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  1. Now, that's a badass entrance.


    1. Kyoshi


      Damn I wish wrestling was still fun like this. You just don't see this kind of flare these days.

  2. Good day pones. New avatar, done by @Pucksterv :3 I love the style. For some reason the site wouldn't let me reposition or crop so...that's weird, but it looks fine. Might swap back and forth between this one and the other one. What's everyone up to?

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    2. Flutterstep


      Awesome avatar :darling:

    3. Pucksterv


      Glad you like it so much <3 <3

    4. Kyoshi


      And thank you for making it. :D

  3. Kyoshi

    Mega Thread What game are you playing right now?

    Been playing Spyro Reignited on Xbox One, just hit 120% on the first game and got all the achievements for it. Was quite fun minus some annoyances. Really looking forward to starting the second game. :3
  4. In times of great stress, unleash the Flipz chocolate covered pretzels.

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    2. S. Fury

      S. Fury

      Yas, my friend. 

    3. Kyoshi


      I don't think I have tried anything Trader Joe's. :o I need to sometime. How you two been by the way? Swaggy or Swoogy?

    4. PiratePony


      Completely swagtastic. 

  5. Almost finished and almost have every achievement in the first Spyro in the Reignited Trilogy. Been quite fun, minus some small annoying things. Really looking forward to starting Spyro 2. :3

    1. Discordian


      I got about halfway through Peace Keepers earlier. In two hours I got ten trophies. It's gonna be a fast Plat.


      Forget playing the game though, I just want to look at it. It's so pretty. I love all the changes to the levels like the library and bookshelves all over Dark Hollow.


      I keep getting caught up in the flow of how I usually play the games and missing a few details I meant to keep an eye out for though. Things like what burning certain things does and what enemies look like before I charge into their face. :laugh:

    2. Spartan


      The game came out, what, two days ago? Go outside! I hear sunlight is good for you, lol. But I tried Crash Bandicoot: N'sane trilogy, and Im just no good at it. So i skipped Spyro, instead ill watch people on youtube.

    3. Discordian


      Spyro has always been easier than Crash. Crash games have very frustrating platforming controls where Spyro is practically made to make platforming and level traversal easy. 

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    2. PathfinderCS


      OMG I know! He's so adorable it's just I can't take it omg! <3

    3. Kyoshi


      This is definitely one of the best modern day conversions of a game character. Can't believe we went from that *shudders* Skylanders design, to the best that Spyro has ever looked. Almost completed the first game fully. It has been great minus the flight levels and some superchargers being meh. I am excited to play Spyro 2, my personal favorite. :3

    4. PathfinderCS


      Amen to that! It stunned me when I first saw the design back in April; and even coming from Toys for Bob. VERY impressive! Can't wait to get farther in these games. :3

  6. I'm scared for tomorrow's episode


    1. Kyoshi


      Possible death via bludgeoning. :O

    2. Eccojams Vol. 1

      Eccojams Vol. 1

      Between sisters, too. :o

  7. Kyoshi

    Request Shop Throw your oc at me

    Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude. You kidding me? I see no off colors, it looks fantastic! I really like your art style, it has a definite 'pop' to it. Thanks for doing it. I am not saying I am going to use this as my avatar, but I might use this as my avatar.
  8. Spyro Reignited Trilogy is good. Been up all night playing it. Must sleep. Bleeeeeeeh-*passes out*

    1. Crosswind


      My brother picked it up for me today but I've gotta wait 3 weeks until I get back home to play it:awed:

    2. Discordian


      I won't get to play it for another day or two. I'm scant hours away from getting the platinum trophy in another game. I really really really want to play Spyro but I'm so close that it would be silly to stop now.

  9. Kyoshi

    Gaming Favorite Nintendo game (all Nintendo games)

    Animal Crossing is, simply put, one of my favorite games and series of all time. It is one of those games that always manages to make me smile. I have so many great memories with the franchise, the first game and New Leaf being my favorites. Can't friggin' wait for the Switch game next year.
  10. Hey there pones. SPYRO TONIGHT! It is getting good reviews too. :3 Super excited! ALSO! I have 3 new signatures uploaded to my DeviantArt, if you want to, you can check them out here:

  11. COLTS WIN...… again?!



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    2. TheRockARooster


      I know this is late but HAPPY VETERAN’S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Kyoshi
    4. TheRockARooster


      Every time that the Colts win, I'm gonna send that message of COLTS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!