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Status Replies posted by Maya-san 🦄

  1. The rooster is home.

    Time to relax.

  2. Yay, I'm your friend! :yay: *boops*

    1. Maya-san 🦄

      Maya-san 🦄

      Hell yeah! .. :arethosehands:

  3. Should Jedishy dye his hair pink and wear his robes to the con? 

    Vote here. Must have at least 20 people vote to qualify

    Just respond yes or no below to vote. 
    ( if not enough people vote I will likely flip a coin. ) 


  4. I want to go to a place where it's quiet, full of mountain alps and all of the happy doggos and cats. Emphasis on the quietness, noise is overrated and evil. :eww:

  5. FIM and a DuckTales aren’t just among the best cartoons this decade. They’re the best cartoon reboots this decade, too.

    1. Maya-san 🦄

      Maya-san 🦄

      DT is a great replacement for MLP if you are cartoon hungry and want something really good to watch. 

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  6. I'm gonna go offline for a bit to work on some writing. Talk to y'all later!

  7. We made it to the hotel in Tennessee. :adorkable: Words can’t describe how tired I am. We’ll continue the rest of our drive tomorrow but for now...I’m off to bed. Goodnight 

  8. You have not been forgotten! :mlp_icwudt:

  9. Full OP:


    1. Maya-san 🦄

      Maya-san 🦄

      Those were some good eps. Just a little slower-paced that's all. 

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