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  1. I just watched 'It Comes At Night' and it might be the most horrifically grim film I have ever seen.

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    2. Altastrofae


      Suit yourself. Dead Bart is a classic though. Very morbid. Not really horror, just really sad, and that deep sorrow in the end is what you live for as a Creepypasta fan

    3. Randimaxis


      If 'It Comes At Night' made you squirm... 

      *glances around, leans in close*

      ... then I wouldn't watch the original 'I Spit On Your Grave', were I you.


    4. Kyoshi


      @Altastrofae Well, like I said I am not much of a fan of that stuff in the first place.

      Never seen I Spit On Your Grave. Don't know if I will watch, mainly due to current lack of interest.

  2. Kyoshi

    The WPCC Lounge

    I actually need to update my About Me. Haven't done so in ages.
  3. Kyoshi

    Web Net Nuetrality?

    People don't care now because there are no immediate effects, which that's not what we expected anyways. This opens the floodgates though. If people think these giant corporations will not take any further opportunities to squeeze more money from us, well, I don't know what to say to them. They will always want more money and they will destroy our experiences to get it if the law allows them to. Companies are always looking for ways to cut corners to maximize profits. Kinda like Activision. The public will continue to exist in ignorant bliss until this finally affects them and they wake up. That is how things go in this country. Nothing is done until it is too late.
  4. People who mod/cheat in Call of Duty games are hilariously pathetic. XD Games that are designed for 10 year olds to feel special about themselves and yet people still have to cheat.

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    2. Rainbow    Dash

      Rainbow Dash

      What did you just say? lol nah, i get you. I never really liked fps games like that unless i was at a party or sleep over. Otherwise Id just as well play Doom or Duke Nukem Forever...aka the best Duke Nukem game to date.

    3. Flutterstep


      I remember playing CoD World at War and finding a hacker on the other team shooting infinite rifle grenades at us while nocliping. Funny enough, our team still won the game. ^_^

    4. Altastrofae


      I prefer playing the campaigns on those. Other than that, I find that it's only fun if someone else is playing with you on the same console. Playing online isn't the same, the person has to be right next to you. Also, half the people online are total hackers. It ruins the fun. I once found a person who made themselves invinsible. I shot them once with a sniper with armor penetrating bullets. They didn't die. Shot them again. Not dead. Again. Still didn't die, then they found my sniper post and killed me in one shot with what appeared to be a handgun

  5. Kyoshi

    Movies/TV Any movies that portrays humans as monsters?

    District 9 is like that a lot. Humanity captures an alien race and basically treats them like dirt. I was not into it as much as everyone else, but you may like it.
  6. Yoooooo pones. Whats uuuuuuup? Hope the weekend is going well for you all. If not, I poke. *poke* Also, testing to see if the image I attached before still attaches here. That is a bug I have run into a few times before.


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    2. Kyoshi


      Why thank you sir Charger of Wind. :twi: Which, the image attached again, so bug be bugging. Oh well, at least we get to see the awesome image again. :3

      @Woohoo Oooo, sounds exotic. :o Where did ye go?

    3. Woohoo


      Alaska :sunbutt:

    4. Kyoshi


      Niiiice! :D Always wanted to go there myself. Snowy and cold, my type of place. Indiana has been the exact opposite lately. Hot, humid, hellish. *-*

  7. I have been a huge fan of spongebob ever since it premiered when I was young. While after season 3 of so it fell apart, those few seasons are great. There is so much subtle humor that I find funnier now than I did when I was younger. Also been big fans of different game series for years, like Dynasty Warriors, Animal Crossing, Pokemon, rollercoaster tycoon and many, many others. Imma gamer first and foremost.
  8. Still in awe over the amazing commission I got. *-* So good!


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    2. Altastrofae


      YAS!!! WANT!!! I could suckle it, and let the nipple melt in my mouth! But the guard shouldn't be made out of dark chocolate. That way you can buy more chocolate nipples for it, duh :P

    3. Kyoshi


      This conversation is the epitome of interesting. :P Lots of product ideas though. 

    4. Altastrofae


      Indeed. Somepony simply MUST invest in a large-scale pacifier company that makes these unique pacifiers and not just ones with with dildo-shaped nipples and gagstraps! (Seriously what's up with those? Weird...)

  9. Kyoshi

    What Does Religion Mean To You?

    No offense to anyone here, but I view most religion, especially the Abrahamic ones (Christianity, Judaism, and Islam) as brainwashing cults. All of these tend to want to convert people as soon as people, catching them at a young age and fooling them to never leave. This is all propagated by all of these expensive churches that people go to to tell themselves that their religion is right. Which, that would be fine, if conservative Christians didn't want control over everything along with that. Having megachurches on every street corner is not enough, they want to make sure their religion is forced into our lives. The churches should also not be allowed to take in money so easily, in my view. So personally, I do not like religion at all. Doesn't mean I don't like the religious. Just keep that stuff away from me and all is good.
  10. EVERYONE! Look at this AMAZING commission I had made by @Alex Vepra who absolutely NAILED IT. Amazing work and for a great price too. You all should totally check out his commission shop if you ever want something done.


    Fucking SQUUUUUUUUUUUUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! :pinkie: Absolutely awesome. For reals Alex, thank you.

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    2. Nature Tune

      Nature Tune

      Hey, you're the sig master!

    3. Sparklefan1234


      I really like his mane & tail design. :grin:

    4. Eccojams Vol. 1

      Eccojams Vol. 1

      Looks pretty cute, like you.


  11. 7 Days to Die is a terrible game. Had loads of potential but that was wasted.

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    2. Kyoshi


      There you go. The console versions are hardly supported by the piece of shit developers and as a result, it is a piss poor experience that is dull and lifeless and an extremely tedious grind. 

    3. JonasDarkmane


      Sorry to hear that. 

      Would you say the PC version of the game is good or that mods would really be needed to lift up the experience?

    4. Kyoshi


      No idea as I have not played that version. I just assume it is better on PC as I have heard that has nearly been the sole focus of the devs.

  12. I sent a message reply to you, Kyo.

    1. Kyoshi


      Ah, sorry. Didn't get the notification thingy.

    2. TheRockARooster
  13. Rest in Peace Koko the gorilla. :c You were awesome. Legit bummed out by this.

  14. Kyoshi

    Food Is anypony a chocoholic?

    I love most kinds of chocolate, but my chocolaty heart belongs to both dark chocolate and chocolate covered pretzels. Chocolate cereals are great too. Dark chocolate is one of my go to snacks if I am feeling a tad hungry, I like it way more than milk chocolate.
  15. I hear the telltale sounds of the thunder.

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    2. Sparklefan1234



      If "Telltale" controlled the weather all you would have to do is:

      *Click "X" button* :P


    3. Kyoshi


      A cellshaded thunderstorm adventure. I like it. :P Watching the storm now, to the north. Lots of lightning coming from it. 

    4. Sparklefan1234


      Try not to fail the QTE's. :P