to come out ) Air conditioner