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Posts posted by Alastor

  1. So we have an update on where Vivzie and her team plan to take Hazbin Hotel next. There might be some time until the next episode, but when the next one comes out, it won't just be one episode, but a full fledged season. She is also working on several other projects, like comics about Hazbin Hotel, another series which is separate but happens in the same universe as Hazbin Hotel and then lots more. But in any case, the plan is to make Hazbin Hotel a full fledged reality one way or another.


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  2. 7 hours ago, Goat-kun said:

    Was gonna recommend the same, but Goat is already ahead of me. Move to bitchute. If you think that Youtube will ever actually improve, despite coming up with constant new ways to screw their own base and content creators for years now, you are only deluding yourself. 

    Give a new platform a chance~

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  3. 40 minutes ago, Bas said:

    Unless something was leaked, I am in the dark why so many ponies here got into that series before the release

    Reason is that it was already being promoted by then. There are even a few older fans of Vivzie who noticed some of her work that she uploaded on youtube which garnered her some following. Stuff like 



    and this


    But since last year and a little before that she had begun promoting Hazbin Hotel by showing people clips of the upcoming show, building up the hype more and more and more as more clips were released and more characters were introduced. That's basically where the hype has been building up :)


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  4. 6 hours ago, Lex Destrosio said:

    I actually enjoyed the Pilot, but after seeing some of the previous Animations from that Channel, i expected the Cartoon to have a bit more animal Characters or at least Demon Creatures. But when the Animation decided to Focus on Characters that looked like Humans and made the Furry/Demon Creatures just appear in small roles or Background characters, it disappointed me.

    This is not one artist but many, so you will get less furry looking characters as the other artists will know better what they have already drawn before. However, what Vivzie draws herself usually has that sort of stuff. But I am no furry even in the slightest, so it is not a deal-breaker for me at all~


  5. I love how @Kamii tries to get more physical with me even though I am not the physical type, I often try to avoid that kind of stuff. But she can even resort to biting, cause she needs love and attention. That is adorable and how can you truly say no to that? 


    Same question~

  6. Since there was no official thread for the new animated series, Hazbin Hotel, I took it upon myself to create it so that there would be a thread for it where people can discuss their thoughts and ideas about the show as well as to further hype for more episodes, fan over certain characters/waifus/husbandos and even talk about other things like how it is amazing that we see a bunch of independent creators can come together to work on something like this without the backing of a corporation which often limit the artistic freedoms when it comes to attaching their names/labels on said shows. 

    This animation was spearheaded by Vivziepop, also known as Vivienne Medrano, who went ahead to form a group called SpindleHorse Toons, a collective of amazing artists and animators working together to make videos and toons. 

    In any case, the pilot was officially released on the 28th of October on Youtube close to Halloween. This cartoon is not meant for younger viewers as it contains a lot of adult material. 


    What do you guys think of the series so far? Any characters that you in particular love (I think you know who I love :wub:)? Do you think this could be a testament to artists not requiring the backing of companies? 

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  7. That I do not know, but I know how they like their cereals. Milk in a bowl that is heated up before the cereal is put in the bowl with the now warm milk. Obviously we eat our breakfast differently and I find the difference to be rather adorable.

    What kind of music do you enjoy listening to together? 

  8. Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Mulan II, Chicken Little, Ástrópía (Icelandic film) and I am unsure about Willow (I have not seen the movie in a long time, but from what I remember, it was not particularly good even though it left an impression on me). 


    9 minutes ago, Spider Demon said:

    Adding Rain Man (1988)

    Really? It happens to be one of my favorite films of all time. I even studied it for psychology class back in the days and wrote an essay about it. 
    But if it is really autistic representation that is getting you, that was not the goal of the film at all. The film is actually based on a real life Savant, Kim Peek which helped him a lot personally. 

    I get if you don't think the film was fun, but it was not trying to go out of its way to educate people generally about autistic people, but it was really following an actual person by turning it into inspired fiction. 

  9. My memory is constantly all over the place. But there are quite a few, which one of them to pick I am not sure. There are even moments where I go back to thinking about past stuff said (or even recordings) where it ignites those said "Damn! I love her!". But the one I will share here is when we were at the St. George Castle in Lisbon back in last December. It is situated on a high ground from which you can see most of Lisbon. It was getting dark, the lights of the city were beautiful. We sat by the edge of walls, talked and then kissed. Now that was a very special moment where I definitely thought "Damn, I love her!" 


    When it comes to previous relationships, do you discuss it with your SO or would you rather not do that? 


    3 hours ago, Kamii said:

    and a certain sasquatch in these forums




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  10. River City Girls has just been released on Steam (and other platforms). 

    I am so getting it right now :D 



    So I have tried playing the game a bit. It looks pretty unfinished, or at least from my end as I bought it on Steam. I am seeing good reviews, but it is mostly from people with consoles or controllers. Keys are really junky and the game does not seem to allow you to configure your keys. There is a thing where you can go into key bindings, but you can't interact with it at all. That is a big down for me as someone how has played games like Shantae by Wayforward. 

    There also does not seem to be an online multiplayer option but an actual physical player option. This is where the PC suffers as this is perfect for console gamers while us PC gamers have to cram together with our fingers to try and play on the single machine. 


    All in all, as it currently stands, this game feels like it was made for consoles while still being distributed to PC gamers, but not really taking them into consideration. 

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