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  1. Hey, I remember you

  2. It is about to be Blue Bunny cookies n cream ice cream. <3
  3. Possibly my favorite song of all time:

    1. Kyoshi


      I went to my grandma's a couple days ago and got to see two lovely kitties playing with each other and a cute husky doggo. They were wonderful. <3 I didn't know she had them so it was a nice surprise.

    2. strongwilled_pegasus


      such cute animals...............

      did u enjoy visiting your granma's house?

  5. Finally the day is over. 

    1. Sparklefan1234


      That's usually what happens when the hands on a clock go all the way around. ezgif-2-b3e4c9bae1a0.gif.8557c2616908c95b5e14a436bff8d38c.gif

  6. A quote on Twitter I found you might find interesting and worth thinking about. "The idea of America is something worth celebrating, but it doesn't exist anymore."

    1. Kyoshi


      That sounds quite accurate. It's a good quote. The concept of "america" is dead to me, has been for years. All I promote now is state individuality, as you know. Even that is becoming increasingly difficult to do.

    2. Renegade the Unicorn

      Renegade the Unicorn

      Indeed. Another Twitter quote that compliments the first: "True patriotism isn't blind allegiance - but working to fix your nation’s flaws."

  7. The largest publishers, like 2K, make hundreds of millions in profit from games and the greedy practices they do within them, if not billions. 2K is under the Take-Two umbrella, of which Rockstar is also under. GTA V alone makes an insane amount of money in micro transaction sales. That's not even counting the amount it has made from game copy sales alone. Raising the price is greed in terms of these massive companies. They make more than enough money from everything else they do. Making us pay more for the cost of entry is nothing more than icing on the cake for them. And "they have to pay for employees" makes me think of when Activision fired 800 people, around the exact same time they were reporting record revenue. These companies don't care in the slightest about people.
  8. Nope. I do boop them though. Booping is a good friendship exercise.
  9. I'm actually enjoying Ninjala quite a lot. :sealed: Didn't think I would get into the game at all, let alone this much. :P 

  10. I get this feeling that literally every single "don't" is going to be violated by most people today.
  11. Happy 'Spread COVID19' Day.

  12. "The cure is somewhere in the silence, but I'm crushed by the noise inside."

  13. So tomorrow is the 4th of July, or as it should be called "American Ego Stroking" day. Where people blow up a bunch of shit to celebrate their "independence" while everything else crumbles around them. I am not sure how much I can say here without setting off the "too political" alarm but here I go anyway. What right now is worth celebrating? Our arrogance? We constantly proclaim to be the best country in the world. Yet, for such a prestigous and mighty position, we fail at so many things. We have a racist, bigoted culture, with celebrated horridness at the forefront. We let people suffer if they lack the funds to be helped. We allow hunger, poverty, homeless to ravage our people, while we give those on top everything and even more. We bomb other countries and occupy them while we debate endlessly on how to solve the most basic of problems here at home. The troops serve, but what are they protecting? Who are they serving? Certainly not us at home who are struggling to make ends meet, struggling to feel joy or passion about life. Everything in "America" is about corruption, greed, immense egotistical nationalism. We are so self absorbed that we can't see everything that is wrong with us. That or we simply refuse. We allow this to continue. We allow everything to get worse. And we celebrate it. We glorify our ignorance. We love ourselves enough to hate everyone else. We live in a house of shattered mirrors so we can't see our own horrid reflection. A pandemic is still raging on and what will we do? Gather en masse to spread it more and more, just so we can pleasure our ego. What else can I say at this point. Nothing I say matters. Nothing will change. Too many support this facade of superiority and perfection that we uphold. Everything will get worse and we will be celebrating it every step of the way. Know this: Pride is not my problem. Celebrated ignorance is. I leave you with this song, the ultimate birthday song for "america". I will be locking this blog from comments. This is simply me expressing my viewpoints. What I think doesn't change anything, so it isn't worth letting it spiral into a debate.
  14. Would be okay with $70 for high end titles if they weren't also filled to the brim with the greediest shit imaginable in this industry. 2K has absolutely no place in trying to justify this kind of price increase. Their games are essentially free to play mobile games that charge at least $60 up front every year. Just look at the pre order bonuses. All of them are for the "MyTeam", with maybe one thing not being for that mode. So for $60, you get a game and a bunch of worthless, virtual currency which is only being given to you for free to hook you into buying more. This piece of trash company is trying to justify $70 for their games? F**k off and die 2K, along with Activision, Ubisoft, EA, Bethesda and Konami. Hilarious how the richest gaming corporations on the planet are the ones constantly acting like they always need more. "So sorry, we giant corporations that are worth BILLIONS of dollars don't get enough money, we need to charge more because we need more capitalism please. Feel sorry for us."