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  1. I would obviously go for Sanders. Trump has managed to do something in just 100 days that some other presidents took their entire first term to do; He has shown that he is a madman with an itchy trigger finger and a complete disregard for the public and most of our allies. To hell with him.
  2. Pinkie Pie pretty much ruined the episode for me. It had its good moments but my expectations of it overall being Meh came to be.

  3. spoiler

    Pinkie just had to be annoying one last time to close out the episode. That was this episode's major flaw; Pinkie was just annoying. I get it, she really wanted Maud to stay, but did all of that have to make her an idiot? Maud was...well, Maud. Basically just okay at best. More characterization is nice but she still isn't much of a character. Surprisngly to me, Starlight was the best part of the episode and I wasn't expecting her to even be in it. Her interactions were good and I liked that she played a good role. Beyond that though, I found this episode to be below average. Not exactly one I will revisit any time soon.
  4. spoiler

    Is this episode actually trying to make us hate Pinkie Pie...?
  5. My expectations for this new episode are...meh. 

  6. A bit of what I said is of course speculation, but the biggest points, the greed aspect and Activision ruining everything, that is absolute fact. Besides, me speculating is a lot better than other people dropping $50-$100 on a game just because of some 2 minute trailer that didn't actually show anything. This franchise has basic, fundamental problems that some stupid scenery change will not fix. People thinking otherwise, well, that's their opinion and all, but I see that as delusional thinking in this case.
  7. Quite stormy, plenty of thunder and lightning ravaging around. It has been this way all night I think. I am actually okay with that, as long as the power does not go out. XD
  8. For this show, this is a terrible idea. The thing is, while this show has broken mold for a show of its type by actually being far deeper than its past incarnations, something like this would be going far over the deep end and flat out clashing with the overall vibe that the show has, which is a vibe of positivity. The characters experience hardship in pretty much every episode, but each episode ends on a good note, with those characters making it through that hardship, mainly due to their friends. Having a death like that, especially for a main character, would negate that in its entirety. Especially if the show itself ended with that. This is different from say, a death of a family member and the loved ones of that pony getting through that emotional nightmare together. That is something I could definitely support, but even that might not happen as it is a very dark subject to cover.
  9. Mine is actually quite similar to yours, Orange. A somewhat cold bed to make a blanket necessary, with a nice thunderstorm in the background to give me that feeling of safety being indoors. Even a heavy thunderstorm will do just fine for me. As long as tornado warnings are not happening. Those don't help my sleeping process. XD I also like to watching a video or two before I go to sleep, I tend to do that as a nice closer to the day.
  10. Fell asleep while listening to storms that were going crazy, I wake up and I see more lightning and hear more thunder. This is more like a typical Indiana spring. :P

    1. Orange Burst

      Orange Burst

      You live in my dream world. Rain and thunder is the most relaxing thing and I can always sleep easy like that. 

    2. Kyoshi


      It does make for perfect sleeping weather. ^__^ Gives one that feeling of safety being indoors.

    3. Totally Lyra

      Totally Lyra

      I may have fallen asleep to the same storms, it just took a couple hours to get over to me at 3am.

  11. Mega Thread

    Banned because I was recently in space. In Elite Dangerous.
  12. Mega Thread

    Banned for orbiting around the Sun.
  13. I still need to try the game 'Pokemon Conquest'.

  14. *Disclaimer: While this blog is me stating why I think you should not buy this game, it is your money so feel free to do whatever. I can't stop you. So Call of Duty WWII has been revealed to the public to apparent positive reception in initial impressions. The like to dislike ratio in the trailer is actually positive, which compared to last year's Infinite Warfare, that means something, I guess. The thing is, I am not impressed. While the trailer to me was simply okay, nothing mind blowing, the actual game itself is something I highly recommend that any of you considering purchasing it to not do so, especially not just based on the trailer. A picture only says a few words and the underlying problems are far worse than any scenery change could solve. First off and this is a bit more of a nitpick but I do want to point it out: The name. For years, people have been clamoring to 'go back to WW2!' and so Activision does. How do they make sure everyone knows that it is back to that? Why, by literally calling the game 'WWII'. Creative subtitle, no thought put into it, just putting WWII to make sure the market knows exactly what it is. This would be like if Uncharted 2 Among Thieves was instead called 'Uncharted 2 Drake Jumps and Shoots'. This extreme blandness and being so on the nose about it is a clear indicator that Activision is just going for a 'market', not a good product. Even Battlefield 1's name is less generic. Secondly, also over the past few years, everyone has been saying 'go back to the roots of the franchise!' Will that actually fix anything though? Also, by 'roots of the franchise', what do they mean? It is now being used as a clear selling point of this new game, so a clear definition would be nice. Oh, do they mean WW2 because that is where the franchise started? Because if we look back at the old games, like Call of Duty 2 for example, I don't remember that game having idiotic killstreaks, a $50 season pass, expensive supply drops and terrible cosmetic DLC out the ass, nor do I remember a tacked on zombies mode. So to go back to the roots, would be get rid of all of this and we know Activision and even some fans wouldn't want that. Greed goes a long way. Or do they mean 'foot on the ground' gameplay finally? Well, didn't Modern Warfare Remastered do that? Speaking of that... Third, Modern Warfare Remastered. It went 'back to the roots', right? It had the standard COD gameplay, which is apparently all anyone wants, so it should be the perfect game, right? The thing is, it was TRASH. Seriously, MWR is one of the worst multiplayer experiences that I have ever played and the campaign was just average to me. The balance in the multi was out the window, supply drops were at the forefront (which WERE NOT IN THE ORIGINAL GAME), quickscoping was basically encouraged and the maps were horrendous. So simply going back to the 'roots' of this franchise won't actually fix anything. Fourth and this might be the biggest one, GREED. Seriously. Everyone has been going on and on, bitching and moaning about 'the futuristic settings' and 'mecha soldiers' of the past few games and they have been pleading for something more standard. The thing is, the 'setting' is not the damn problem with this series. The problems are far worse than that, yet they apparently are never seen by the COD faithful. Activision's GREED is the disease corroding the franchise. We get a new game every damn year, with each game having a $50 season pass, supply drops microtransactions where the game is fine tuned to make you buy, P2P servers with server problems like crazy, unbalanced weapons because no care was put into it, half second kill times, overpowered killstreaks, terrible maps, these are all things that have been killing this series for years now, and a simple change of scenery will not do a damn thing. I have seeing comments like 'YAY! WW2! Finally I am excited for a COD game!' Why? It will be the same problem-riddled experience, just in WW2. I have also seen comments like 'I hope there will not be supply drops.'. Wake up. There WILL be supply drops. There will be countless amounts of pointless DLC. There will be greed throughout this game. Activision is the overseer of these games, they decide what goes where. The developers, Sledghehammer Games in this case, are simply puppets that Activision pulls all the strings on. They have no real say-so on what goes where, Activision is the one that has the ultimate power here and they WILL make sure there are micro-transactions and horrible practices. Each game in the series for the past several years has suffered from this. A scenery change will not prevent this and people need to realize this now. Oh yeah, people... Fifth, THE CONSUMER. This is both a reason not to buy this game and also another reason why this series is so f*cked up now. Activision is clearly a massive part of the problem, but it is the gaming community that is the second largest issue. This shit keeps happening because people are buying it, every single year. They buy it, then complain about how terrible it is afterwards only to buy the next one. They also buy the map packs each year and the supply drops, showing Activision that people are dumb enough to fall for it all, so they will keep doing it. Vote with your damn wallet and the series might improve. Or not, nobody actually listens to that idea. Like I said at the start, I cannot stop you from buying the game, so by all means if you really want to, then go for it, but I urge you to at least WAIT a bit and try not to pre-order just because of the 2 minute trailer that barely tells us anything. Wait until you know more, though in the end the game will end up like all of the others in the series, an absolute mess driven by greed, not passion. And if this game sells well, or even if it doesn't somehow, Activision will be sure to exploit WW2 for a few years at least. This is obvious. I can see all of this from 1,000 miles away yet the COD fanbase sees nothing.
  15. AKA What the 2DS should have been to begin with. I do really like the design for this and for the right price it could be a massive hit, plus I am glad Nintendo is still thinking of the handheld. I just wish the 2DS would have STARTED with this.