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Posts posted by JonasDarkmane

  1. As stated before, we don't play that many games, but we have played games such as Serious Sam, quiz games and then of course Transformice where I betri with balloon! 

    Is politics something that is discussed between you or is it a subject that you think is best left out between you two? 

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  2. I've had to speak a lot more than I am used to doing with other people. Usually, I stay very quiet and don't say a lot. She asks me to speak and say something. Can't let her be the only one putting any kind of effort into having a conversation. 


    Is having children something you have considered or something you might see wanting in the future with your spouse? 

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  3. I'm going to have to answer in the same way as the fair maiden two posts above with the smile. Especially when she gets tickled.


    Does your SO speak any different languages other than English (or their native language)? 

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  4. I am big spoon! I do the spooning


    What is the funniest/silliest thing you can recall your SO doing? 


    3 hours ago, Dusklicious said:

    Hopefilly he likes "fancy" rats though, because when we get our own house, I want to have a few of those

    Go for it. My sister and her boyfriend actually have a few rats of their own (it was mainly my sister who wanted them). They are super adorable and they can be trained~

  5. Kinda the same. I would say I spend more time at home considering my SO not only has university but also internship. However I do a lot of work on my shifts so that kinda balances things out. 


    Have you thought out your future with your SO?