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  1. My review of the game: 

    Alright, so I have now played the game on Nintendo Switch and I can really give it a more of a better review now that I have real experience with it. I have not finished the entirety of the game, but I think I have concrete enough of a view of the game. 

    I must be honest, while the story seems fun, the characters likable, there are a lot of elements that I don't like and it seems rather lackluster. I also would not recommend this game to PC users like I said earlier. I don't know if they changed it to make it more playable for PC players, but I doubt they changed the 2 player mode, it would probably still require two players to be on a single computer. 

    To begin, there is not a lot of help from the game how to use certain moves. Sure you will get the typical tutorial on how to use certain moves or when it unlock certain ability when you level up. But the abilities can often conflict with one another. Do not go to the shop and buy things unless you know what you are buying. I would recommend looking at some kind of an online manual or online description of what each item does. Yes, in the game it is a secret. You do not know what you are buying or what it really does. In one of the first shops, I was buying healing stuff. The first 3 items had all different prices, each one higher.... but they all did the exact same thing. All healed for 10 HP.... and they all cost different even though they do the same thing but count as different items... that... is incredibly bad. There is no way for you to even know this because you HAVE to buy the items to unlock the description of these items. 

    The only items I recommend you buy are the equipable items like clothes. They are more permament and give you certain buffs. But the same problem can be found there, no description, so you might be buying trash items. So look up somewhere online what the items does. I know, it takes you out of the moment, but dealing with the annoyance of not knowing what you are getting takes you equally out of the moment and only makes you a bit angrier when you realize what you bought was trash. 

    The only thing that is not exactly a secret is the stuff in the Dojo. But even thing, there is little description for what the stuff there does that you buy. The dojo sells moves or abilities if you will. Usually they are abilities that requires stamina/AP/seperate green bar below the healthbar to use which you regenerate by punching enemies. I like that. The Dojo also shows you a clip of your character using the moves so that is nice to see, but there is no description. It would be nice to see how to use those moves. Like, "click these buttons" or "mash these buttons together to use your move" which you will not find. 

    What does this really mean? It means the game is pretty much throwing you blind into it which I guess could be fun for some who really want a challenge, but it is not something I am looking for. 


    There will also sometimes be missions that are less appealing to someone like me who was only looking for a fight game to beat up people in. I have encountered at least one stealth mission in the game (I have only gotten through like 3-4 levels of the game) which required many tries to get right. Again, not really what I was looking for in the game but hopefully it was really the only stealth mission in the game. 

    Fighting in the game is pretty nice. Only problem is how abilities can sometimes conflict with one another. I would also like it if it was possible for the player to recover from stuns, like when an enemy launches you into the air stunned, it would be nice to have a backflip like you have in Shantae Half-Genie Hero. It can also be frustrating trying to save your fellow player once they die. It is possible to revive them, but you have to stomp on them. Basically stand over their body and use a Heavy Attack and keep stomping until their ghost returns to their body. It can be frustrating when there are like 5-10 enemies all around trying to beat you to a pulp. 


    I really want to like this game. I actually don't dislike this game as of yet because it is still a likable game with likable characters and a fun beat-em-up elements and action. But is the game worth the money it costs? No, it is not. I would say if you want to try out this game, wait for a sale~

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  2. I have had both the non-alcaholic version of Somersby and the alcoholic version. Funnily enough, I don't like alcohol or beer in general, but if I have a drink, I usually drink something sweet like cider. My current favorite is Smirnoff Ice, but I also frequently drink Somersby (most often) and then I have had other kinds that I don't remember, from Portugal~

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  3. There is all kinds of snow here in Iceland. Slushy, frozen, soft, hard, you name it. It can either snow very little or it can snow a lot. Usually, you won't notice too much of it since we have modernized to a point where most, if not all our highways have hot water pipes below them that melt the snow so that cars are able to drive. I remember one time when I was young I thought I was trapped in my own house because the snow had risen high enough that I was not strong enough to open the door. 

    We are no strangers to snow here in Iceland~

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  4. Spain is a very interesting country. Spain is basically a country made of countries. You have all these different regions that have their own nationalities and their own cultures to an extent. There are the Catalans that most are familiar with, but there are also the Aragonese, the Andalusians, the Galicians (a hamster that some people are familiar with), the Basque and more. All of them have interesting histories that I am semi-familiar with. Right now I am very interested in the old Kingdom of Navarre that was situated at the border between France and Spain where the Basque are primarily located. 

    Overall, I think Spain is a pretty nice country~

  5. 8 minutes ago, PiratePony said:

    Something also yada yada about raising money for something, but it's really about torturing Jonas.

    My woes will be heard to all. At least I won't be alone, I am dragging @Kamii with me to the front row... of a pie :oneheckofahat:I just hope her family won't think it is some kind of a crazy Icelandic Viking Christmas tradition~ :ButtercupLaugh:

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  6. 5 minutes ago, AngelDust said:

    I'm saying you have the same chance by population than your homeland

    I have the same what of what? Could you perhaps word that differently, for I did not understand this English. Am I to understand that there is the same chance of being kidnapped in Russia as there is in Iceland

  7. 13 minutes ago, AngelDust said:

    Are you one of the richest kings of Saudi Arabia? Then you dont need to worry about being kidnapped unless you're in chechnija or one of the caucases provence

    You understand that it is more difficult to kidnap high profile people than low profile people? Welcome to the world, where it has a lot of nastiness and there is a high chance of getting kidnapped in Russia. Not saying it would necessarily happen, but I am not taking any chances~

  8. They are a pretty cool country and people with an administration that I widely agree with on many geopolitical fronts. But I also disagree on many geopolitical fronts as well, so they are the USA of Europe in my eyes. 

    The people of the place are pretty cool, very old fashioned. The culture is also pretty cool, but not one that I would wish to be a neighbor of. I would love to visit, but I am kinda paranoid that I might be kidnapped while there, so I sadly would give Russia a pass. Would still love to visit Petersburg~

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  9. I think the Finnish are probably one of the best people in the world. They are tough, they love their country, people and language and I am absolutely fascinated by their ancient history. The fact they have managed to weather large empires to this day without being completely absorbed is magnificent. Also, total respect for the thrashing they gave the Russians during Talvisota. Finland forever~


    Petsamo, Karjala, Salla and Viipuri back to Finland~


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  10. I'm currently trying to change my diet. Obviously I am not going to go full on vegetarian, but I have been watching some stuff. Most of the essential components in food that help build muscles come from plants, not meat. Meat from cows, horses and other grazers who eat plants only give you a portion of the nutrients that come from the plants they eat.

    So I am going to be changing to a more plant based diet for my workout routines. I am still going to be eating meat though, it is just that delicious~ 

  11. On 3/25/2015 at 8:07 PM, Alastor said:

    I don't think I really have an accent. I might have a little bit of an Icelandic (even though I'm Icelandic, I don't seem to have the general Icelandic accent) mixed with some British (since I went to a British school during my time in Belgium). So yea... I don't really know :T

    This here has changed quite a lot. I have a very very heavy Icelandic accent. I place notably heavier emphasis on T sounds, R sounds and K sounds. So you will hear me say something like "Do you rrreally liKe thaT?" 

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  12. 27 minutes ago, Remnants said:

    I've quite consistently come into the "green zone" in the political compass. What it comes down to is personal liberties and distrust of corporations. I could go so far as to say that I distrust corporations as much as Libertarians distrust government. Politiscales is an interesting test as it tests you on a number of issues. Here's my result:

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    Based on what came out above 50%, I'm for regulated capitalism and rehabilitative justice. Given what got low scores, One could say I'm neither a Communist, nor a Nationalist and definitely not the Laissez-Faire type in regards to the economy.

    Decided to try out the test you shared and here is what mine turned out to be


    Unlike you though, I am a rather hardcore Nationalist. But when it came to laissez-faire and regulation, I think I lacked a lot of understanding as you may see in that chart. I am mostly surprised I do not have more in ecology, but then again, there were some questions there I probably did not understand. 

    My favorite part was answering the Monarchist question and the Space colonization question, Bless the Emperor!~

    Image result for bless the emperor of mankind

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  13. I already am. 19 days until I move

    Do you boop your SO's nose?

    1 hour ago, SparklingSwirls said:

    likely be moving countries too, but I'd like to live in Europe anyways so I'm not sure how much of a sacrifice it is 

    It is á sacrifice. Residency and tax report changes and more (different culture and saying goodbye to loved ones). Be sure of what you want~

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  14. So we have an update on where Vivzie and her team plan to take Hazbin Hotel next. There might be some time until the next episode, but when the next one comes out, it won't just be one episode, but a full fledged season. She is also working on several other projects, like comics about Hazbin Hotel, another series which is separate but happens in the same universe as Hazbin Hotel and then lots more. But in any case, the plan is to make Hazbin Hotel a full fledged reality one way or another.


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