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  1. Long time no see, Annie.

  2. I may disagree with you on a large number of topics, but I always genuinely enjoy reading your posts.


  3. Annie

    General Any Firearms Enthusiasts Here?

    Being right-wing isn't a requirement for liking guns, but the image of gun culture is white middle class "super manly" republicans it seems. I hope that image changes soon. This communist trans girl loves guns!
  4. If this is OK with you, my friend, please vote for princess Luna - the Moon Team!

    If you will decide to vote - please let me know about it. Thanks!:fluttershy:



  5. apparently you can get promoted over multiple divisions in league now?

  6. how the fuck am i supposed to listen to music without youtube

  7. Annie

    General Should Dabbing be Banned?

    DABBERS RISE UP Us oppressed dabbers will not stand for this injustice
  8. Annie

    General Liberal or Conservative?

    I feel like this should sum me up quite well.
  9. Annie

    General Liberal or Conservative?

    Man I'm honestly so sorry lmao.
  10. Annie

    Best/worst region of the US.

    Best - West coast, specifically Washington, Oregon, and some parts of California. Worst - The south and midwest, specifically Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, the Carolinas, Florida, Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, Illinois, and probably a few others I'm forgetting about.
  11. I'm tired of living

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Annie


      the past 10 months save for July have been a trainwreck and it feels completely out of my control
      i've seen a counselor about it though and i suspect that'll hopefully change soon.

    3. Amanita


      Well, I hope things start getting better soon!

    4. Kyoshi


      Hopefully things will change for the better.

  12. Fuck Kavanaugh.

  13. Well can you fault someone for assuming so when you so frequently open topics like "Do girls fart", "What toilet paper brand do you use", and "Have you ever had to shit in the woods"? Don't you think your trend of scatological topics is or may come off as just a little unusual?