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  1. I am terrible with fashion. I wear mostly stuff that makes feel good, stuff that allows me a lot of movement. It is why I rarely wear jeans and more often wear sports pants. 

    I usually get help from those who have more of a mind for fashion than I do when it comes to wearing the right style of clothes for an occasion. Otherwise I am have picked out clothes that fit certain occasions~ 

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  2. I believe in many gods. I believe every god has a specific influence over an area, but the Judeo-Christian god has far overreached and outstretched its influence to the point of trying to kill off other gods and other peoples culture. I'm none too pleasant around the Abrahamic faiths~ 

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  3. 3 hours ago, Bas said:

    Sources themselves: Maybe it would be helpful to have a certain baseline for what qualifies as a trustworthy source, or rather, at least what certainly doesn't. I mean, it might be up for a debate how biased a source is allowed to be

    This would be a nightmare for the moderator team to police. I think it is better that this be up to us the users to find out ourselves whether a source is trustworthy rather than dump extra duty on the mod team, effectively turning them into some sort of Facebook fact checkers. 

    3 hours ago, Bas said:

    At the very least...simply putting down questionable sources

    This I disagree with

    3 hours ago, Bas said:

    not replying to anything directed at them is definitively NOT debating.

    This I agree with. There should be a standard for the DP. Not engaging with others and just coming there to leave drivel behind is not participating in the discussion at all. This does not even need a separate rule or anything. Just report the posts in question and explain the situation and the staff will probably take that into account~ 


  4. Oh, I am a connoisseur of classical music as well as Baroque. I listen to the likes of Vivaldi, Bach, Mozart and Beethoven. 

    However, personally, my absolute favorite composers come from the romantic period of the 19th century with people like Franz Liszt, Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Offenbach and Wagner. 

    But the one whom I place on a pedestal above all others is Johann Strauss II 






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  5. Always lovely when people come here to not participate. 

    To answer the real question, our first "date" was at a Brazilian restaurant. It went alright. We were both probably a bit nervous since we were trying to make conversation. We've definitely had better "dates" ever since.

    Same question~

  6. Honestly my care runs a little low these days for the place. I participate from time to time, but I am rather done with the whole "morality" part of debates which goes on there fairly often, I already know where I stand when it comes to moral issues. I mostly respond to threads that concern geopolitics as that is my field. 

    From my experience, the people who are most dissatisfied with the forum are either the "I'm just here for ponies" type or the people who have been btfo'ed so hard in that forum that their salt is saltier than the Dead Sea. Not everyone can handle it or argue within the boundaries of the rules without getting too personal and going the ad hominem rout. Takes a lot of levelheadedness to participate there actually~ 

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