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  1. Alright, I'll have a think about this tomorrow, thanks! Sorry for the late reply, I was gonna reply this afternoon but I got sidetracked.
  2. Hi there, I am interested in buying an art piece of two painted full bodies with a background, however there are two questions that I would like to ask you before I can reconsider this request: 1. I am Australian, so the prices will be a bit more expensive for me. What is the additional price for an additional character in your currency? I will be able to calculate and find this out by using the currency conversion online. 2. Can you please explain a bit more for step 2? I just found the grammar a little bit confusing (no offense.) I can probably figure this out myself, so you can ignore this question if you wish. If the additional character can be like $5 or something less, that would be great! I don't really have a lot of money at this time but I should have enough for one full painted body with a background. If you give me more information and I would eventually like the sound of most of your ideas, I will consider to pay you and send you more details of the picture in a note/message.
  3. Hi guys, today I have opened up a discussion to talk about my favourite character, the Master from Dr Who. He is a recurring villain in the series and recently he was Missy. But we are not here to talk about her. This topic isn't about shipping him with other characters. This is only about the Master and nothing more, however you may mention other characters on a minimum. You may talk about his incarnations on the show, but please not too much hating on other incarnations to break into an argument. (I only excluded Missy from this topic for many reasons that you might know.) PLEASE do not post unrelated and inappropriate content as I have seen on other fan club topics. Gifs are allowed as long as they are about the Master. You may talk about him being a pony as well. Let the discussion begin!
  4. Hi, I am going to create a parody of the classic Cinderella fairytale, in an audio short form. Most of the cast has already been fulfilled but it is still in pre-planning mode. I will need voice actresses for these two characters, Bon Bon and Colgate. I mostly prefer the fandom voices of these two (the voices that are most preferred by the mlp fandom community.) You may send in ordinary lines from the MLP show or the fandom as long as the lines from fandom media aren't uncommon. Rules and other info: Auditions must be sent in a compatible mp3 format Auditions are due in summer in the pacific ocean time I will pm you my email if you get the part Voices of the characters must be fandom accurate That's all the info I have for now, goodluck!
  5. I am curious about how users use the emoticons. Can anyone tell me different ones as I only know the and the .? Thanks for the tips in advance. I will move the Master topic to another section and I will make a new post about it. So you will no longer be able to comment about that character in this post.
  6. I am going to get a little bit personal here, and I decided to create a general discussion post as I discuss a few reasons why I cannot publish anymore fanfiction as the topic says in the title. I have an account on, called MBrony where I post my pony fanfiction there. My first story however was not about ponies, but it was about the other world of Equestria where the ponies are humans and Sunset has made friends with the mane 5 as humans. I'm not sure if I can advertise here, but for non-linking sake to avoid consequences type "Equality High School" in the fimfiction browser or on google search but type "mlp" in there as well. You'll find my fanfiction somewhere. I have made a comment about not publishing anymore chapters for that story, because I knew that my writing was going to get weaker from some point there. I have created stories but I have never published them because I was a bit nervous and unmotivated to post a new story. I was worried about messing up the grammar, the pace of the story and everything else above it. While I am a fast typer and I am really good at spelling, I fail miserably at other things to make a good story. I really want to make my projects soon, and waiting out for lines and etcetera for a long time isn't going to cut my motivation any longer if there are more delays. Projects like audio plays and an upcoming SFM series will be an important part of my life, if they get popular. What I really don't understand is why none of my subscribers are watching my videos or animations that I feel I have wasted the effort on. I feel that they are just subscribing my channel for the sake of subscribing it. So, if you are interested to watch my animations and my Doctor Whooves: Adventure is Time Travel audio play series please go to my channel with the same username as this and check it out. More likes, comments and sharing my videos would really help gain the popularity of my channel. I am very fortunate to have found a Dr.Marehorror voice actor and a Summer Star voice actor finally, and you may be expecting the Dr.Marehorror project sooner. Also, what would really help is that if I can join more less-busier studio groups, I can upload other types of videos faster. I'm not sure if anyone is gonna care to read this, but I'll link this post on tumblr and so that they can be recommended to here to understand.
  7. Hey brony singers, good news! I am going to need male singers for a song parody from the musical "Wicked," called "What Is This Feeling?" This will be my last parody song and it is connected to the Dr.Marehorror timeline, but it will not be in the crossover musical. I already have a singer for Dr.Marehorror and the Doctor so I am going to do that series next in SFM style once the SFM makers agree to me directing them soon. I have the instrumental attached after the description, if anyone can fix the bug issues at the beginning of the song please inform me in a message/pm. I'll paste the lyrics below for the bronies so that you won't have to be emailed or to be given a pm to know the lyrics. Here are the lyrics: Our dear Doctor, you are just too good! How do you stand it? I don't think I could! She's a terror! She's a tartar! We don't mean to show a bias, But oh Doctor you're a martyr! Poor the Doctor forced to fight With someone so disgusting-I-fied. We just want to tell you, We're all on your side! We share your… Loathing, Unadulterated loathing For her face, her voice, her clothing. Let's just say, We loathe it all! Every little trait, However small, Makes our very flesh Begin to crawl... (I can't paste this lyrics but the singers are supposed to sing 'loathing' two times and 'so strong,' once. Also loathing three times again and 'loathing you...' once. I will of course send a video example of this song as well.) Loathing, Unadulterated loathing Here is the video example of the song: Rules and other info: Remove background noise from your recorder/mic as much as possible (must be decent quality.) I will need decent singers for this song. I may accept from 5-10 winners. I will send you my email in a pm if you are one of the winners. DEADLINE is the 20th of February. Please audition if you are willing to participate in the song, I will not risk drop-outs for further delays. Your audition must be in a compatible mp3 format ONLY! NO other formats are allowed. Only one entry per person. You will get a mention in the description of the parody song, IF you win! I think that should be all. Update 11/02/16: Guys, I really need singers for this because my voice actors are currently working on this song and I don't want them to waste effort on this. If more than one person can please offer their singing voice before the 20th, I will choose the winners. Goodluck everyone! Here is the instrumental: Wicked - What is this feeling karaoke.mp3
  8. Hi, I know that cartoon animation takes a long time to make so I wanted to request this beforehand until later. I need this mini animation for a song parody that may be featured in my recent ask blog which is called "Queen Dr.Marehorror." It is still in construction right now however, but it shall be out soon. Specifically, I want an experienced animator who can do a pointy animation with ponies (if you know what I mean.) Just a warning the idea I have in mind is a dark idea (without blood and violence of course.) Also this will contain spoilers so I suggest you email it to me once you're finished and not reupload it right away. I might ask for three mini animations depending on how I want the parody song animation to go, so be prepared to make another two if you agree to this request. I will probably need your skype and/or email in a pm so that we can contact each other on the progress of the animation. I can wait for answers for a while and the animation(s) because the story arc I'm planning for this song may be far away yet. xD \ Bonus: This request may actually need one or two members, as I may want an opening of the Ask Queen Dr.Marehorror blog with the ponytale style opening. Goodluck for getting chosen!
  9. Unfortunately for those who wanted to audition in the future, I have no further reason to open this topic for more days as my previous voice actor for Summer Star has come back and she will be willing to do the voice for her. If anyone can lock this topic please do. If I want anymore topics locked or deleted (personally I'd prefer deleted) you might stumble upon another one of my topics and will find a message like this. Please do not delete/lock any topics if they do NOT have these messages. Thanks in advance. Summer Star Voice Example.mp3
  10. It's fine...I'm currently working on Marella. But, we can talk about the next song too when you have the time.
  11. Hi guys, currently we don't have a member in the Snapshots Studios who does 2D digital animation. If anyone would like to be a 2D animator for the official upcoming audio play short, called Marella; please comment below for your interest and ask for details. Then I will send you a pm. We don't ask for any characters and we only want advanced text. Only 1 or 2 animators may join in the project.
  12. So, I have decided to bring back Doctor Whooves: Adventure is Time Travel once the studios gets their act together...but I will also need more voice actresses. I plan to bring back the series with more exciting episodes so that I can make sure I have a cast for my audio shorts as well. I also need co-writers, so send me your email in a pm if you're interested to join. We'll probably write together in Google Docs and discuss ideas on the side of the page even if it is slow. I mostly need background mares and ocs for my future episodes, I already have a voice actor for the Daleks and Cyberponies. If I need another male voice actor, I'll let you all know. I will probably only need one or two co-writers for each episode, it depends on how much you all know about Dr.Who. Voice actors I need (warning: spoilers below!) : Lyra Vinyl Octavia Bon Bon Derpy Golden Burning Star (oc) Mare (oc) I would go for fanon canon for most of these background ponies, and I have a set voice for Burning Star but I'll ask the voice actress first who I got the inspiration from, for her voice. Mare still needs to be talked about and I haven't got a set voice for her yet, since I still haven't heard from her voice actress recently, So if anyone wants to voice her, send me your skype in a pm and I'll add you so that we can provide a voice for her. Mic rules: Please have your mic for at least from little to no background noise. If you're auditioning guys, send your audition(s) in mp3 format. No ZIPS or any other format are allowed! Oh, yes! Also I want artists too, experts who do digital art. I may accept traditional art when I need it, but not right now. Send me some examples of your artwork below, and if I think they are good tell me your email in a pm, and please join if you are not busy. That goes for the voice actresses too. I will also need singers as well. This should be all for now, if I think of anything else I will add the details here. Goodluck getting a role, everyone!
  13. Ok. Um, I don't think I sent you my email yet so I'll send it to you in a pm if you want to continue with this.