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    this guy is named john delancey, a democrat and he was running for president....

    his name is john delancey,

    Discord for president

    can you imagine the MLP or star trek jokes this guy would get?


    1. ggg-2


      Read it again. It's Delaney, not Delancie.

    2. Kyoshi


      He would be literally infinitely better than anything we have now. He would at least be fun.

  2. Amazing Birthday to you good buddy. ^-^

    1. TheRockARooster


      Thank you, Kyo.


  3. @Bakugou Is My Man ❤ I have added a signature for my neighbors to the west I.E. Illinois I.E. where you are.
  4. Apparently Xbox revenue is down by a lot recently. GEE I WONDER WHY MICROSOFT. Could it have ANYTHING to do with you releasing literally EVERYTHING Xbox related on PC now? You shoot your own console market in the goddamn face with a bazooka and you act all surprised when your console market is doing even worse. Fuck off.

  5. The individual states themselves are far too often lumped together into the generic mass of "USA". We are always summed up by one flag, one anthem, one government, even though each state has its own individuality. So I am making this new series of signatures. With these, you can express the pride you have for your state, standing up for its individuality. Don't be a statistic that's lumped into the mass, embrace your state! As I make more I will of course add them to this thread. Tell me your state below if you wish, always looking for suggestions on which ones to go for first. DeviantArt links will be provided with them. Indiana DeviantArt Link: New York DeviantArt Link: California DeviantArt Link: Illinois DeviantArt Link:
  6. You ever been talking with the love of your life and randomly, out of nowhere, you two call each a rather cute little nickname that just sticks? While some might view nicknames like that to be childish or something along those lines, I find them to be really fun and cute. :3 So with that in mind, do you and your girlfriend/boyfriend have these types of nicknames for each other? Me and my boyfriend, @ actually came up with names for each on day 1 of our relationship. He calls me Nuzzlefuzzles and I call him CUddlywubbins. While those might sound odd to everyone else, I love them. ^___^