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  1. Good morning pony peeps. On a side note, please Capcom add Puzzle Fighter 2 to backwards compatibility for Xbox One! I really miss playing that game.

  2. spoiler

    I have come closer and closer to this the more I have watched it and surprisingly, not because of Mac and Buttercup, but rather because of Grand Pear. I feel, really, REALLY bad for him. He missed out on so much because of his own anger, most notably, his daughter, whom we can assume is dead. That gets to me, especially when he apologizes to the siblings near the end.
  3. episode discussion

    As I have stated before, I love this episode, the more I watch it, the better it gets. The thing is, the more I watch it, I also feel more and more sorrow for Grand Pear. He was so wrapped up in his own hatred and the feud that he missed so much with his family, including his daughter whom we can assume is no longer alive. That is pretty brutal to think about. The excellent voice acting really helps this too. This might be obvious because it is in the episode's credits, but Grand Pear is voiced by William Shatner, this is the role they hinted at before. I found that quite surprising as it was a character I never would have expected, but he nailed it. He did a fantastic job at expressing the character, both in the flashbacks and in his older age. Grand Pear might actually be my favorite part of the episode for the reasons above. The fact that the episode is able to make me feel sadness for Grand Pear so much is a testament to how good it all is.
  4. Spoiler

    At this point, my main issue is simply her being born as an Alicorn. We still have no answers for that in any way, and it makes her overpowered right out of the gate. Which really sucks, because after Flurry of Emotions, I am liking her more for what she is. She is cute and I absolutely adore the interactions between her and Twilight, I wouldn't mind seeing more of that. That episode showed that she can be portrayed as far more than just a simple cartoon baby stereotype. So I am sorta split down the middle in terms of how I feel about her. Until they provide some kind of proper explanation as to way she is an Aliborn, I will always dislike that aspect of her.
  5. Parental Glideance really seems to completely confirm that she is indeed an only child. Her parents were the classic case of having absolute, extreme enthusiasm in RD because she was the only kid they had, so the attention never had to be split up between siblings. Also no photos or anything of other children in their household, that is another obvious giveaway.
  6. I have said this before on the subject, but the reformations do not bother me. The entire basis of this show is friendship and a big part of friendship is having the ability to forgive someone for their wrongdoings and for the wrongdoer to make up for the wrongs they did. That goes perfectly with the show's overall theme. We also have had at least two major villains not have reformations so far, so it is not like it always happens every time.
  7. From a mental perspective, it could be possible to some extent. Clearly, she became entrenched by feelings of abandonment, jealousy and hatred when she was young and this could have been her main mindset for many years. This could have, inadvertently, caused her to miss quite a few things in her childhood, like key aspects of friendship and other things. Like her childhood was overlapped by her emotional problems. This is a character trait I wouldn't mind her having. It would give her good explanations for not only her social problems, but also her tendencies to jump the gun and having a very narrow cone judgement at times. It would also give her more complexity, without mary sueing her out the wazoo.
  8. I would say yes, but Starswirl is barely brought up as it is these days. I think the show just has an issue with not exploring these topics of lore on their own. Could be hard to fit all of that into the show and work with it in an episode.
  9. Parental Glideance feels like Newbie Dash if Newbie Dash wasn't total garbage. Newbie Dash portrayed Rainbow as a moron throughout, whereas Parental Glideance portrayed her as more mature, while still highlighting a problem she clearly had.
  10. Perfect Pear was beyond worth waiting for. The episode is as close to perfection it can get. The characters were all done flawlessly, the voice acting was top notch, including William Shatner as Grand Pear, it had such a good ending that made me feel joy and sorrow at the same time, but sorrow in a good way. If that makes any sense. XD All of this done in a 22 minute timeslot. I don't think I can ever give the episode enough praise.
  11. In a world where other cartoons have already done this, I see no reason for FiM to not introduce at least one gay character eventually. I know that there obviously owuld be morons that owuld be oh so offended by it, but part of progression is leaving those idiots behind.
  12. Rev up those fryers!

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      Once again, SpongeBob is one of the most quotable shows ever...

    3. Kyoshi
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      Gee, Mr. Krabs, you're looking all sweaty again...

  13. Gaming

    I find it better to be salty than blindly defend a game that has numerous problems out the ass.
  14. I really need to get into one of those 'looking forward to games' mindsets. I don't have that anywhere near as often as I should these days.

    1. Sonic Shimmer

      Sonic Shimmer

      I usually feel the same way these days. Although I am looking forward to Kingdom Hearts 3.

  15. Zephyr Breeze is the thorn in my side when it comes to the show. The only slight positive he has is that he was different than what I expected, though he went so far in an absurd direction that it doesn't matter. The societal stereotyping is also taken to an extreme with him, being that apparently anyone who lives with their parents in adulthood is a lazy pile of trash that also doubles as a complete dick. To hell with that.