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  1. I am a keen penis and love to play.... * cough* mean pianist >.> Anywho I play Piano as stated above, harmonica, guitar, tin whistle, piano accordion, guitar and currently trying my hand at the Ocarina!
  2. Being too lazy and really lack of interest of your real worldly mortal physical appearance I hole hearty despise this thread and condemn it to the depths of Mordor! ~ ( Leaving a squiggly line to show how "cereal" I am!) Anyway I think you are a 50 ton beast who is covered in spots moles and acne, who's balding and has only a handful of strands of hair at the sides. Your eyes are squinting and have Rheum, crust all around your eyes and around the edges of your mouth. Your left side of your body is covered in warts due to Herpes. Your right cheek has a huge ass bulge of flesh that is oozing cancerous puss and drips off your chin that has more hairs then the three pigs combined!
  3. Right I will start off by saying that I have a close family member in the LGBT group, that being my Mam who is gay. Your probably saying "WTF wut chu talking about Arcus?" Put it simply My mam had suppressed feelings and went with my dad, spend 21 years with him and then came out. I believe since she was born in a time she was subjected to straight propaganda, being you find a husband, get married and have kids. She had this injected into her and so she believed that what she wanted when in fact it was the opposite. I am rather happy she is because It made me feel secure and safe in my sexuality being Bisexual, borderline gay but still somewhat attracted to girls.
  4. Really nobody does what I do? partake in strainful exercises like run up and down the stairs with plywood and plasterboard? Come on, hardly this thread is not going anywhere due to the fact people won't push themselves and will spend time in normal sane people do. I will take part in it anyway.. I spend my time wrap in my massive warm duvet and watch ponies, drink earl gray and listen to music.
  5. What kind of Fry do I like?! I love a full Irish Breakfast Rashers, Sausages, black and white pudding, an egg and a hashbrown with fried bread! Usually have it with normal Tea, maybe Earl Gray on occasions. Anyway if you were to say chips that is another matter. I love normal, twirly and chubby chips. I love wedges with rosemary and thyme! so sublime!
  6. Well as a kid I played a lot of mixed genres. I played a lot of Adventure, FPS and some strategy games. I remember playing Majora's Mask....had nightmares of that moon. *Shudders.* Played a lot of Ratchet and Clank and some crash bandicoot. My dad got a new PC and asked what game should he get and he was recommended Combat Evolved and so I played a lot of that. I slightly remember playing the first Deus Ex game....boy that was hard...
  7. Recently finished Ocarina of time and as a fool who is easily persuaded to do things....I went on eBay and bought a Legend of Zelda Ocarina...

    1. Freikorpist Jonas
    2. ArcusPluviusIncitus


      *Hugs back* It's not a bad thing, it's cool that I will have a replica! :)

      However it cost around 125 euro.... >.< Money is like water in my hand.

    3. Freikorpist Jonas

      Freikorpist Jonas

      Yeah, I often buy stuff as well :T

  8. Hmm, what do I do in my free time? Well it depends really on my mood and what I feel like doing. I watch Anime, Mlp and so on, I play my piano and my new Ocarina replica from Ocarina of time! Do Oragami, read, play video games, listen to music, play music, go on walks and sleep!
  9. I agree with this statement, Star Trek is indeed fairly scientific. I can't see why many disagree such as this guy. I am sure he is really cool and all, he did agree with me to an extend However Star Trek is more influential and is based on real science! Well in all honestly is was all BS but people actually made it into real science in the 1970's and 19780's. prior to mobile phones, they were big clunky massive things that could only be mobile thanks to being in the back of your boot! It was only accessible to a few channels and was really shitty really... However in 1973 a man called Martin Cooper was watching an episode of the original series and saw captain Kirk took out a communicator which is equal to a flip phone. He brought the Idea in to his company Motorola and on the 3rd of april he made the first mobile phone! Funny enough the first phone call on it was to his rival saying basically "Hey buddy, I am more awesome then you." Star trek also helped the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960's. In a interview, Nichelle Nichols said that she was thinking of leaving the original series during the middle of the second or third season. When she was told a fan wanted to see her she was reluctant, but then agreed. That fan was Martin Luther King Jr. She was so shocked and began talking to him when she mentioned leaving the show. Martian Luther King Jr was then himself shocked and convinced her to stay saying that coloured people were always portrayed on TV as Maids, servants and lower class citizens, which they were treated at the time, but that Lieutenant Uhura gave him and many blacks hope that things would improve and that she is a massive role model for young kids everywhere. After this she stayed. (Don't forget that first interracial kiss ever shown on TV, it was in an episode of star trek between Uhura and captain Kirk! ) Star Trek also inspired young people to peruse scientific jobs in NASA. Star trek is more influential and Scientific then Star Wars. However this doesn't mean I don't like Star Wars, It is really entertaining and fun. But when in competition between how Scientific and real and influential Star Trek and Star Wars are.....Star Trek always wins.
  10. I would most likely agree with Dash Bandicoot that Granny smith would be a keen candidate for being the smartest mare in ponyvile with Twilight coming in a close second. Granny smith Is of course was around when Ponyville was founded and so would know alot of town history. She is an elderly pony so she would be quite mature....however that would not be kind to her memory.. :/ Anyway I believe if I were to be serious about it and make a more detailed and thorough answer to this question would be....everyone? Think about it, everyone is smart and has some excessive knowledge in some areas while others would be more knowledgeable in another topic. Like I love History and random things that people may not know but I am shit at cars....however someone else would be exsessivly brilliant at cars and knoweladgeable about them but may not know about history. So in regards to the show I believe that everyone has there special skill or hobby which they excel in and are rather smart.
  11. You know what? I am sick of hearing this debate time and time again and people bashing each other over trivial things. So I will just say that I won't vote because there is no option to pick both.... My dad and I used to watch the old star wars trilogy tapes we had and we do this every two or three weeks. I sat beside him with my fruit salad warped up in a blanket, god times. I never was much of a Star Trek fan, although my dad was a huge trekkie and tried to get me into it so we could have our movie nights just like Star wars but I never got interested, I was 7 at the time. But! But, when I was older ( Around 14,15) I was flicking through the channels and a rerun of the original series was on and I though why not? I actually genuinely enjoyed it. I think there is an age were you should watch Star Trek, which is more about a diplomatic and thought provoking stories. I am not saying star wars is not thought provoking, far from it, It just Star Trek is more scientific and has actual science to back it up AND has attributed more to the world then Star War which is science fiction. Star Trek is more so Science Fact.
  12. Princess SeleneHey! Thanks for the welcome Dingo_DashHey, thanks. I already have made a lot of friends here and I am enjoying myself so....yeah
  13. There seems to be a lot of accounts of people who are hurt by the people they trust, this saddens me and makes me empathetic since I too know how it feels to be let down, kick to the curb and beaten time and time again. All I can say really is that true friends stab up front. As Oscar Wilde eloquently put " Always forgive your enemies - nothing annoys them so much." : :comeatus:
  14. Well I sure am surprised to see how open people are in here, then again a lot of people here are quite friendly and excepting here so it make people feel safe and secure! I love this freaking fandom!! Anyway in regards to the question, I am a Bi-sexual and although some Bi people have preference for one gender over the other I feel I equally feel attracted to both genders. Perhaps I am Pansexual?
  15. I just recently gotten into David Bowie and I am obsessed to some extent. Favorite album is obviously Ziggy stardust and the spiders from Mars!