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    I'd like you to find out yourself, thank you.

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  1. When Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze, and Sonata Dusk are defeated by Twilight Sparkle and the human counterparts of the rest of the Mane Six, they are forced to live a new life as normal teenage girls. Will they grow accustomed to their lives, or will they become determined to find a new source of magic? Will the three learn more about friendship, or turn on one another? Only time will tell. (...I call Sonata!) Rules: 1. No killing. This is a Rainbow Rocks roleplay. Nobody has killed anybody. Don't severely injure anyone, either. A slap, or accidental hit is okay, but nothing more than that. 2. Don't godmod. Nobody there is all-powerful, especially in the human world. Nobody is immortal. 3. Don't control others. People like to be their own characters, thank you. 4. No swearing. Look at the rating of the show! 5. No blood/gore. Again, TV/Y7! 6. No bullying outside of roleplay. 7. No talking, multicolored horses/ponies in the HUMAN world. No magic, either. For this roleplay, it's all human, and Twilight from Ponyville doesn't show up. 8. If the character you're playing as gets better at something, OH. MY. GOD. PRACTICE. CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. NO. FRICKING. MARY. SUES. 9. One character per roleplayer. Don't make extra accounts. 10. Follow the basic rules of MLPForums. 11. And, please, for Celestia's sake, at least TRY to use proper grammar! (This rule does not get you kicked out, it will jus get your post edited if there is bad grammar.) Breaking one or more of these rules (except for number 11) once will get you a warning. Same goes for twice. A third time and any new posts you make will be deleted for a day. Four times, you're banned from the roleplay. You can roleplay as any of the characters listed below: Adagio Dazzle Aria Blaze Trixie Lulamoon Derpy Hooves Bon Bon Lyra Heartstrings Octavia Melody Vinyl Scratch Scootaloo Sweetie Belle Applebloom Granny Smith Big Macintosh Applejack Rarity Rainbow Dash Pinkie Pie Maud Pie Fluttershy Sunset Shimmer Doctor Whooves Mr. Cake Mrs. Cake Pipsqueak Principal Celestia Vice Principal Luna Babs Seed Diamond Tiara Silver Spoon Snips Snails Flash Sentry Or whatever other canon character you can come up with. And since I'm not evil, you can also have an OC! How to play as a canon character: 1. Go here: 2. Do what it says. Same goes for the OC.
  2. Uh, the roleplay is basically about the lives of everyone in the human world after 'The Dazzlings' get defeated. I don't know. It's a roleplay, not a story, I don't know what's gonna happen. Read this post for the rules: Okay, so, here's how to be a canon character: Say who they are, and then put them in one or more of the scenarios listed below: 1. Your character is extremely happy about something. What do they say and do? Why are they happy? 2. The character's best friend is very sick, and will most likely die. How do they act? Do they visit their friend? If so, how do they act around their friend? 3. The character is going to a big event with their friends. What is the event? Are they happy to go? Why are they going? It is NOT first come, first serve. To get your OC in, just put a bio, or send me the link to the OC. Remember, this is Rainbow Rocks. Once again, here's the link to the other post:
  3. Umm, can I... can I roleplay as Sonata Dusk? Or do I have to roleplay as one of my thousand OCs?
  4. Woah. I have no words... (It's so amazing I'm speechless.)
  5. I like it! No, I love it. I love her eyes, her mane, and you managed to make it great without color.
  6. Amazing! You, my dear, have lots of talent.
  7. I have way too much to say, so I'll keep my comment short. I love everything about her! She's a great OC!
  8. Wow! These look great. I wish I could do that...
  9. Yeah, I just think all the inter-dimensional Pinkies hang out together or something.
  10. Oh, wow, I nearly fell out of my chair. Everyone responded so... quickly. And I got quite a few brohoofs, too. Thanks. (Phew. I thought this might not be one of the rare sites where everyone is so supportive, nice, and welcoming.)
  11. Hi there! *is annoyed that I need to type a minimum of 20 characters*
  12. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Pinkie Pie How did you find MLP Forums?: I was sent here by a link, and decided to join. How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: I watched one episode. Everything pretty much came together from there. Now I just watched the season five premiere, I basically know everything about it, and I have watched literally every single episode. Name's- well, my friends call me Sophie, or Sohp for short. If you don't know me, please just call me Caramel Chocolate, or, if you prefer, C.C. I'm a pegasister (duh) and, let me just say, I'm not going to tell you too much about me. I prefer that you find out yourself. I'm more of the cheerful type of person, and I'm very energetic. I prefer to be around someone I know, rather than a large crowd of random people, due to me being awkward when first meeting someone, unless it's something like a classroom, because then I know that I'll definitely make a friend or two. My best subjects are probably reading and writing. I have a vast vocabulary, I'm good with grammar and spelling, and I push myself harder and harder to expand my vocabulary each day. I'm a bit of a bookworm. So yeah, that's me... I guess.