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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Happy Birthday, fellow MLPF member.

  3. A new month means a new song! This is my first crack at DnB.
  4. *puts in two cents* My father once told me that "funerals are for the living, not the dead". A funeral is an opportunity for the family and community left behind to help them go through the grieving process and to have a formal way to show respect and say goodbye. I think that having a get-together or a party can help in a similar fashion. As for a traditional funeral, there can be a kind of comfort for those involved in being part of a well-established, long-lasting societal tradition. *reads some of the posts* is there an echo in here? (oops)
  5. BlueBrony


    I'm just amazed that lunchables still exist, largely unaltered. I do not like pepperoni pizza. I LOVE lunchables pepperoni pizza, and it is still really cheap . Its like a little reminder that the 90s did something right *reads the posts* I suddenly feel in the minority
  6. Hey @Sunset Rose, welcome (back)! hope this site satisfies your pony cravings!
  7. hmm, it looks like the big thing that will improve your OC is asking and answering the right questions (and also cleaning up the code stuff) Does Mike have any friends? Is he very social, or does he have a hard time relating to others? If his father was from ponyville, why didn't he teach his son about the ways of equestria? What happenned to his father? what happened to his sister (I'm assuming older, since his mother died shortly after he was born)? The apartment in canterlot is a little weird: is there a special reason for him to have it? I thought he was a nomadic adventurer. Was the fire that razed his village an accident or arson? Does he know that, or is he trying to find out? It seems like he would be a great addition to the royal guard, but he is opposed to the monarchy, so there is some potential conflict there that might make this character interesting is there any specific interesting insight into why the sword is named jennifer? These questions are just to help you think through some ideas, it's your OC so the big thing is that you should be happy with it. For me, an OC with an interesting story, quest, or motivation stands out the best.
  8. I would take my date on a long train ride just to see the landscape and talk
  9. Salt, Lard, and High Fructose Corn Syrup, processed in all kinds of things. This is why America is obese
  10. I probably wouldn't have gotten into EDM (or my own extensive music production) if it wasn't for MLP and the brony fandom. I know there are a few friends I probably wouldn't have met if I wasn't a brony, and some other friends who I already knew may not have become quite as close to me. That isn't to say that I would have been miserable without it, but I can definitely say that MLP has had a real positive impact on my life.
  11. I would be Shining Armor- i can still be nerdy, have a family, and go on occasional high-stakes world-ending adventures
  12. New month, new track! This is an orchestral piece I made on the emotional turmoil following luna's banishment: track:
  13. Earth! That's what I picked for myself anyway, so it worked out!
  14. I wake up from the dream and think to myself, "That's the last time I marathon season 7 while eating a dozen donuts in a day."
  15. Only one of those options lets me play Roller Coaster Tycoon 2. PC is my only choice