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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Updated pic. Dashie got her MAGA hat!!

    1. Prospekt


      Lol I wouldn't say I'm completely pro-Trump, but that looks pretty adorable.

  3. I didn't really mind it but the EqG minis are cute so I can support it from now on.
  4. I think Cadance's colors are very attractive. I like that she is bright and beautiful. She is the princess of love, so what's not to love?
  5. No the whole point is to comb the damn thing. Thats what its for. I literally spend hours sometimes doing it, it's relaxing. So I'm sure a kid wouldn't mind it. I would like a virtual pony app for my phone instead of having a pocket pony because when asked why my pocket is so full I say I have a lot of change and my car keys. But no, the plastic ponies must stay.
  6. The guards are fine with their spears, guns are obsolete. Wait did I mix that up?
  7. Terrible, kids are the bane of my existence. I like them when they are not kids like around 15 age. Where their faces are in their phones and they don't talk to or annoy me.
  8. Never, I love MLP and no societal expectations or "rules" is going to stop me from being happy and loving those cute ponies.
  9. No we have enough hype for this movie that we will carry it on our backs like we have with the whole damn brand. Don't worry just business as usual.
  10. No they had better stay separate. I don't care as much as others but imagine the firestorm that would occur.
  11. I'm not going to wear my ponysuit to the movie theater. Seats are too damn dirty and ponysuits are too labor intensive to clean. I will cosplay as Twilight with the basic wig, ears,wings(I'm most likely sitting in the back), and tail. Screw what anybody else thinks, I might walk around the mall trolling for reactions at some point.
  12. Ponies is literally the only thing that can make me cry. I guess it's the only thing that I have become emotionally attached to. Like Cadance's wedding I shed tears of joy even though it's on TV but I could hold it together as the best man for my brothers wedding. I think the biggest part is that the characters are so likable and one of the best abilities of the writers is playing to emotion. Wether it's laughter with a joke, anger towards a dick character, sadness like in Tanks for the Memories(I cried rivers for Dashie).
  13. I have said this so may times, worst pony is.....Starlight Glimmer.