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  1. just to see you- a hearts and hooves day track

    Thanks @Dalken Starbyne and @C. Thunder Dash, the encouragement is much appreciated.
  2. Hearts and Hooves day card

    This is saturated with sincerity, so no matter what I'm sure he'll appreciate it!
  3. On this valentines / hearts and hooves / singles awareness day, have a mellow track.
  4. What would you do if your pony and EqG toys came to life?

    Run for the hills, before they start a revolt
  5. Would you like to see an M rated MLP movie?

    I think I would pass. An R-rated MLP movie would be so unexpected that it would probably end up more like a parody than anything super awesome. I would like a show or movie that tackles more mature themes, but is still comparable to the current show universe.
  6. I frequently like to wear Socks and Sandals. I'm practicing my dad fashion for the future.
  7. To "ah"-ccent, or not to "ah"-ccent?

    I like phonetic spelling, although it is definitely harder to read. It helps me put the right accent in my head. I love it when books do this as well.
  8. I shower at least once a week, thank you very much
  9. I need help with my OC

    hmm... I kinda like what you have right now, but if you are looking for color suggestions, perhaps an orange or pink shade, which are complimentary to the colors you already picked.
  10. Why are you single? :3

    I'm single because I'm not really searching for anyone. I'd rather spend my energy becoming the best person I can be right now. I'm not opposed to getting into a relationship, but I want it to be serious and intentional. I call this being "successfully single".
  11. Her beautiful night (Inking of Luna)

    Very, Very nice. You have skills for sure!
  12. Say something totally random!

    no thanks, I already had lunch.
  13. The Universe?

    Don't forget to cite your source!
  14. Imagine if...

    everypony would panic: ITS AN ALiEN!!!! lyra might be the first pony to not run away at first, and may even become the first friend: "I don't know, I just felt drawn to it for some reason" soon enough the princesses would arrive, and sanity would return.
  15. I need help for my oc story!

    Alright, looks like we are off to a good start. Would you say she lives in a big city, or a small town, or perhaps a remote location? Are any of the princesses aware of your OC as an alicorn? Those questions may be related, because if the princesses are aware, it would certainly cause a stir, but if they aren't aware, then your OC must live in relative isolation, in a small town in a remote part of equestria. In present equestria, alicorns are very rare. Perhaps the ancient magic that your OC encountered was a remnant of alicorn magic, back from a time when alicorns were more numerous. Here's a thought that you are welcome to use or not: What if she encountered some sort of magic book or artifact that contained the soul/essence of a bygone alicorn spirit, and upon coming into contact with your OC, the spirit combined with your OC to give your OC the physical characteristics of the alicorn, dwelling within and leading to your OC's cutie mark? It could work because a flame can often represent a spirit, the transformation would have a lot of magic behind it, hence the stars. it could even be used to explain your two-toned mane. It also has a lot of interesting story potential because you essentially would have two souls inside of you, think like naruto or the hulk (but happier).