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  1. I would help, but unfortunately I have no experience/ability with that sorta thing~ :/ Still, have a small bump
  2. What is your MBTI type? INTX (Halfway between J and P) Who is your favorite pony? Princess Luna Which pony are you most like? According to the personality test... all the mane 6 other than Rarity and Pinkie Pie. What type of pony is your ponysona?(If you have one) Bat Pony (I have multiple OCs of various species, so I just answered with who I most often play) If applicable, how do you contribute to the fandom? RPing and editing fics (if you count them)
  3. KKat has said she has no plans to make another fanfic, although she still writes stories which she considers non-canon and posts on her blog at FimFiction. ( I know a number of other authors are trying to figure out how to make the Equestrian equivalent of the Institute, however I don't think they will be able to beat Hoofington from PH until the game is actually released. Just my two cents.
  4. I'm probably a bit different from the norm, but... For relationships, personality is the only thing that matters: I don't really care about how someone looks, so long as we get along well. On the other hand, I prefer someone attractive for sex (for obvious reasons). Unlike most people, however, I've found these two things to be discrete categories-- I can be in a relationship without a desire for sex, and I can have sex with no relationship at all (also include the middle grounds).
  5. I occasionally splurge on cheap things (market stuffs, special ingredients for dinner, etc), but for the most part I save for what I want. My last major purchase took about a year and a half's worth of savings. (7 string extended scale guitar with active pups)
  6. Just got Jet Set Radio (again). Sweet nostalgia :)

  7. I started riding at six years old, and it's become something I really miss.
  8. *Gaaasp*~ The only time I was in a serious (non-sport) fight I managed to keep calm for about five or ten minutes of attacks (I was stuck at the back of a bus), but after that I snapped and ended up sending my attacker to the hospital.
  9. Well, the sheet music for 2 parts of the EP are done...

  10. Off the top of my head I've played: WH40K WFRP Runequest (Probably my favorite) DND3.5 Pathfinder Fallout Equestria PNP Star Wars EotE GURPS (Homebrews) SPECIAL (Fallout system RP) Traveller I'm also planning to GM a Shadowrun campaign when I get the chance. (Oddly enough, I've found the FoE:PNP and SPECIAL systems work really well for play-by-posts)
  11. I rode dirt for twelve years, but stopped about three years ago since the nearest park was shut down and it was an hour and a half drive to the next closest one. I've been thinking about getting a street bike, but that may be a while out since my living situation is still somewhat unstable (And parking here is obscenely expensive).