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  1. You say it isn't hard to see why others do like it, which I never said that nobody did like it, but it also shouldn't be difficult to see why people like me don't like it. Being someone that doesn't like religion, I can still respect a story from it or lessons or whatever. This movie, to me at least, doesn't do anything of sort. Rather, it is a guilt trip device that is drenched is barbaric violence that is very close to preaching, as it is there to service christians and really nobody else. Again, not saying that non-christians can't enjoy it, but being a non-christian that finds the movie to be appealing, I personally don't see what there is to like. Oh sure, like you said it can get people's attention, but to what end? To simply tell a story or the goal of converting others/appealing to the people who already believe it? The movie holds a 49% on Rotten Tomatoes from critics which means how I view the film is definitely not uncommon, but it does hold a much higher percentage on the user reviews. However if any critic dared to give the movie a bad score they were bombarded with hate, because I guess this is the one movie nobody is allowed to criticize or say is shitty. Above all else though, I don't like christianity much and the fact that such a barbaric film was used by many to justify their beliefs, it doesn't paint a good picture for those beliefs in the first place, at least to me. Of course no offense is intended with me saying all of that. I may not like religion but that doesn't mean I don't like religious people, unless given a reason. I just feel that if Christianity was not attached to this movie, nobody would like it at all except for hardcore gore hounds. People can like it all they want, I will not protest that even if I have my reasons for disagreeing. I simply hate the film for all I have stated.
  2. I found this & thought you might like it:




    You might have to click it to see what it is. :mlp_please:

    1. Kyoshi


      Any day is a good day with pizza. :D

  3. Kyoshi

    What Makes You Happy?

    I know I may seem like a very depressive guy a lot of the time, but the internet is where I tend to unload my many thoughts. Even if I seem like I am always depressed, there are a lot of things that make me happy, a lot of things I love. First and foremost is my boyfriend, @Eccojams Vol. 1. We've been together for over 3 years and each day he always brings me joy. No matter how bad my mood is, he always manages to make it better. He's brought light into a part my life where only darkness was present before. <3 I also love the simple joys of life. Having a nice meal with a nice video. Walking around in nice cool weather. The excitement of a new game coming out. Passion is something that also really can make me happy. I love seeing people have passion for things they enjoy. Passion can be highly contagious in a really good way. Passion creates passion. It helps me embrace the stuff I enjoy and I love being able to do that for others, if I can. Music, that's a biggie. Video games thingies. Whatever those are. You press the buttons and shooby shoob bang boom clickity clack. Pizza. Food in general really, but pizza is like if you took the concept of perfection and made it perfect.
  4. Kyoshi

    Do you like thunderstorms?

    I love thunderstorms, but only when they are not overly severe. The really intense stuff, especially winds, can cause so much damage. If it is more of a traditional storm though, it is bliss. The sound of thunder, the lightning going on outside, the sound of rain hitting the roof, all while being inside is a great feeling. Another thing I love is going on a walk around town and seeing storm clouds off in the distance heading in my direction. There's just something about it that I really enjoy. Can't quite explain it.
  5. Kyoshi

    What's your PRIZED possession?

    I can think of at least 3 things. Two of them are from my boyfriend. Those are a custom Xbox One controller with a special engraving on it and a special edition NASCAR diecast based on the Spongebob 400 race, which was real by the way. One of the cars had a Spongebob paint scheme for that race and the diecast is of that. :3 So coooool! The third thing is a special Twilight Sparkle Enterplay card signed by Tara Strong which I won in their sweepstakes, I think it was like 1 in 6000 chance to get that. That is something that will never happen again in my life, so I cherish it.
  6. This shirt is my favorite shirt, by far. There's other shirts I have that I really like, like one for the band Mors Principium Est, but the one above is the top of the ladder.
  7. Kyoshi

    What is your favourite type of weather?

    Cold weather with lots of clouds, I absolutely love that. The peace it brings, it makes everything quiet and tranquil. Plus I just find that far more comfortable than hot weather. I also love it when there's snow, rain or thunderstorms, though them being severe can be troubling. I like that feeling of being inside during all of it, makes one feel safe and comfortable. :3
  8. There's so many games that I simply want to play through in their entirety, but I always get so scattered because, well, there's a lot of games. Like when FF7 comes out on Xbox One I want to dedicate all gaming time to finally finishing it for the first time. Same with Metroid Prime 4 when it releases and many games I have right now. Even having too many choices is stressful. XD

  9. Yet how many of those movies about the teachings came even a tiny, TINY bit close to Passion in terms of money? None of them. So I guess the extreme brutality and guilt trip style is what makes the big bucks. I still see no real reason for such a film. It has the substance of a Saw film, but it is apparently amazing because of its religious attachment. I really don't like that very much. Plus, anyone from the outside looking in will simply see a movie that is just gore porn and something that is horribly barbaric with no real point. Of course the Christians who are already Christians will see a point to the film, but everyone else, it is just non-stop violence with a simple story stitched on top. While that scene is definitely really hardcore, the one payoff it has for the film is those Hillbilly people get hardcore owned by the end. If there was one thing that movie did well, it really made you hope that the hero gets his revenge and hooooooo boy does he.
  10. Kyoshi

    How popular are you in real life?

    I could not exist whatsoever and it would be the same as my offline social life. I basically don't exist offline.
  11. Kyoshi

    General Media YouTubers You No Longer Subscribe

    More than I can remember. It is crazy how seemingly wonderful Youtube cahnnels can start out so good but then fall so far. One in particular, was Markiplier. Looking back, I don't know why I was ever subscribed to him, but I was subbed when he had only 500,000 subscribers. That's it. I found his videos enjoyable for what they were, but the moment he hit that 1 million mark, everything went to total shit. He was already annoying admittedly, but after that he tripled down on being as annoying as he could possibly be. He simply tried to be as wacky as possible and it was clear that everything was about that sweet sweet youtube cash. An obvious giveaway of this was him making 15 million videos for Goat Simulator, a game that wasn't even funny in the first place. I knew then to jump ship and I know now that was the best choice, because he only got worse and worse and worse. Nowadays he is absolutely abysmal. I seen a random recommendation of a video of his and it was "Try Not to Laugh Challenge #15" and it had millions of views. Seriously? Absolutely pathetic. He has became one of the lowest of the low. He is a great example to why I find 'job elitism' in this society to be hilarious, because we have people who live a life of luxury making worthless shit like that. I was also subscribed to penguinz0 (Notably known as Cr1tikal) for a long time. I originally found his dry as hell humor to be hilarious, especially when applied to all sorts of different games. His Slender video was why I subbed. Then, something about him changed so much. Originally, he refused to take any Youtube money, as he said he didn't want youtube to become his job, as it would make it less fun. Then at some point, he started taking the youtube money because of financial troubles and it was all downhill after that. He revealed his face in numerous videos and started making some of the cringiest shit possible and all of a sudden expected all of us to care so much about his personal life. I know not everyone is going to keep up the same shtick for so many years, but he went from someone who seemed like a simple guy who just loved what he did, to a Youtube attention whore, which is what most of Youtube is now, attention whoring bullshit for the sake of raking in the cash.
  12. Been meaning to say this; I now have a music playlist on Youtube that I will be adding in many different songs that I like. Not only can this give insight into my musical tastes, but more importantly it can possibly introduce you to bands/songs you may have never heard of. :3



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      I put my hand in the demo disk folder, the demo disk folder, click click SNAP.


    3. Eccojams Vol. 1

      Eccojams Vol. 1

      *Joeling intensifies*

    4. Kyoshi


      "My body is my canvas."

  13. Passion of the Christ A movie that is simply torture porn, with all the blood and gore one would ever want and that's about it. What tips this over the edge for me is the fact that many try to justify the movie because of its obvious religious attachment, trying to say that the violence is the point. The movie could have easily instead focused on Christian teachings and positive things, but instead goes for the guilt trip style and chooses sheer violence to put its message into the forefront. Even when I identified as religious I still seen no real point to this film and the obsession towards it from everyone else was irritating to say the least.
  14. Has things been going any better? I hope so, at least a little bit.

    1. Eccojams Vol. 1

      Eccojams Vol. 1

      Kind of. The landlord lady is trying to nickle and dime us for every little thing that is wrong or "damaged" with the place. (Some of which isn't even our fault but due to shitty craftsmanship).

    2. Kyoshi


      Waitwaitwait, the old one? Is she for real??? After all the shit she has put you through she has the balls to do that too? She is a horrid person, to say the least.