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Status Replies posted by Azul Maya

  1. I have an unhealthy obsession with iced sweet tea. I’ve drank at least three gallons in recent weeks.


  2. Elon Musk smoking weed:


  3. Only way to get respect around here...


    1. Azul Maya

      Azul Maya

      This is cowboy gonna learn, Law Dog. 

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  4. @Azul Maya says slaps are how you earn respect around here. :huh:

    *Slaps forum*


    full.gif Sorry! :blink:

    1. Azul Maya

      Azul Maya

      "Listen, Mr. Kansas Law Dog. Law don't go around here."

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  5. Only way to get respect around here...


    1. Azul Maya

      Azul Maya

      No worries. Just a shitpost. #justlulzinaround

      And...of course, Val Kilmer is greatness! 

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  6. There's no better feeling than to be here with you all! :yay:


  7. Only way to get respect around here...


  8. Anyone else still mad iCarly ended?

    1. Azul Maya

      Azul Maya

      Not mad. I liked it tho. :muffins:

  9. That’s it. I’m done. If you’re going to keep lying to me, I can’t keep forgiving you. 

  10. I have found yet another song I dream of hearing at my wedding. :twismile: It’s just...perfect. :please:


  11. You won't have a bad day like this so be lucky



  12. This weather is STUNNING. 56F with a wonderful breeze. I may be out here for hours. :ticking:

  13. I just suddenly woke up with my stomach threatening to unleash a case of the vom-voms on me. Ugh! I must have ate too much prior to bedtime... Doesn't help that prior to waking I was having one of those dreams where I'm confronted by nameless shapes, colours and dimensions that would make mathematics cry.

    I'm just gonna sit up for a while until I'm sure the threat is defused. Too tired to put my face in a toilet bowl right now.


  14. Well, today went from good to bad to good to bad to worse to good to bad to halfway decent to great to bad to great again aaaaaaaand now we're finishing with bad.

  15. I had some chinese food for dinner. It was pretty good! :fluttershy:

  16. *hugs*

    Thank you for being a great friend, Stormy Azul.