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  1. Wow, thank you bro, yes, just a bit mistake, i will try fix in next xD , tyyyyy
  2. Yes i dont lost my skills xD Thank you, eyes is soul of my draws
  3. Thanks, i working in improve this wings style still OH YEAH IM BACK XD
  4. Im back to posts my arts and here are my new, a reboot i did of my old Twilight Art
  5. Im Back , again , again lol

  6. Happy Birthday, Mrbrunoh1

  7. Happy Birthday! ^_^

  8. Happy Birthday! :D

  9. Happy Birthday bro! :D Have a good one!

  10. Happy birthday =)=)=)=)<3 love your draw =)<´3

  11. Happy birthday! :D Hope you have a great time~ ^.^

  12. @@Woohoo, She are in one restaurant :3
  13. @@JonasDarkmane, @, @, Thanks, i really haved alot of work to do her :3