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  1. Battlefield Bad Company is compatible on Xbox One. Hellz yeah. I love that game's light hearted tone.

  2. Enjoying the peace of night. I don't know why Luna would ever feel unappreciated, the night is nice.

    1. Redeye


      I'm just busy being forced to be up late at night because my sleep schedule is jacked.

      Summertime be damned.

    2. Kyoshi


      I have had plenty of those times. Staying up to get a specific schedule going is rough.

  3. Gaming

    There are soooooooo many tracks to choose from but for now, I will simply post a few: Aurora's Theme from Child of Light: Ghosts of the Past from Thomas Was Alone: Straight Ahead from Dynasty Warriors 4:
  4. I am going to say Tirek. While Starlight, with her overpowerdness, did screw up timelines that brought the destruction to Equestria multiple times, she was only a spark to the keg, whereas it was then other villains that took over. The one out of that seemed to do the most damage was Tirek, who we can assume took all magic in Equestria and proceeded to obliterate it, so he has my vote.
  5. One of my top favorites was for the original Driver on PS1: Another PS1 favorite is the intro for Rockem Sockem Robots Arena, always liked that one: Left 4 Dead also had a really good intro that set the tone well: Also Tekken 3: I also second @The Cerberus on the Killzone 3 Intro, I always liked that one too.
  6. Dynasty Warriors 4 music is so nostalgic for me. 


  7. Sup pones?

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Johnny1226
    3. Flutterstep


      I am doing well, thank you Kyoshi.

    4. Kyoshi


      Glad to hear it Flutter. :) Always good to hear that.

      @Woohoo, Not muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch buddy, just chilling, not sure what to do actually. XD

      and hello to you as well sir Johnny.

  8. I will try to do both of these within the next couple of days, but I will start today if I can.
  9. Don't let the world pass you by. Mainly because you will then be stuck in the middle of space. 

    1. Once In A Blue Moon

      Once In A Blue Moon

      When playing Kerbal Space Program, I found that avoiding worlds was a very important part of not smashing your very expensive space rocket (and expendable Kerbel) into tiny pieces. Admittedly it also meant that I wasn't very good at getting the manned missions back, with the problems you described above...

    2. Flutterstep


      LMAO xD Space does sound nicer though.

  10. Final Fantasy 15 is a tad overwhelming.

    1. strongwilled_pegasus


      is that good or bad? :P

    2. FluffyGoat13


      "Is that good or bad?"


    3. Kyoshi


      A bit of both actually. :P Good in that there is a lot to do, bad in that I don't know what to do first. XD 

  11. Starlight's would actually be really nice to see, because it could help flesh out her backstory and make it less garbage. I like Starlight for what she is at this point, but I still hate her lack of details. Spike's could make for a very sad episode, because he never got to meet his parents. What if he did one day? Would he stay with them? Would they reject him outright? Lottsa sad material potential. Sunset, I could not possibly care less about her story or parents. And Scootaloo's, this one is a given that I really want to see them. According to her, they don't sound very good. They sound rather like the abandoning type. That's another parental episode that could have sad moments, if it ever happens.
  12. Food

    Pretzels are an amazing snack. They go good with chocolate and other things too if one prefers variety. I definitely will go with pretzels. Peanuts are good, but I don't find myself getting those very often.
  13. Movies/TV

    I expect a full disconnect from any possible audience just like the absolutely 'wonderful' Emoji movie. On the bright side, if Sony releases this next year, then they can possibly have the 'Worst Film of the Year' award twice in a row! I look forward to that at least. If they are really this stupid to make such a stupid movie then they deserve such an award.