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  1. Granted. But you live in an alternate universe where nukes are stupendously incapable of doing any damage. So we lost World War II through an extremely unexpected twist of events. I wish I had a small loan of a million dollars.
  2. Granted. But you accidentally become a WWE champion, named John Cena, and you are memed until the end of your days. I wish I was Clayface
  3. Hi! Thanks for being my friend :)

  4. I like round, fairly flat white dishes but I also like the silver ones that butlers use, like I just love Alfred's succulent pose as he opens up the top to unveil a juicy delicious ham awaiting the tender tonsils of Bruce's face hole. Really, Alfred Alfred Alfred, what a dear! Servin up dishes, preparin fishes, grantin wishes, oh my! Gotta love dat butler, what a sweetheart my my my. Who is yo bae?
  5. Well if Stacker is consider a skill tester, then an iPod Shuffle Same
  6. Um, I'ma go with *poke* cause I think that fits this dilemma.
  7. Shock them with my skills! Have you ever won Stacker?
  8. Wish for more super-hero names *and happy b-day! * Is this the end of inanimate-object based heroes?