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Status Replies posted by Stormfury 🌩️

  1. Lyra heartstrings... Lyra Heartsrings... AH! that green one, such a nice color for a pony let me tell you
    no.. i have not seen her since i delivered the pies yesterday

    1. Stormfury 🌩️

      Stormfury 🌩️

      I was told you have the best apple pies around.

  2. The Princess and the Frog is such a good movie

  3. Do you guys like my new name :yay:?

    She'd have killed me if she was still here :P

  4. bleh my mood is dropping so gonna call it a night soon. <3

  5. I like it when you can see at least 4 cats outside :fluttershy:.

  6. Happy b-day, cuz.

    1. Stormfury 🌩️

      Stormfury 🌩️

      "Oh-ee-yeah (Tale Spin) / Oh-ee-yoh (Tale Spin),

      Friends for life, through thick and thin,
      With another tale to spin."
    2. (See 3 other replies to this status update)

  7. Jolteon is best Eeveelution 🌩 


    1. Stormfury 🌩️

      Stormfury 🌩️

      I'm all about the Eeveelutions.

  8. Morning friends 💖🦋

    have a wonderful day/night


  9. Dear Nintendo; The year is 2020. Get with the times for once. Your online is worse than trash.

  10. Okay, I gotta admit, Rescue Bots is actually pretty damn good

    1. Stormfury 🌩️

      Stormfury 🌩️'s not half bad.

  11. If y'all can drive one car AND ONLY one car for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

  12. I expect one billion, not cases or brownies. 


  13. I expect one billion, not cases or brownies. 


  14. Local firework shows were canceled because of the pandemic, so to celebrate July 4th, I painted my 'Mechs red, white, and blue, strapped a shitton of missiles into them (those are basically fireworks, right?), and decided to terrorize some light 'Mechs.

    Lots and lots of light 'Mechs.


  15. Why do people always complain about Taco Bell when it gives them diarrhea/an upset stomach? Because bomb tacos - that's why! :ButtercupLaugh:

  16. This is my final goodbye everyone. My discord tag is LuckyBolty#0318 :adorkable:

    Its been fun MLP Forums, but my time here is done. Maybe I will return, maybe not. For now, goodbye and farewell ~ 

  17. Morning 💖 happy 4th of July my american friends, make it a great day! 

    Ps.. you European friends, make it a good one too! :D I love you.

  18. I'm just one 'Bons Away' from 'Skyra'. Unfortunately, My 'Tootsie' hurt and my 'Flight' pattern is a mess. 

    Introducing Bons Away, Tootsie Flight, and Skyra


    P. S I did not made this