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  1. papergun1000

    New pic hope you like it

    Don't do hugs kids XD took not as long but a funny joke tho I do not promote doing drugs or "hugs" in this case
  2. papergun1000

    look what I did

    Took a long time but this pic is done tell me what you think
  3. papergun1000

    what's your opinion on selfies?

    I thin there ok but only if you are at like a cool place not like every 10 mins
  4. papergun1000

    A remix I just did......

    1 dose = the swag Hay look over here I like tacos
  5. One dose = the swag All tho if you make a full body shot it wood be 20%cooler I feel you there man I'm a big gamer so when minecraft could only work of 40 fps I was a bit. also my Google chrome has a run of pop up ads and stuff (cuz like 3 year's ago I was dumb and downloaded a run of you know the carp that messed I'm my computer)
  6. papergun1000

    For those that can't sleep...

    It's 12:07 and I'm more awake then I was at noon you know
  7. papergun1000

    OC Head shot

    Better then me I mean look at this ugly Ness uggg
  8. papergun1000

    My bad second attempt at drawing a pony xD

    I wish I didn't post that one It was going to be 2 things not one that's just well yah Hi big letters man man I can't use big letters on my hand held device so yah just watch this Ps you know who you are Pls the vid I had didn't work so yah that sucks so this is a pointless post
  9. papergun1000

    What smells would go with each pony?

    Idk man but probably Apple jack wood smell like apples but she is in the dirt to so maybe she smells like fertile dirt
  10. papergun1000

    OC Head shot

    O_o holy carp you are good
  11. papergun1000

    My bad second attempt at drawing a pony xD

    defenly thats a good name big letters man i just found out lol ps im new to the heard
  12. papergun1000

    A couple ponies I drew

    swag nothing more to say
  13. papergun1000

    S01:E14 - Suited For Success

    i think its good that the epasode was like this it just shows how people are like irl i still think all of the other ponys where a bit pushy but look at the bright side _______ _________ | | | / | | | 0 / _______| | | / | | | / | | | / 0 |_______ |_________| / cooler
  14. papergun1000

    My bad second attempt at drawing a pony xD

    lol art be like _______ / \ / |* | |* | \ | ______ | \________/ ugg righting stuff cuz minimum 20 characters