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  1. Been listening to this one on repeat a lot lately.
  2. The 5% that voted no are 5% that need to stay as far away from me as humanly possible.
  3. I don't think the fact that I'm only gonna be here a short time adds any more meaning to my life. So yes, I would like to be immortal.
  4. Wouldn't know. Never tried. Maybe good? Good or bad at writing?
  5. uwu

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      So an uwu with a cowboy hat on. :kirin:

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  6. Sure. That's pretty much what I was expecting, but usually I'm pretty suspicious of people who deride newer music for using synths or autotune. It's one of those things you see newer music get grilled for super often but a lot of the people who make that complaint will also listen to '70s and '80s music as if synths and effects pedals weren't super common back then as well. Well sure I love retro-inspired music, but here's the thing, that's kind of a broad descriptor. You can't really expect me to be familiar with the kind of music you posted because, well, it isn't what I'd consider to be pop, it's not what I normally listen to, and judging by the viewcounts these artists aren't exactly well known by anyone.
  7. It's not fair to criticize new music for using synths since they've been commonplace in music production for literal decades. The vast majority of the time you hear synth drum beats or synth basslines you can't tell them apart from the real thing, and they're extremely common, especially so if you're listening to rap, pop, or RnB. If you're not a fan of synths in general, well, you're welcome to have that opinion, but it's probably not very consistent unless you have a very specific taste. As for autotune, well, if you have time for a 30 minute video I'd recommend watching this. I guess I'd have to ask for examples because I'm not entirely sure what's meant by "pop music from recent years" that's "by artists that are looking back to the '60s and '70s".
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      Ha! Never heard that one before.

  9. In my experience it snows half the year here if not more. Snowing started last year in October and ended this year in June. We also usually get at least a couple of blizzards. It's expected to start snowing here this week. I hate it here. At least the holiday season is near.
  10. Hot take: I feel like new music is unfairly generalized as vapid and horrible when that's arguably more true of the pop shit that came out in the '80s
  11. Everyone knows there is no console that will ever surpass the divine grace of the PS2.
  12. To preface, I mostly listen to rock, metal, and rap music. New music by far, it's not even close. There are a couple of reasons why. First is variety, power metal and industrial metal are both very important genres to me and they've been around for a while, but industrial metal didn't get BIG until the early to mid '90s and power metal saw perhaps its biggest spike in popularity over the last decade. There's more great bands and more new and interesting genres now than there were decades ago. Second reason is cultural impact. I've always been an edgy bitch and the music I like has never been afraid to push cultural boundaries. That's still an ongoing theme. I'm on board with whatever gets Karens clutching their pearls.