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  1. yep, that discord is me I honestly don't know the fluttershy, I just saw her in the dealer's room.
  2. Thanks a lot, it took forever to get everything done (though I may have procrastinated a bit too much)
  3. I finally finished my discord costume just in time for a-Kon despite not being able to finish it in time for nightmare nights. I was even lucky enough to run into a fluttershy at the con. Let me know what you think of it.
  4. Thanks for the support everyone, is there anything I could improve on?
  5. I don't know, why do you? I know why I do ^^
  6. So I've created an animation of one of my characters, Fancy hooves, doing a very simple portion of a swing dance, I've been absorbed in electro swing music as of late and have noticed that I haven't seen many transfer the style of dance onto ponies. Since I decided to give it at try I figured I might as well see what you all think about it. Fancy hooves shaded Fancy hooves flat
  7. she stuck them on like cutiemarks and as she is running they're flying off...why is that so hard to see?
  8. Actually at the moment she doesn't have a cutie mark, it's just supposed to be a sticky note she stuck on there herself.
  9. I agree, we have already seen queens used throughout such as queen crysaliss so I don't see why not, though I suppose this lands my head cannon firmly into the fan fiction category.
  10. I'm glad, though I'm also curious what you think about my cutie mark idea, what do you think it is?
  11. you never know, I've heard other head cannons that became true, though I suppose that one is a bit far fetched when talking of the show.
  12. Yeah between those two I was just testing how shading effected the style when paired with colored line art, turns out shading just makes it epic looking where as it looks cartoonish when left out.
  13. Yeah it goes from most recent to earliest well mostly, the one with the necks that are too long I worked on for around six weeks while I was working on the short neck. glad to know I've been getting better. well what do you like about each of them?
  14. Thanks ^^ I'm still not sure I've gotten it to where you can easily tell it's part cat without being told.
  15. So I've been experimenting with styles while drawing ponies for a little while now and I figured it would do me good to see what other people thought of them and which ones they liked best.