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  1. I have a special somepony and ive been very happy lately so i was just curious if anyone else has that kind of situation.
  2. Attractiveness: 7/10 Intelligence: 6/10 Kindness: 8/10
  3. Im feeling wonderful and confident for the week ahead. Thanks for asking!
  4. About life and the possibilities that are set before me and who I'm gonna spend it with. I like to contemplate my life, ALOT.
  5. Happiness is a vitamin for a wonderful life

  6. Welcome to the forum! Its wonderful to have you here!
  7. Its been way too long...

  8. Not much goin on, so bored

  9. Finally spring break, im ready to relax.

  10. Busy week! OH, IT IS ON!!!

  11. Rainy weather makes me soooo drowsy!!!

  12. I am looking for some xbox 360 brony friends. If anypony is interested then send me a friend request.
  13. I love Fire emblem awakening and im sure this new one will be 20% cooler.