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  1. I need help for my oc story!

    Well welcome to the forums @Mystic Glow. and I guess you are diving right in! Do you know what your OC's cutie mark is? that can usually help in determining the story of your character. Since she is an alicorn, were her parents alicorns? Is she of noble birth? or was there some event in her childhood that made her an alicorn? Does she live in current Equestria, or Equestria from the distant past or future? These are just a few questions to get creative juices flowing. Now for a meta question: how much do you want your OC to reflect your personality, strengths, and weaknesses?
  2. Well, I've got a Master's, but I am going back to school for a second Bachelor's. It's kinda hard to get a job in the field I want to work, as I am overqualified for an entry level position and under-qualified for everything else, so my resume never makes it to human hands (Many companies rely on computer algorithms to pick the "best" candidates to interview). Here's hoping the third time's the charm!
  3. Peaceful Sanctuary(orchestral)

    You did indeed provide the relaxingness. I think your composition could use a little more structure to your chords and a stronger melody line. It sounds pretty, but I don't hardly remember what it sounded like after hearing it, and I wouldn't be able to hum or whistle along with the melody. Crafting a memorable composition is quite difficult, and I think the best way to get better at it is to keep making music, so keep it up! You have good instincts as far as instrumentation goes, you just need to keep honing your craft.
  4. Are most Bronies conservative?

    I don't think we can definitively say, unless there is some sort of scientific survey on it. I will say that people tend to believe that their own opinion is what the majority of people believe:
  5. MLPF Forum Update for 2018-01-11

    Thanks for your hard work!
  6. The plot could have used a little reworking if they wanted to appeal to a wider audience. The plot was too predictable and the thought process could use a little more depth at parts, also, the villains needed to be a little more threatening, especially the storm king. That being said, I acknowledge that this movie wasn't necessarily trying to appeal to everybody, but mostly to younger girls. For such a small demographic on a slim budget, they did very well and made a safe, quality product.
  7. Your Thoughts on Sunset Shimmer

    I am a fan of sunset shimmer, though I have to admit I stopped watching EG stuff after the third movie. I would have loved to see her eventually come back to equestria, and perhaps become another element of harmony. I guess that is part of the reason why it has taken me a while to warm up to starlight glimmer, because she basically took sunset shimmer's place. I would love to have her as a friend, and perhaps even date her, but then again, I could say that for most of the mane 6.
  8. your opinion on thriftshopping

    Thrift shopping can be fun, especially at a flea market!
  9. I began wearing glasses during the summer between elementary and middle school. It really helped signal the shift from happy-go-lucky kid to awkward adolescent.

    DR PEPPER. It is 23 awesome flavors in one. it was meant to be like a sampling of every flavor available in an old-time soda shop
  11. Hey everybody! long time no post. I wanted to show off this collab with PegasYs (with vocals by Heather Feathersong)! Get rid of the January Blues below:
  12. Seeing a character's VA

    It's not as weird for me when I see voice actors from film or tv, maybe because I'm just fascinated by behind the scenes stuff and have a mild affinity for voice acting myself. Radio, however, is a different story. If I see an actual radio host in real life it does feel weird to me.
  13. I also run on Studio One, and unfortunately I have yet to attempt the kinds of sounds you are going for. If you want to try and figure out the sound design behind those techniques, you may still get some useful guides from youtubers using different DAWs. For instance, when I was making my own big festival synth, I followed the general techniques of the youtuber imamusicmogul, who built one from scratch using logic pro. If you are talking general sound design, I would say your best bet is to do some research to understand the various tools that sound engineers use (EQ, delay, reverb, compression, mixing, automation, modulation, stereo imaging). I ended up buying a book that was essentially a guide to home recording studios, and there are a decent amount of youtube videos out there that can help explain some of the basics of mixing. Besides that, the best teacher for me is just experience. The more projects you make with your DAW, the better you will understand it and what you can do to make it better. Does this give you some ideas or point you in the right direction?
  14. Hi Everypony! Nice to meet you!

    Welcome to the forums @_MoonLight_! You're in good company here
  15. (Dumb Question) is my name okay?

    I think your name fits just fine. You get bonus points for alliteration, and having the two syllable name followed by one syllable fits with the pattern for many character names (Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Apple(jack), Flutter(shy), Rari(ty), Cheeri(lee), etc)