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  1. most italian food is extremely boring imo mexican wins here hands down
  2. see, the only way to play skyrim is to spend 200 hours installing mods and spend 20 minutes playing the actual game before getting bored and uninstalling
  3. Annie

    Movies/TV Favorite TV shows?

    She-Ra and TLoK are my 2 absolute favorites.
  4. first of all, what kind of question is this secondly, why on earth did 2 people answer no
  5. redditors are the most insufferable people on this planet
  6. Annie

    General Media What media makes your eyes moist? :'3

    She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Season 1, Episode 11: Promise i won't lie, this is DEFINITELY me when i'm entering a state of mental decline
  7. Frosted flakes with gatorade instead of milk. We were out of milk and I had already poured the cereal.
  8. Just beat dishonored for the first time, and started a high chaos playthru right after
  9. I know it's been put in this thread unspoilered many times already, but just out of respect for anyone who hasn't seen she-ra yet I'll spoiler it. Also the lesser known but equally canon couple: Kyle and Rogelio.
  10. the fame monster was the single greatest album of the 2000s don't @ me

    1. Miss


      Well considering it’s mainly just a reissue With a few more songs I wouldn’t say it can get that title.

      but “The Fame” is an incredible album! Own the physical copy.

      Gaga is my jam!

    2. Annie


      The Fame is really good but I consider TFM to be a different thing entirely, I mean there are 8 unique tracks totaling over half an hour of music so you could easily consider it an album of its own honestly.


    3. Miss


      Hmmm I would say EP but now that you got me thinking I feel like bopping to some classic Gaga songs 

  11. absolutely not. i'm already a very angry person, last thing i need is that but with testosterone. also it would kinda feel like incest either way ngl.
  12. Yeah, I'm gonna have to agree with all the pewdiepie answers. Pewdiepie's popularity is a fucking enigma to me, because there was a point in time where damn near everyone who knew who pewdiepie was hated him. He was very often criticized for his loud and crass sense of humor, his fanbase and their annoying groanworthy references, and the honestly kind of cynical way he ran his channel at the time. You know what's changed between now and then? His channel isn't a primarily gaming-focused channel anymore. He's now the largest and most celebrated Youtuber on the platform. Tha
  13. I mean, kind until you read his post history and see all of his bitching about LGBTQ+ ppl being "social manipulators" or whatever the hell.
  14. Ok, then what separates an infuriating effeminate man from a non-infuriating effeminate man? Provide examples.
  15. Side note: If you're concerned about "the mark of the beast" but not concerned about the culture of praising wealth hoarding billionaires like Bill Gates and Elon Musk, you're a hypocrite.
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