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  1. My first ever Splatfest has ended. It was ultra fun. ^-^ Excited to see who won. 

  2. Ajit Pai is the 2nd biggest piece of shit on the planet, right under Donald Trump.

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    2. Fennekin


      Looks like im going to end up losing more friends then


    3. Kyoshi


      I don't know why you are just assuming we would be at odds with each other just because I am against what the FCC is doing.

    4. Fennekin


      The net neutrality resulted in some tension between me and a friend.

      I was sick of hearing about it. He said some things, i said some things, he said some more thing, and i said some very rude things, which resulted in a block n' ban.

      I tried to patch things up, and he said "dont worry about it" and the message i sent after was "user has blocked you"

      Now you know why i dont like that stuff, Kyoshi.

  3. I can give it a shot. What were you wanting?
  4. Good day forum buddies. I was sent an absolutely wonderful message and it was another reminder of why I love this place and all of you. :) You pony peeps are the ultimate pony peeps. So yeah, feeling good right now. How are you all doing? It be the weekend after all.

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    2. Kyoshi


      Reminds me of when one of my favorite YouTubers had to stop his Minecraft series, and many of his uploads due to RSI. :c I absolutely loved his Minecraft series, it was peaceful and just positive.

      @Sparklefan1234 Gonna be a simple weekend for me, but I like that. Next week will be neat as well because of Christmas and whatnot. :3 Gonna have foods and foods, and foods. Like Oreo pudding. *falls over at the thought of Oreo pudding*

    3. Fennekin
    4. Johnny1226


      Good day kyoshi 

  5. Sorry for the late response. Been all over the place. I want to try to make more signatures for the thread at some point, just been trying to not stress myself out ovewr it. I do make them, were you still wanting one? Yup, entirely free. No need to ask or anything, have at it.
  6. "I'm gonna lay the fucksmack on you!" ~AVGN

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    2. Vulon Bii
    3. A.V.


      @Vulon Bii Give Big Rigs credit: It's the most fun you'll ever have going in reverse. :lol:

    4. Kyoshi


      You're always winner!

  7. I didn't ask for a comeback. You aren't going to change how I feel about it.
  8. Gonna get a new Switch game next week. Any switchggestions? Switch suggestions. :P 

    1. meme


      wwe 2k18 is pretty good

      (haha no even if you were a huge wrestling fan i'd advise you to not touch that piece of garbage)

      i don't have any real recommendations because i don't have a switch and you probably have the two other games i know of

    2. Sparklefan1234


      Do you already own Super Mario Odyssey?

      I've heard good things about that Nintendo Switch game.

    3. Vocal Analyst

      Vocal Analyst

      What games have you got at the moment for it?

      Also, 2K18's Switch version is terrible compared to the XBone and PS4 versions, which is still the worst WWE game I've played in years. So even from a huge wrestling fan like myself, it doesn't get a good seal of approval.

  9. Hullo, kyoshi. How is life?

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    2. Fennekin


      Yeah. Luckilly stars wars weekend is happening, so it should provide at least a distraction while the whole fcc thing blows over.

    3. Kyoshi


      Granted, this whole NN situation pisses me off, but for now I am just gonna wait to see what the supreme court does. Can't exactly do anything else sooo...meh.

    4. Fennekin


      Yeah, i was getting upset with it too, but for different reasons.

      I just was seeing NN stuff nonstop for five hours. I was thinking "is it suddingly against the rules to talk about something else" andeven in a now deleted status update, i was voicing my fustration with the constant bombardment of the same topic.

  10. Apparently Hello Neighbor s a really bad game. Wow, what a shock. A game made for dumb Youtubers is really bad? No way. 

    1. Fennekin


      The idea was good, and the story is good.

      However, youtubers just happen to ruin a lot of things for people. (For me, it was rap music)

  11. Good day you pones. Oh yeah, I said it. I called you all pones. Like me. A fellow pone. :P PONES. Anywho, how you all doing? I am debating on having a pizza today since it is a glorious Friday.

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    2. Kyoshi


      Basically, but a PIzzarito could be twice the size. :D

    3. Deae Rising Shine~

      Deae Rising Shine~

      never say no to pizza. never.

    4. Johnny1226


      Good day kyoshi 

  12. Worried? I am quite worried, but my worry isn;t to its highest point. It is not going into full effect for a while and will have to hold up in court, which it may not. If it somehow gets past the supreme court, then my worry will take a nice little jump up 15 notches or so. You know what worries me the most though about all of this??? One simple fact: The government doesn't care about us. At least, about what we have to say. Think about it. Trump puts that dickweed in charge of the FCC. Said dickweed wants to get rid of Net Neutrality. The vast majority of Americans did not want it to be repealed. So what they did they do? 3 people repealed it. Millions upon millions of citizens didn't want the repeal, yet Trump and his 3 FCC cronies repealed it. It is clear as day from this situation that the voice of the people is silent to them. They don't hear what we say, they don't care about what we say. The only entities that get their attention are celebrities, or big corporations that go against them. That's it. What we say doesn't matter and THAT, bothers me above all else in this scenario. It is even funnier how we now have to hope the supreme court shoots this down, instead of, you know, OUR voices stopping it. That's because we don't have any power. If we did, the talks of repealing Net Neutrality would have stopped the moment they began. Now NN is on life support and it is the supreme court that decides if the plug is pulled, not us. The people. To the federal government, we are not 'the people', we're the peasants. It is quite a negative viewpoint I have, but I cna't have anything else after this situation.
  13. Non-princess Twilight is the biggest thing I don't miss. Her as a princess gives her a wonderful purpose, one that represents the entire theme of the show. I am not going to say they have always handled that perfectly, but I suppose that goes to show that Twilight isn't some perfect pony of perfection either, which is fine. I also don't miss the letters to Santa, I mean Celestia. While they are nostalgic in their own way, I never liked having the moral being blatantly spelled out to people. Even kids don't exactly need it to be completely explained word by word. To me, it is better to show the moral in action and have the viewer take what they get from that to heart, whatever that might be, it could be different for everyone. That is waaaaaaay better than some quick explanation on how to achieve said moral.
  14. Hope you all are doing well tonight. Those are still up and reading this at least. :P

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    2. Sparklefan1234


      I hope you're doing well, too, My Friend. :rarity:



    3. Kyoshi


      Good to know you both are doing well. :) I was doing suuuuper mixed earlier, kinda down, but I was luckily able to go somewhere and get stocked up on some groceries and that is an easy way to uplift my mood. Probably going to the sleeps soon.

    4. Sparklefan1234



      I'm glad you're feeling a bit better, I always feel bad when I see my friends sad. :rarity: